Uh oh I’m in trouble now

You have heard of dangling participles, misplaced colons, unnecessary italics, untidy prepositions, and poor spelling. But wait, there’s more, but first…

Ok I’ll say it up front lest anybody accuse me of being the antichrist. This idea is pure humor, borrowing from that time of year. If you do not find it funny, sorry, I can’t apologize, as there are far worthier causes to get rattled over.  That said, in the spirit of all those English teachers, writers, readers, bloggers one and all, literary agents, paragraph parsing personnel who are prim and proper publicly and privately, with motives purely not petty nor pedantic, and to wordsmiths everywhere, here’s a toast: and I bring you:


Image result for santa claus


Drum roll please: Da dada da: .

Image result for group santas

Santa and his……

Image result for little santas




…subordinate clauses……..


(c’mon ye who may tend to the legalese of Santa and whatnot, celebrate or not, it’s ok to laugh. Unto the pure all things are pure.)

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Circuits down but the word is good

In the neverendingstory of the unbeliever’s or so-called atheistic world view, I received a most highly decorated accolade:

‘You are simply a indoctrinated imbecile.  Please go away, you pathetic excuse for a Christian.’

Image result for ground control to major tom

Why pray tell was I so honored with such laurels? Ha. Because I supposedly cannot furnish proof outside of scripture for the existence of the Lord Jesus Christ, you know, the man from Nazareth, Galilee, born in Bethlehem, suffered under Pontius Pilate, buried in Joseph’s new tomb, raised from Golgotha’s hill, seen by myriads, yeah Him.

It is alleged that the Koran, the Gita’s, the Veda’s, the Pita’s, and the book of Cheetah’s provide as much ‘evidence’ of all the gods one could want. Sorry for the humor, but this is sadly funny.

The true God has no competitors, and loses no sleep with idols who can collectively neither count to ten nor tie their shoes. There are knockoffs in every age, as vendors do not care if you know the difference between Vera Wang and Vera Bradley, Ralph Lauren or Ralph Malph; Prada or Pravda, they just do not care. Much can be said for imposters, and they are a dime a dozen., but sadly they traffic in the realm of the spirit too.

The word of God, aka the Holy Bible, stands alone as the monarch of books. It has withstood every ferocious attack and stands tall, resolute. It has worn out every hammer and is dentless. As a matter of fact, its contents reveal the bent of humanity in ways where men’s wisdom is automatically ruled out.

The very first verse of scripture explodes with knowledge of space, time, and matter. ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ ‘He made the stars also,’ once more words of understated power, elegance, and infinite beauty. There is no other book on earth with such simple majesty. Of course not, as God’s word is set apart and light years ahead.

The God of scripture is confirmed by nature, arithmetic, the alphabet, science, music, love, male and female, men and women, birth, death, art, buildings, you name it, all sing the recognizable song of truth.

So Pilate asked the Lord: ‘What is truth?’ and received a still answer. Not answering is not the same as ‘no answer.’ There is much to be learned from not playing reindeer games. The Lord could have said: ‘The truth about what? Sin? Death? Architecture? Music? Arithmetic? Alpha? Aleph? Omega? Beit? Water? Rainbows? Language?  Noah? Fire? Leprosy? Blindness?

But He who is the way, the truth, and the life, simply uttered a terse word. NOW His kingdom would not be from hence, a statement that Mr. Pilate found harmless in its absurdity, or so he thought.

But me, I have no proof except my indoctrination! Yikes I am so pathetic because I actually believe the good book, unlike those OTHER christians who are I suppose fine examples of progressive thought for agreeing with the unbeliever that scripture cannot be trusted.

Yeah, they are applauded for only believing the proverbs and a few Psalms; God forbid a literal and physical resurrection by God would be on the radar of truth. Well guess what? I prefer the company of men who recognize the innate worth of the human conscience; one that understands God’s word is good,  and one that knows death is a severe but temporary short-circuit of life.

God is genius that way. This is why I am an imbecile because it’s my fault others will not see. Uh huh, sure. It is man who alone is created in the image of God. It is man who can move a 16 ton rock because of his creative genius, one that is missing in action by a thousand gorillas who together cannot spell ‘cat’ nor hammer a nail.

So then, why do I cite a believer from years ago, an Austrian Jew, one unsurpassed in scholarship and learning, and long before men walked with the crutches of the internet to soothe his ignorance? Because Jewish men of renown are not supposed to believe in the Messiah of Israel. It is so passe doncha know. But many good Jews understand the circuitry of the Creator.

Remember that quiet great man of God Mordecai who was instrumental in the life and times of Hadassah, then Queen Esther? Or Daniel, and his friends, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah? Remember the old man Simeon who died in peace knowing Israel had its long anticipated Visitor? Remember that master of Israel Nicodemas who should have known the serpent on the pole was but a harbinger for better things? Remember Reb Gamaliel who offered sage advice regarding the son of God?

So Mr. Edersheim is one more in a long train of believing Jews, willing to endure the shame for the sake of the name.  People  b_tch about his scholarship, and guess what? They care not to look into his claims, because the conclusions require a verdict.

Give me evidence! is the cry from near and afar, being blind to the evidence that has satisfied men since the beginning of time. The creator of water has proven himself by the instant ceasing of the raging seas by a mere ‘Hush!’ The Maker of the eye has proven Himself by that lovely quiet word: ‘See,’ spoken to he who never saw the color blue.

We have more tools today for seeing the evidence of the Creator which is confirmed by the son of God, yet a thousand more excuses for our blindness. And the greatest of this evidence? A silent heaven which testifies to the grace of God.

We cry for God to ‘do something,’ yet in the immortal damaging words of old, we can agree: ‘ye know not what ye ask,’ for we really do not want God to intervene. Scripture is plenty clear on that. It won’t be pretty, so we gripe about a silent heaven, while being blind to the grace of God, which patience by the way, will one day expire.

That man-made idol evolution, has also been but a smokescreen, and has not produced a single worthy argument WHY God is still on the lips of they who say He does not exist. Quite odd, that the greatest evangelists of godlessness cannot follow their own advice. Back upstream to this: the divine wiring cannot short-circuit.

Evidence! is the buzz word played by the magician to an audience of itching ears. How is the Lord Jesus Christ revealed as Creator as opposed to the thousands of gods to select from is the cry. Easy.

All the gods collectively cannot lift a feather. They are deaf, dumb, and blind, but highly popular to a crooked heart and eyes that suffer from double vision. There is one God, and nature responds to its maker. As death is the ultimate natural disaster, so too does the Creator remove its sting by a simple word such as ‘Arise, come forth.’

Lazarus was plenty of evidence for the salt of the earth then, it is certainly fine evidence for me today. Two plus two equalled four then, it still equals four today. Truth does not change. Alpha and Omega are equally still intact. 24 hours in the day are still perfect.

And the last time I checked, the stars above are still in place also…and still singing the exquisite tune of the Creator. By the Lord Christ do all things consist. We have His word on it, and that word is very good.

(Yes, up top it should read ‘an’ indoctrinated imbecile, but I would not want to be accused of tampering with another’s words. And as an aside, doncha wonder what in the world a christian would look like who is not a pathetic excuse…)



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I’d like to borrow this and pass it along from CTom.

Note the reference to Dani-el and his thanksgiving; praying with pride in giving of thanks; and most importantly, the Lord Himself giving thanks………….on the night in which he was betrayed, knowing full well what stood before Him.

Take the time to thoughtfully consider this post, and hopefully you too can offer a hearty Amen to the last sentence.

Citizen Tom

Jennie Augusta Brownscombe, The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth, 1914, Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth, Massachusetts Jennie Augusta Brownscombe, The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth, 1914, Pilgrim Hall Museum, Plymouth, Massachusetts (from here)

Depending upon the the translation, some form of the word “thank” can be found in the Bible between 130 and 210 times. So it is fair to say the Bible has much to say about giving thanks and of the many reasons to give thanks.

Leviticus is largely about the ceremony involved in sacrifices, and it talks about attitude as well as procedure, substance as well as form.

Leviticus 22:29Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

29 And when ye will offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving unto the Lord, offer it at your own will.

Thanks requires thankfulness. King David was a thankful man. Thus, he wrote many psalms expressing his thanks. One ends with these words.

2 Samuel 22:50-51Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)

50 Therefore I will give thanks unto thee…

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Thanks, Solomon, noise, and God’s word

Regarding the building of the temple by King Solomon we read this:

And the house, when it was in building, was built of stone made ready before it was brought thither: so that there was neither hammer nor axe nor any tool of iron heard in the house, while it was in building.

Image result for geese vee

I love this. Stonework is rather noisy. A good noise mind you if you are the mason, but a bad noise if it is not welcome. It is this unassuming quality of scripture that points to its credibility. It is this matter-of-fact recording of that which was. It is equally verifiable, reliable, and truthful as:

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

But the lack of perpetual ‘pinging’ of iron against stone is a gentle reminder that the temple of Solomon, er rather, the house of God,  is a different place than the house of pancakes, as the reverential awe began long before the corner-stone was set.

The wisdom of Solomon cannot be denied by any person of reason. ‘Cut the baby in half!’ was a masterstroke given to instantly discover the real mother by two making the claim. Then of course Queen Sheba, whose mind was blown away when she was in the presence of this great man.

Solomon the master architect, Solomon the wisest sage, Solomon the economic genius, Solomon the king, (and oh should I tell you about the way he walked? Pay attention to Queen Sheba’s opinion) and Solomon the son of David. Flawed yes, but who isn’t? But more importantly, the king had a good heart, a rare quality indeed by men of stature.

But take note. The Lord shall sit upon the throne of not Solomon, but of David. Ah yes, the lights and perfection of scripture. And yet the Lord commended Solomon by comparing him to a flower in all its natural glory. The Lord, He does all things well.

Truth be told, there are bad men who do good things, and good men who do bad things, but it was the son of God Himself who as the truly ‘fit’ man, died for our sins……….’according to the scriptures.’

This was not a serendipitous or unfortunate act aided by sinful men, but one of divine purpose with eternal consequences. Yes, Peter could say ‘ye have taken by wicked hands and crucified and slain the Lord of glory,’ but scripture is careful to point out that ‘He gave Himself……….for us,’ yep, like a mute lamb in the hands of its shearers, He opened not His mouth.

So to you who believe, you are thankful, and express your thanks in so many ways, and to you who malign as if the Lord did nothing new, useful or original………..I say to you:

He was made sin.

Oh, like this happened before, and like this happens every day. No, it never happened before, and the excellency of this One who endured such a sentence, assures there is no need that it happens again. He is that good. Notice, He IS that good. The right hand of God is occupied by a man by virtue of His own worth. Is it any wonder that the Jews of old had an issue with the statement: ‘how can David’s son be David’s Lord?’ The ramifications are thunderous.

‘Sit thou on my right hand……………………..until…………….’ That’s right brethren: until. There will come a day when He will arise, and once more regenerate God’s will regarding the earth. After all, the earth and all its fulness belongs to Him.

So we work while we wait. We sweat while we give thanks. We smile at the genius of the created eagle, the ocean’s guest the great whale, and we smile at that crafty fox whose steps are perfectly measured.  We smile silently at the awesome vee formations above.

We smile at the record of the life and times of Abraham and Sarah, Solomon, David, Esther, Mordecai, Herod, Pilate, Agrippa, Saul then Paul, Peter, James, and John, Timothy, and we understand that city of gold as being paramount to God’s will and blessing, yep, even Jerusalem, the city of the great king.

But we must add a smile of sadness too, for we also know that God is never surprised at the actions and words of they who despise Him. After all, He did write all about it.

Does ‘ravenous wolves’ ring a bell? Does ‘ungodly speeches’ not ring true? ‘Does not ‘clouds without water’ prove true by they who attack the son of God? A thousand times yes, so we must be thankful too for God giving us a heads up, lest we be fooled or surprised.

So in this year 2016, we hear the pounding of the hammers against God’s word, we see the disrespect by the iron work against the scriptures which disrespect is more than a clanging cymbal, we see the daily antagonism against people of faith for no good reason, we see the false charges against good people, but we are reminded to somehow give thanks.

In spite of all the noise, we raise a cup of Thanksgiving, and say so, for One greater than Solomon, and we offer a smile upward.

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I want it MY way…

Why repeat what is obvious? Because men can be dunces, and need to hear again and again; just maybe a seed will find a nice warm spot on the ground. Just maybe, because there is nothing on earth that cannot be filtered through the lens of goodness and truth.

Image result for people on elevator

I swear people walk around with their brains parked in the garage. So you are on the seventh floor of the elevator. The car stops at six, picks up three people, stops at five for two more, then stops at the third floor, where three more women ask: ‘is there room?’ to then hear: ‘Sure, c’mon in.’

Nine people,  relatively crowded I would say. While everyone looks at the red numbers and waits for the door to pop open, the car stops at the lobby. But first, the passengers eager to depart are met with a guy trying to get on and in the car. Really? Uh sir, excuse me, you may want to wait until the nine people get out of your way!

Do I really have to mention the mind numbing behavior that is simply unheard of in an instance where common sense should prevail? Ah, but is this not the very image of they who mindlessly say ‘there is no God, there is no evidence, there is no proof……………..?’

Yessiree, it is. It is precisely this. It is the selfish and unmannered mind that thinks the world revolves around him; it is the mind that cannot see the order and decorum of a simple elevator car, and how much is revealed in an absentminded moment.

But the guy trying to get on the elevator while it is full, not caring that HE is in the way……while he looks annoyed at people trying to ‘excuse themselves’ because THEY are in HIS way…………….is in fact, that stubborn old fool that cannot see beyond his self-made importance.

No sir, hate to break it to you, the world does not revolve around you. You are not the cat’s meow. And the fact that you spit out profanities because the elevator passengers are ‘inconveniencing you……………’ reveals so much more about you than you care to imagine.

Godlessness is selfishness. (by the way, the man could have been a believer, or unbeliever, on his way to see his dying mother, but the greater point is at issue)

So, we enjoy the corn that grows from the earth, the blueberries from the vine, the milk from the cow, the apples from the tree, the steak from the elk; we enjoy the heat from the sun, and the light of the moon, we enjoy planting and harvest, laughing and sorrow, life and death, all in its time; but we do not enjoy the fact that ALL things were created by God for HIS pleasure.

Yes, the leather of the deer gives God pleasure. The unassuming stare of the cow gives God pleasure. The song of the bird gives God pleasure. The top soil of the ground gives God pleasure. The design of the acorn gives God pleasure. The masculine and the feminine gives God pleasure. The man and the woman gives God pleasure. By God do ALL things consist. For His pleasure they are, and were created.

Without apology I say what is obvious to a mind that is not shut or parked in the garage. I am talking to you, you elevator intruding man, you selfish and proud woman who sees the people coming out of the car as an inconvenience to you! God is a God of order, and His fingerprints can be seen without even trying.

No evidence or proof of God eh? Hmm, strange then how you have not figured out how to make a spoonful of dirt…………..using nothing. That’s right, simple as it sounds, you cannot manufacture one gram of dirt. Does this not humble you? Does this not make you want to step away from the car in decency and manners?

You have no rights to anything on earth apart from the Creator. You have actually no right to a glass of water apart from the Creator, yet, He who gave man the ability to create the elevator patiently waits while you push and tug at the passengers who are in YOUR way! He abides your petulance and bratty behaviour, he tolerates your profanity laced tirades that reveal a bit of uncleanness; He waits until you see the difference between a rat and a squirrel.

He waits until you see an empty car……..and until you admit there is One who owns all copyrights. Otis may have had a hand in the boxed car, but there has always been the God of Otis. And of course, man is a by product of the goodness of God. It pleased God to make man. The fact that you may disagree is irrelevant, and God is neither threatened or moved at the utter selfishness of His creatures.

Some great lessons to be had too in that elevator. Other than that, go for it, have it your way.

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Dear Abbey…

(Follow up to ‘Good bye friend,‘ for context see original)


I warned you. Please don’t stone me! True, the information was limited, but I did however give an invitation to ‘ask’ any questions if a person needed more info before venturing a guess. There were layers to consider. The greater issue is how we process things, with obvious ‘facts’ staring us in the face.

Image result for the rest of the story

A few clues were given such as friendship, grace, and grunts, but many other things were not given. The kids were a heads up, as was the VW an equal distraction.

Lisa and Abigail were real. Their friendship was valid. The account reads where many scenarios could be acceptable, but since I have all copyrights to the tale…………..    😉

Lisa dubbed her friend, who was yes in fact an only child, just a kid who soon became dear Abbey. Since Abbey could not speak English, she communicated in a way that was difficult for Lisa, but in time, Lisa just stopped with the words.  They had an understanding where words were not needed.

Abbeys mother was killed by a truck weeks after her birth, and her father was m.i.a.

Abbey had a birth defect, but was blessed with an extraordinarily long life. Had trouble walking, and had strange feet.  Had funny ears, and the other kids kind of kept their distance.

Lisa loved the mountains where they first ran into each other, a place of solitude and beauty where so few visited. It was a kin-ship for life, and with the permission of her family, Lisa adopted this homeless stranger.

If you think about the bigger picture, you may recall children who have no friends, kids who were aloof because of physical appearance, smarts, or even plain quirkiness. Usually there is at least one soft heart who takes a liking to such a kid. Lisa was such a one. So they were pretty much attached at the hip.

Time passed, and Lisa was aware of her friend’s days coming to a close. With regret she ‘drove’ her, no, not only by an automobile, but she drove her by ‘purpose,’ by ‘command’ as it were, back to the place where they first met, where she would soon become at home once more, maybe even welcomed back by her other friends, to spend her remaining days.

Notice. Lisa named her friend. Who were the witnesses, the tears, the certain end, and what was the crime? Only the other goats, where the ‘certain end’ would be a natural death on the rocks as Abbey lived out her days… and Lisa’s crime was simple unlawful possession of a wild animal,  with the judge amused as all charges were dropped and Lisa cleared of any wrongdoing, but not before Lisa shed her tears as she watched Dear Abbey trot off to the cliffside among the rocks, dancing among the other goats.      ;)

Image result for female goat

Say hi to ‘Abbey.’

But the grace of God? To be also cleared of all charges. To look after a goat, a ‘kid,’ and make it as a pet sheep. To help it live longer since it had leg damage. To treat it as family. To give it worth. To give it an undeserved seat at the table.

And does God not offer care to His own, tending wounds in such a way only worthy of Himself? Does He not ‘send’ help our way in the most unexpected circumstances? Does He not ‘drive’ us toward faith and good deeds? Does He not prove Himself trustworthy above all others? Does He not take the ‘black sheep’ and make Him part of a royal family? and in the most difficult places, does He not help us walk when we appear lame or even unwilling, and is He not that friend that sticks closer than a brother?


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A tribute

(Ok, forget for a minute about the idiotic riots in this great country by people who need to feed on the carcase of their own ignorance, and are just plain examples of lawlessness. And of course speaking of tributes, it goes without saying thank God for our heroes, the veterans.)

The genius of the music by the unequaled Leonard Cohen is honored here as his life came to a halt. He died yesterday at the age of 82. It can be said that the measure of a man’s worth is found by what others do with his words. Full screen.



(now back to our regular scheduled program)

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