The answers of godlessness. Not.

(It is with great pleasure I give to you another installment in the utter ease of the demolition of godlessness, aka, atheism)

If godless evolution were true, why do not humans have an extra set of eyes in the back of their heads… look out for thugs doncha know. After all, danger lurks everywhere.

If godless evo were true, why has man not adapted to be able to sleep outside in sub-zero weather amid a blizzard while wearing only a tee-shirt and not freezing to death…it’s not fair I tell ya that the caribou has all the fun.  Oh wait, we need another 14.6 billion years……..

If godless evo were true, why has man not evolved to be able to walk upside down on a basketball like an ant….Ooops, I forgot, the labmeisters are working on that as we speak. No small feet to pull that off…

If godless evo were true, why can’t the hyena tie his shoes…

If godless evo were true, why hasn’t a pregnant woman learned to hire another woman to have her baby, so she could birth without stretch marks…

If godless evo were true,  why hasn’t the common box turtle ever won the hundred yard dash…

If godless evo were true, why hasn’t the cheetah ever run for governor…

If godless evo were true, why has man not ‘evolved’ to sprout wings, so he could fly like an eagle, without using artificial metal while flying over the earth… (it’s called an aero-plane for a reason by the way.)

If godless evo were true, why has not the godless been unable to rid God from his life and times…….

Thus we can easily see the complete destruction of the insane idea of life apart from Design, Planning, Implementation, Purpose, Maintenance, and self proving creation, which knowledge is coded within every human being.

That said, I do think some people mistake their own skin for that of a rhinoceros, and use that thick armor skin as an excuse as to ‘why’ common sense cannot penetrate their atheism.   Love those rhinos.   They point directly to He who made the giraffe with equal ease.  Stiff necked people need not apply.  Godlessness be dmaned  😉

The embarrassing alliance of atheism and godless evo cannot be stressed enough. Zero answers but a million excuses for ignoring the obvious. And oh, then there is scripture which proves it all.

All things. For His pleasure they ARE, and WERE created. So saith the good book. And so do sober minded hearts agree.


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The perils of a believer

It is so very easy to testify to the goodness of  God and the truth of scripture, as it takes no effort and causes no sweat. God’s word eats alive nonsense, false science so-called, exposes deceit wherever it is found, reveals evil in people, and without nary an apology, scorches the hands and seals the mouths of men who dare suggest God’s word is in any way weak, peccable, or cannot be trusted.

So here is something of a feast for your consideration. Below is an account of Paul’s necessary testimony to some believers, for their sake not his. And by providence, words for my sake, and yours as well. Words etched in time and stone, lasting, unchanging,  living, breathing, and most certainly true. Words spoken to our minds and to our affections. No other book on earth commends itself in this way, reaching to the marrow, penetrating through the power of God to soft hearts.

But take note of HOW the pseudo scholar/infidel/atheist studies not the life and times of Paul, but the studies of OTHER men who say Paul was a madman, or even yet, that his very words cannot be relied upon, as if Saul of Tarsus then Paul the apostle somehow fabricated his life. Yeah, ok, sure. Listen to the apostle’s account, and tell me if you need a referral from a dozen atheists or unbelieving decons before you can understand it and believe it.  (peril: life threatening or immediate danger)

 I say again, Let no man think me a fool; if otherwise, yet as a fool receive me, that I may boast myself a little. That which I speak, I speak it not after the Lord, but as it were foolishly, in this confidence of boasting.

Seeing that many glory after the flesh, I will glory also. For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise. For ye suffer, if a man bring you into bondage, if a man devour you, if a man take of you, if a man exalt himself, if a man smite you on the face. I speak as concerning reproach, as though we had been weak.

Howbeit whereinsoever any is bold, (I speak foolishly,) I am bold also. Are they Hebrews? so am I. Are they Israelites? so am I. Are they the seed of Abraham? so am I. Are they ministers of Christ? (I speak as a fool) I am more; in labours more abundant, in stripes above measure, in prisons more frequent, in deaths oft.

Of the Jews five times received I forty stripes save one. Thrice was I beaten with rods, once was I stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck, a night and a day I have been in the deep; In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren; In weariness and painfulness, in watchings often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness.

Beside those things that are without, that which cometh upon me daily, the care of all the churches. Who is weak, and I am not weak? who is offended, and I burn not?

Credentials? Yeah, Paul had them. He was not boasting, but I’m guessing they at Corinth were immediately humbled to hear of such pearls…

Is it any surprise WHY fools would try to convince you that scriptures cannot be trusted? Is it any surprise that men would point to the very thing that God’s word commands you to avoid: the dry and worthless opinions of unbelieving scholars who make their living at the altar of biblical ignorance as they prey on they who have itching ears.

I don’t care what men say about Moses, Daniel, Job, Noah, Abraham, Adam and Ehvee; I don’t care what books they claim can ‘lay waste’ to scripture; I don’t care  what godless so-called scientists say of a ‘no flood zone;’ I don’t care what antichrists say of the true Christ; WP is loaded with antichrists doncha know, but this simple account given by Paul of His life ‘as a Christian,’ cannot be challenged by anybody of a sober mind.

If Christianity was commended to you, and this is a result, you would no doubt express a lack of interest. Such is the demure nature of God’s word. But if you as an unbeliever met Paul, and spoke to him of the ‘poison of scripture,’ he would be well within his graces to say: ‘God shall smite thee thou whited wall,’  but he would probably just smile, walk away while muttering under his breath, ‘God help him.’

And for a bonus, imagine how low a person must sink, to read this accounting, and then somehow say that Paul was a liar. Yep, I heard it many times. God help them.

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Third times a charm

I asked this in three places, and received no answer, but I’m pretty sure it is a fair question, and worthy of immediate consideration. Short and sweet, enjoy.


Apart from intelligence, WHY is there only ONE moon for the earth and not two, ten, or a thousand?


To be fair, I can understand why certain people drive the other direction and avoid this inconvenient revelation. Charmed I’m sure.




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Why be ordinary?

Received a compliment the other day, some folks said that ‘ordinary Christians don’t believe the crap that I do.’ Of course the implication is that I believe things in scripture that other believers do not, thus marking myself with other tunalics. And what pray tell are some of these monstrosities?

I’ll volunteer a few, and happily so. But first, let me point out that many unbelievers are delighted when they can pit one believer against another, and by so doing, assume that differing opinions invalidate the whole warp and woof of scripture. I see this all the time, and I do not take the bait while many others do.

If folks are on the same train with me going to Seattle, I’m ok with that. I don’t have to sit with them though, but I’m thankful we have the same destination. Christian maturity understands that all are not at the same mile markers in life, hence that little truth known as liberty. Many believers have said many nasty things about me, and you, and I’m sure they have regretted as much today.  Enough said.

Theology is the study of God. It’s alarming to my mind that a Christian can study theology, and doubt whether God exists. Theology is not the study of the ‘possibility’ of God. It is unquestioned by the believer. It may be questioned by the unbeliever, and God’s ways may not be understood, but to the Christian we can say with absolute confidence: I know whom I have believed…..

Maybe we can call the doubtful disputations infidology, but please, let’s not confuse God with the devil. God has no competitor, except in the minds of miscreants.

God is God and there is no other. The God of nature and the God of scripture are one. He who commands raging seas to ‘be still,’ easily says ‘be thou clean’ to the leper with equal power. His word is good, and Christians rest in this word.

There was a man named Adam. His wife was she who was the mother of ALL living, whose name was Eve. (As I like to say, Ehvee) They had a son who murdered their other son. There was a flood. There was that engineering feat called the ark. Others wrote about it, but scripture presents the WHY.

Abraham had a son Isaac, whereby all God’s promises were confirmed through Jacob and his posterity. These promises while not totally fulfilled as yet, are included in the Christian’s favour.

Daniel the man of God lived, testified that God can interpret dreams, and was cast into a den of hungry lions. He survived through God’s grace, while his antagonists were meat for the big kittens.

God who created great whales, had one reserved as home to Jonah until such time as he regained his senses.

The Baptist lived as the greatest prophet, and his life ended with his head on a platter. The Lord did nothing to retaliate for this egregious act. He who brought grace and truth was not tolerated by the powers that be, and His blistering testimony to God was not welcomed, as they wanted another ‘king.’  Herod and Pilate, while not friends, became allies in their confederacy against Christ.

He met His end, with no surprise to God on Calvary’s central tree, but lo and behold rose again the third day, according to the scriptures of course.  For God soooooo loved the world.

Yes, these are all strange things to unbelievers, but are they unordinary to the Christian and like precious faith? I don’t think so.  What is truly strange and distressing, is to claim the name of Christian, and NOT believe these things.

But again, tkx for the compliment.

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Climate change baby

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I just luv the stifling changes of the seasons, even now, with the inconvenient deep freeze here, and the blistering heat there. Hmm, where did I hear that so many thousands of years ago? That’s right, He who created the … Continue reading

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What sane professor would say this?

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With a new year on the horizon, I have noticed a concerted effort on many fronts to portray believers as mindless, delusional, and oh my, dangerous. What is even worse, is to malign good people who are decent and loaded … Continue reading

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Just sweet

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(Ran across this, and concur entirely; written well over a hundred years ago by the most devout and sound thinker. I quote word for word.) “There is no subject, with the exception, of course, of those which are essentially divine, … Continue reading

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This is a killer

Overheard an atheist tell another atheist that Christians are clueless as to what the bible teaches.

Pardon me, but I cannot stop laughing. I just burned ten thousand calories. Thank you all ye unbelievers, infidels, and fools worldwide for the unexpected physical benefits of godlessness.

(ps, a two year old kid who cannot count to three is in no position to lecture a math professor.  lol)

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The greatest of guests

Image result for fins whale pic

In and under the most wonderful playgrounds of the world, requires the greatest of guests.  May I introduce you to the king of the oceans, designed for His pleasure, and courtesy of the Creator, and a reminder that some things never change.

(And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good. Genesis 1.21)

The great whales were whales then, they are now, and ever shall be whales.  ‘After their kind kinda shuts the mouths of godless evolutionists everywhere.

Oh, then there is this:  For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

But first, this One needed to be born, of a young lowly but godly woman, to be made a man, introduced by the greatest prophet born of woman, (who by the way did no miracle, but everything he spake of Christ was true) only to meet an end unknown to all men, to secure a beginning that proves He is the sole First and the Last.

Oh the depths of the revelation of God’s wisdom, as today, all creation groans.

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The incomparable neighbor

So, the word on the street by the self-made elite is that Adolpho Hitler was a Christian. Right, and Mister Fred Rogers was an atheist. And we both would be liars. Painful huh?

Image result for fred rogers

The difference of course, my truthful lie is pointing out the brazen and vulgar embarrassment of putting Hitler in the same pew with Peter, James, John, Stephen, Paul and Silas, Barnabus and Apollus, Timothy, Titus, Phoebe, Luke, James, Cornelius, Fred Rogers, Charles Stanley, Citizen Tom and Julie, Tricia and ib22, Lynn and Wally, and such other present day believers who you have not met but have read their works.

You see, the scriptures which alone define Christianity, tell a man to pray for his enemies……….not to cut their heads off or gas them to death.

Truth be told, unbelievers do not have the spiritual acumen to cite murderers as believers. Perhaps maybe in a world where illogic is king………..

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Oh yeah, the total depravity of Christianity

So easy to get material for blogsville.  Just luv pointing stuff like this out. Trouble is, I’m not sure the contempt I show here is strong enough. You decide.

‘I wonder how much benefit these poor sods could have been to humanity in general if the vileness of Christianity had not infected them?’ Yep, an exact quote from a pompous purveyor of pride, and a partaker of petty thinking. Let’s amp it up in size for impact.

  ‘The vileness of Christianity.’

Ha! Indeed mercy, gentleness, patience, love, (both agape and phileo) self-control, grace, truth, compassion for the poor, shelter for the homeless, are all VILE ancillary benefits of Christianity. Tell me folks there is no devil! To hear such poison and depraved words coming from a human being, perhaps an apology should be in order to a pack of coyotes whose ravaging and feasting of a herd of deer seems like Breakfast at Tiffany’s compared to the devouring done daily by vicious and foaming at the mouth atheists who despise good people.

Sooooo, a man forgives his enemies as they pelt him with rocks, thus ending his life, and HE is considered vile?  Hmmm, so it was boy scouts who did their good deed to Stephen….

A woman is the recipient of wholesale forgiveness by One who knows her inside and out, and in spite of her indiscretions, she is afforded power by the grace of God to amend her ways, and she is considered vile?  Hmmmm, while others standing by have done far worse…

A man goes into a town and reveals the truth of the Creator so men do not have to worship all the collected and pretended stone gods who can neither count to three or tie their shoes, and he is considered vile? Hmmm, and the man of God is considered  lunatic for bringing daylight?

Image result for the greatest of these is love

Sooo, the St Jude hospital and their ministry to children, the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, the convents of the earth run by women who have devoted lives because of the grace of God, are vile eh?  The colleges and manifold Universities of St Vincent, Notre Dame,  St. Benedict, Loyola, all influenced by Christianity, are vile eh?  So thus the students who went on to become beneficial members of society because of a somewhat ‘religious education,’ who are today Doctors of law, Doctors of Medicine, Scientists, Grocers, Auto Parts owners, carpenters, painters, security guards, coaches, service workers, are all vile eh?

The pastors who tell the flock to pay their taxes because scripture says so are vile eh? Believers who are reminded not to be lazy, and who are told not to meddle in their neighbor’s affairs are vile eh? Believers who visit the fatherless and the widows in their affliction because it is good to do according to pure religion are vile eh?

How dark the heart. How black the soul. How callous the thoughts. How utterly and bitter are the lies to suggest that Christianity, as revealed in the New Testament, is vile, and that people, who live by the tenets as best as they can, are even more vile for simply believing in the sole Lord of creation and redemption.

Oh Lord then, infect me with your poison of grace and truth. Infect me with eyes to see the wonders of your hands, the glories of the heavens, the majesty of your Seas, the complete bounty and beauty of your earth. Infect me with the poison of love toward miscreants. Give me eyes that see as you do. Allow me compassion for the ignorant, they who would cite you as devilish, while they themselves are hired hands for the enemy of all truth. Give me the power to love my wife, my children, my neighbor, to pray for government, to be a model employee, to cause no harm to others, give me health in body and mind to act and do of thy good pleasure.

Indeed, Christianity is vile eh? Or is it simply that for ages, men have tried to erect towers as idols to themselves, creating smokescreens and diversions to avoid He who created the dirt and stone which allows such building! But no, Ego has been the IV of choice, a shot in the arm in the vein of darkness, being fueled and eaten quickly by the godless.  Godlessness is a drug more deadly than heroin.  The above cited comment and all who agreed is enough proof.

So without reservation or apology, I can say with complete confidence, that for any man (or woman for the sensitive bunch) to say that Christianity is vile, I’ll show you a person who is clueless as to what Christianity is, and who is equally lost as to what is vile.


(and btw to my friends in the land of Blog, (east of Nod) the web site referenced and the boasting of the host who wears cement ball caps, has banned any commenting by myself entirely, and giving the impression to his buds, that he is oh so fair in the mind.  Daylight has a wondrous effect on darkness. But such poison coming from any man needs addressed. Christianity is vile? Kind of hard to be silent.)


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Thought for the day

The common atheist does not believe God is, and that He is responsible for life, while having a million proofs, and ten thousand more as evidenced through scripture and the conscience, while at the same time, the atheist believes the earth spins at 1,047 mph, orbits at 67,000 mph, (that’s 19 miles per second) while having not seen the earth move one inch, nor having zero proof.  Yikes.

Image result for simon cowell

Talk about misplaced faith…

(Ps. I have nothing in common with the so-called science of the godless. After all, it is in fact science so-called. A little clue here by the incomparable mind of the apostle Paul as directed by God Himself. And so I would challenge all believers to consider how and why you may or may not sit at the same table with the godless regarding their science. Just sayin. And a special shout out to Degrasse and Nye for their mind numbing lack of common sense for the inspiration.)

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More idiocy at the UN

(Note: ‘junk science’ accidentally posted. Not ready.     😉    Back to regular programming.)

In this instance, the self-proclaimed professional at the UN is leveled by a young lady. ‘Litsen crefully to hsi defence’ of an untenable position, and then how broad daylight is brought to bare on the stupidity of godlessness.

Maybe we do need to be tolerant of they without underzandeing…….or they whose ‘cement hats’ have stifled the brain……..yes indeed, it’s always the so-called wisdom of the world that is revealed as pure foolishness by the Creator’s ways in revealing the dark nature of the human heart.

Love this girl’s sunshine. Atheism be damned.

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Hold the fort pilgrim

Surely you have heard that the U.S. president has initiated the relocation of Jerusalem (embassy) as Israel’s capital. Immediately the decision was met with praise and disdain and on many fronts.  Don’t you like saying and hearing it? Je-ru-say-lem. Kind of rolls off the tongue.

Image result for jerusalem

Scorn by they who see America as the enemy of all fairness, and praise by they who see the United States as Israel’s only friend. I take the high road though and see good and bad in both, being the balanced and fair person that I am.     😉

Not a city on earth with such a history, good, bad, and ugly.

Israel is in fact a blistering and obvious beacon of light in its area. The Hebrew schools do not teach their students to strap themselves with bombs to blow up their neighbors. This is a fact. As a matter of fact, it has been shown that some who have failed in their suicide missions and attempt to take Israeli’s with them, being so maimed, have been tended by Jewish medical teams. That’s right, the good book says that the ‘righteous tend to life.’ Period.  There is no ‘filling out of applications’ before a carotid artery of an enemy can be repaired.

Jerusalem has long been the apple of God’s eye, with many Jews around the world being head and shoulders above so many others in so many disciplines. Have you ever heard the illustrious Dr. Cyril Wecht speak on forensics without notes??? The man is brilliant and a small proof of a much larger picture, that per capita, Israel is a force unmatched on earth.

But success always comes with a price, and the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is no small thing. True, believers are to bless God for His promises and provision, yet scripture also speaks of the escalation of another one, great in stature. However, greatness is also not always good.

While there have always been antichrists, with proof today of many more, such as atheists, (that’s right, every atheist is an antichrist) apostates, religious criminals, you name it, there will come a day when THE antichrist makes his appearance on the world’s stage. Jerusalem Israel has come one day closer to his introduction. This is a fact if God be true. And He always is, He CANNOT lie.

So in the spirit of the Lord’s own words and observations: ‘ye know not what spirit ye are of……….’ so too, perhaps the believer does not know the ramifications of happily seeing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

There is this 7 year peace treaty on the horizon. There will be the annulment of that treaty halfway. Facts. Political, historical, and spiritual facts.  Things will go terribly wrong and many will suffer in ways yet to be experienced. Did not happen yet but so what. Has God’s word ever proved to be unreliable in the least? Can He not be trusted to keep His own word? Does He not know all tomorrows? Indeed.

So on the one hand believers bless God for allowing us to see His unwavering hand in the preservation of the posterity of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, we must also see with razor like sobriety that all the nations of the earth will marshal their forces to come against they who represent the only God of the living and the dead.

Truly, believers have enjoyed the emolument of Israel’s unbelief through the years, but they will once again become the head and not the tail; but there are dark days on the horizon, and yes, the whole world will mourn. Unbelievers of all stripes can laugh today, atheists can scorn tomorrow, but God’s word is true, and every man a liar as to God’s intrinsic eternal perfections.

So yes, thank God for Jerusalem today, and pray that many thank Him in the midst of tomorrows troubles which will happen as sure as the sun is above us, and as certain as the moon gives her light.

The city of gold abides its own time, surrounded with enemies far and near, in the meantime, yes believers of all stripes and good people everywhere understand the necessity of Israel having a very good friend in the United States.  But again the bigger picture, there will be destructive days and desolation, but no surprises to the God of heaven and earth.


(here is a past link for more thoughts on one who is yet to be, and his ultimate schemes, note the date, could have been written yesterday)

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Pride hath slain the dummy

Some things never change. God’s word remains resolute, and has shut the mouths of big oafs everywhere. Remember the big clumsy Goliath of Gath? Ha,  a big mouth had he, goading a much smaller man who just so happened to have a rather larger God, check that, the only living God.

Image result for the mighty have fallen

And the result? One dead giant by one smooth stone, and a whole lot of fearful onlookers.

Then there was Daniel among the hungry beasts. Indeed, the lion’s mouths were sealed for a night, and the king was disturbed, but joy cometh in the morning, and the animals had their breakfast at the expense of others, while the man of God walked away.  Pride was on the menu.

Remember that evil charlatan Haman? He never met such a wise duo as Esther and Mordecai, and the end he sought for them was the noose used upon himself.  Pride has fallen. God does not sleep, and He misses nothing.

But shuts the mouths everywhere at all times God most certainly does.  Reminds me. Over the years, many many visitors have sought to do battle with the truth of scripture, and with you, here, there, in all places, anywhere the name of the Lord is called upon, having the same result:

God’s word remains intact, having not been dented in the least, having lost no lustre, and having still the power to calm hearts and souls, while convicting others of the sweet yet bitter truth of scripture. Sweet because the words are like honey, but bitter because the good word of God is refused by proud and stubborn hearts.  The two-edged sword is alive and well, rather sharp.

Pride’s grandchildren never learn.

The coal in the earth, the gold, the wood above, the waters below, upon, and above, the stars, the animals, the humanity, the bees, the honey, the wheat, the fruit, the rising and falling of leaders, the tsunamis triply real, political and economical, the religions of the good, the bad, and the ugly, the earthquakes predicted thousands of years ago are in the third trimester today, the agitation against Israel, the worship of false science, the utter depravity of comedians, the daily idolatry of ‘stars,’ nation against nation, brother against brother, and to add insult to injury, the mind-numbing arrogance by people who do not even give God the courtesy of existing, yet in all this we see God’s undeserved but loving hands.

Really? How so? Oh Romeo oh Romeo let me count thy ways. God is everlastingly good. Some of you know this. There are not enough reams of paper to document His goodness. Love in a godless world is also a clue.

To others who can’t write one line of thanks………..maybe this is a good thing, after all, God’s word has stopped every mouth before Him. There is no excuse, as He has given every proof needed. Pride is a b*^*h.

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I doth protest!

Soo, didja hear about the rainbow who bi^c#ed because it did not evolve already? Wanted to be a different shape……wanted less color………. Yep, a complaint was filed with the DOE, (Department of Evolution) hoping to gain the ears of all the godless proponents and adherents to the doctrine of cosmic serendipity;  trouble was, nobody with common sense was available to file the complaint.

So my rainbow is a silent but powerful testimony to the bastard children of stupidity, who cannot see past yesterdays edicts, that it is God and not circumstance, which brings all beauty into existence. Sorry folks, the rainbow does not need to ‘evolve’ forward like people who were once apes………or backward, like the whales which once walked like coyotes……….

Nope, the rainbow is fine and dandy as it is, as it was, and ever shall it be. Gotta love God’s hand and colors eh?  I sure do, and rather enjoy pointing it out time and time again.


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The current masters of the new dawn

In every age there are masters of the earth. Back in the day Adam was a master of sorts, then things went south. Cain declared himself superior to his brother, and Abel was not. It was the heart thing, a condition common to man, courtesy of sin. Where in God’s good earth did the idea spring from for a man to snuff out the life of another, a brother even, so much so, that the voice of blood cried from the ground?

Image result for sistine chapel

Then there were the bablists, they who wanted their master race, (no different from the Identity clowns of today, who preach superiority over all the living. Fools I tell ya) so they built a tower, only to have God say ‘No!’  So Humpty and his dumbties came to an abrupt halt, and fell.

But their offspring persisted and bore other masters who sired other masters, who further created (without God’s blessing mind you) wicked masters who became masters of geo-and political (including religious) realms.  These were not good people. You had Agag, you had Haman who desired master status, and time would fail to tell of the evil decrees put upon the Jewish people by all the masters of all the ages.

Remember King Herod? He heard of one born King, and nope, no can do, can’t have a threat to his mastery: kill all the little ones!!  The master king has spoken. Haman lives yet again!

Aah, but so lives Esther, Hadassah rather, in every age she lives as an affront to the false masters of depravity, self-induced power, and as testament to the only living God, she was one of many through whom the promises of God prevailed. But men are sooo quick to forget the promises of God to Abraham, confirmed through Isaac, then again to Jacob, that ALL the nations of the earth will be blessed,’ come hell or high water.

In between, God has shown His favour by allowing other masteries, such as Michelangelo who painted the divine with heaven’s inspiration. Men do not have this passion today but in few and unnoticed places.

Still today, Haman rages, yet with nefarious diplomacy, and utilizes the more restrained verbage and gripes of drum roll please: da dada da: atheists! They who pretend intellectual superiority as self-made masters, they who have no use for truth, God’s promises, or God’s preservation of His own oaths. Maybe masters of prolixity. But why?

Because they go on and on and on and on and on, saying the same thing, with speech after speech of perverse, irrelevant, and borrowed garbage, speaking to the same choir of tongueless singers, and birds who have been deboned and have no feathers. Those dirty birds I tellya.

Reminds me. A kid grew up next to a raw sewage plant, and breathed heavily the daily toxic, nauseous, and disgusting stench like smells that reeked of death. There was a combination of bleach, asphalt, formaldehyde, gasoline, burning rubber, and the other Heinz 57 variety of everything so unnose worthy. Yep, it stunk. Kid didn’t seem to mind and paid no attention.

One day his cousin invited him to the evil upstairs……yes, that place of forbidden footsteps, but what the heck, they were kids, and wanted a new adventure. So they walked cautiously up the steps, and presto, opened the door, when the kid was hit smack in the face with a smell soooooooo disagreeable to him he immediately asked:  ‘what the heck is that disgusting and odious smell?’

Ah but young man, tis called ‘fresh air.’ The poor boy had not reference or context to compare his ‘taken for granted’ daily nosings which disgusting smells to him were common. The point?

The mind of the atheist lives in the decrepid sewage plant, having no frame of reference for what is really ‘clean.’ Need proof? Uh hello? Have you ever visited the godless sites or blogs, have you not noticed the likes of mouths or minds such as Howard Stern, Sara Silverman, Bill Maher, Colbert, or the thousands, no, millions of bloggers who pour out depravity by the minute,  they who have no clue as to the fresh air of truth and a sober mind? Yeah, masters all right.

They see diamonds, coal, gold, wood, hay, blood, water, birds, whales, the respiratory, circulatory, digestive systems of humans including the brain, they see fruit and nuts, and imagine a cosmic ‘accident’ where all this perfection is put in place. Did I say masters of the absurd?

The works by the hands of the greatest sculptors ever give proof of their touching the divine giver of life, who Himself is Master Artisan. The created have become the creator. Of course, as our shadows follow us perfectly. Are we not but mere shadows of the eternal?

But the kid in the basement is happy to have his borrowed books written by others who convinced him: ‘there be no upstairs junior, what are ya, brain dead?’

Geez, imagine if I explained to him that a flower seed put into the ground will sprout a ‘different’ kind of life after it is dead and buried…………even with a scent that cannot be examined under a thousand microscopes. Oh how dost the flower preach the gospel in the land of the dead.

So yeah, there is a phrase that calls attention to ‘the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.’ Love that image.   It is odious. It reeks of intolerable stench. It is nauseous. It burns the eyes and boils the stomach. It is the very worst of leeches which feeds on other parasites as it needs the fuel of godlessness to survive…….

If they would only crawl upstairs……………..I did, and I saw blue skies and clear sailing. But truth be told, there is enough azure to cover everyone under the sun, with room to spare.

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So you think you’re smart eh?

The most rational thing a truly thinking person can do after reading the word of God, that is, unaided by other people, not helped or hurt by the unthinking monster or tool called the internet, not influenced by the dark behaviour of people who ‘say’ they are Christian, not guided by others who ‘tried’ Christianity, not ‘taught’ by PhD’s that scripture cannot be true, not lectured by ‘scientists’ that say ‘there is no God……………’ not reminded by ‘historians’ that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were idle tales, not duped by so-called archaeologists that the temple of Solomon never stood tall……..the most rational thing a truly thinking person can do:

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Is to become first, a believer in the only God of heaven and earth, second, to be a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, as kindred to the only God of creation, that is, one with,  and third, to have such a stable mind to see that all things in life have a divine consistency, and that scripture clearly and positively presents the correct state of humanity, including the good, the bad, and the ugly, and that only such a good God as scripture affirms, could definitely  and finally give context to all of life, and remove all doubts as to mans existence, current affairs, and future.

By so being moved by the truth of scripture, one will then see the devilish opposition to the truth of life and death, and the otherworldly attempt to rid the world of Christianity, which is the only hope for a dark world. There is no other hatred on earth likened to that of scripture, the promises and the unfulfilled destiny of Israel, people of creation and faith; there is no other such disdain for people who believe while having rock solid evidence, based on facts, logic, science, and common sense, such as found in the opposition toward believers in the one and only true living God and Lord of the living and the dead. Even the stentorian voices of all the world’s graveyards cry for a day of reckoning.

But did you note I said ‘science’ too? Ha, yes indeed. If men would but pay attention, they would learn more in scripture regarding the true sciences, than all their godless guesses and theories combined.

‘Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass?’  asks the good man regarding God.

And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so. (godless science tries real hard to prove this wrong and temporary, but pear trees do not produce coconuts)

And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. (godless science tries real hard to eliminate distinction between the sexes; you know, a man can be a woman, a woman can be a man)

And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good. (godless science thinks water is a pure act of cosmic serendipity, and that the carpet of his feet called earth resulted from a wang bang shebazz bob having a clueless purpose. Too funny)

As I said, unaided, a man of reason must conclude that God is, that the scriptures are true, correct, and historically accurate, and that man’s best intellect apart from Him, is but a play toy and a poor hobby.

Now because I can, let me remind you of one of my fav scripture texts:

‘Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass?’

Love that. No man can hide from the truth of the sky. No question on earth has such devastating implication. What an umbrella of genius by the holder of all design. But answer the question ye godless or infidel, ye who boast of your borrowed smarts. It’s a question. Have you? with him? Have you spread out the sky? Have you noticed its strength? But oh….that molten looking glass, more than words, more than poetry, but words meant to arrest your attention; inescapable words that separate a man from God, and words which reveal just exactly how small man really is, both in posture, and intellect.

But no, a fool will side with a college professor over He who holds all knowledge. Not too smart. Read the good book. Unaided. Open your eyes. Hear the thunder of your conscience. There is nowhere to hide.

Even the caribou do not protest that evolution did them wrong. Heck, I want skin that allows me to sit in -80 degrees F in the blistering cold, but nooooooo, evolution tells me to take a hike. I am not a worthy candidate for such change. And the big horned fella? Why should he not be allowed an easy chair and a pipe?

I’ll tell ya why, we are different ‘kinds,’ thank you very much true science, and never the twain shall meet. Hooves and leather for him, feet and skin for me. A man may as well rub the genie bottle or wish upon a star as to expect that he will grow wings like an eagle to expect evolution to be true. It is the blackest of lies that steals glory from the Creator.

The ‘kinds’ utterly, completely, and devastatingly dismiss godless evolution in ten seconds flat.  This is why God tells us to flee from ‘false science,’ as it is correctly dubbed ‘so-called.’ I have said many times that the divine trifecta of the level, the plumb line, and the compass, reveal more true science than a library of godless science atheists combined having a quarter of a million accolades by a thousand more godless PhD’s.

God’s wisdom is unmatched.

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Vintage Mullin

Meet Brian Mullin, an around the kitchen table kinda fella, and a natural teacher with practical and real life experience as a mechanical engineer. His low-key and unassuming manner speaks volumes. I have watched his progress and willingness to challenge long-held assumptions, and his ability to tackle science and theories by testing, observations, knowledge, intuition, and repetition.

My kinda guy. You decide if he is credible. He covers a lot of ground. 27 min. well spent. (I love what he says about the ladies)

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Atheists are sooooooooo smart

Had to leave this comment at the site of another who highlighted a person saying ‘atheists are smarter than religious people. Had to leave this. Word for word, short and sweet.

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Purely laughable nan………….that atheists are ‘smarter’ than people of faith………….’according to studies.’

Perhaps you never heard of that great astronomer Job, or that master botanist, sage, architect, and developer Solomon, or that conservationist Joseph, or that physician Luke, or that historian Stephen, or that scholar Saul then Paul, or that statesman Gamaliel, or that master carpenter Noah, or the brass artisans, or the seamstresses whose cloth work were second to none, need I go on? Smarter? In what reality?

I know farmers who are chemists, biologists, builders, men who make tools, men who repair things that others would throw away, men who know the animal world and work fields who would clean the clock of any atheist with knowledge regarding their own land……things the atheist is clueless as to the very dirt he walks on

Thus with this one comment, I have laid bare your premise, and every comment here by the godless has been publickly shredded to oblivion.

So you may want to mildly apologize for such a myopic quote that ‘atheists are smarter than people of faith.’


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