A call to arms your Honour

(No, it’s not a call to revolt. For the quick -to-judge-and even-faster-to-accuse, the word  in this context is to be so equipped in the mind.  Sad that a disclaimer needs to be said for the lazy reader who will at any cost find fault with a believers premise. Any premise.)

Image result for the courtroom judge

Interchanges with unbelievers regarding God and the word of God are an exercise in total numbskullery by they who bring charges against God’s so-called weaknesses or lack of ability to prove Himself. (Good luck with that.) But they will not see.

God has not fallen short. There is no defect in character on or about Him. He is perfect as daylight, where there is no variableness nor shadow of turning, even more so, since the sun is a temporary convenience, whereas God is permanent. God is good like that.

I had asked why unbelievers are slow to criticize the ravaging of Christ and Paul the apostle by their own kin, and received this:

‘Why defend someone who is maligned in a fictional account?’

Uh hello? And unbelievers and atheists alike complain that believers do not answer their questions………Does anybody besides me not see the wiring disconnect in the minds of people who demand answers from a book they cite as fraudulent?

Under their own terms, NO ANSWER can or ever will be acceptable to an unbeliever or an atheist (there really are not any), yet persist they must, citing believers as delusional who in fact engage the brain, while using logic, arithmetic, history, and just plain ol’ common sense, to know without question that there is a God with whom we have to do. The fool may say otherwise, but so what, they are a dime a dozen.

In any court of law, where there are actually thinking people on the jury, they would conclude with absolute accord and with zero ambiguity, that the case of an unbeliever or atheist asking for proof in a book they cite as fraudulent……….they would conclude: 30 days in the hole, or perhaps 39 lashes to shake the cobwebs of ignorance and rebellion.

Bang! The judge slams the gavel, stares into the eyes of the convicted, and quietly says: ‘Now get out of my courtroom, as the law of life condemns you. Are you listening? The law of life. The book that you despise has proven its perfection, and the only account of creation and redemption that is reliable, provable. testable, and the only book which accurately presents the past, present, and future of man, has indicted you completely, and perfectly.

Your gripes are petty, your pride has snared you, and you have drunk the lies of unbelief, and swallowed the poison of godlessness. Congratulations, hope you enjoy your own recipe, with food that will burn like acid in your stomach, providing no nourishment as the tapeworm of contempt eats itself.

You have chosen the stale bread of mans intellectual bankruptcy, and have ignored the sweet honey of God’s word. You have cast your lot with life’s miscreants, pretending that your island of godless enlightenment is heaven on earth. Enjoy the company of thieves, liars, and corrupt fablists, who have both stolen knowledge which is good, and have replaced it with the blackest of lies. Need a few examples? Sure.

King Solomon never lived and did not build the most beautiful of temples. He was not wise. David was not his father. Hadassah, who became Queen Esther, never lived and was not influenced by the godly Mordecai.  John Baptist never lived and his life did not come to an end by a bloody sword in a prison because of a king’s promise to the mother of a dancing girl.

Saul of Tarsus did not become Paul the apostle. Peter, James, and John were stupid fishermen and pure liars. Pontius Pilate never faced Christ. There was no hill named Calvary. Pentecost was not a Jewish feast. The law of Moses was given to the Greeks.

Camels were once great whales, where back in the day they were able to fly, yep, they were called whamels;  and they also made bird’s nests with their hands; apes can count to ten backwards,  and the robin can make an omelet.

Patmos was not an island. Napoleon Bonaparte never lived. Abraham Lincoln was not a president. Martin Luther King was Chinese. Mr. Obama never played golf. Get the point?

Now then, You! You the accused, have insulted this courtroom with your refusal to swallow your pride, while swallowing that camel of total arrogance. You have eaten that lie, and still you hunger for more.  To you, truth are lies, and lies are truth. And if that is not enough, you proceed to cite the Source of life as a liar?  Not too smart. Yet the gracious giver of life does not smite you. He is good like that.

Indeed you dismiss Him,  for in Him we live, move, and have our being. Your insults to me and this court can be tolerated, but there are consequences. I merely represent He who is the ultimate law. Law is good, and good people are not troubled about lying and stealing. Fortunately, as long as there is time, you have opportunity to cease from lying to yourself.

You know that God created the heavens and the earth. You know that a woman is not a man, and never can be. You know that lions, tigers, and bears reproduce after their kind. And you also know that a man can swim underwater, fly like a bird, and run like a jackal. But man is neither a shark, a tiger, or an eagle, but is in fact the pinnacle of God’s creation. But oh my, you know that already.

You know that God’s word is good and true, and you know that a child will lie having never been taught. You know that life as well as death is temporary. (A solitary flower seed buried in the ground says as much). God’s word affirms it, and you can lie all you want, but death is the result of sin in which only God has the antidote. He is good like that.

And oh by the way, you also know that the New Testament drips with the hand of God in every book, every chapter, every paragraph, every sentence, every word, every comma.

Bailiff, please escort this man out of here. I cannot condemn him further however, his own conscience is punishment enough. Court adjourned.’



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Chew the cud will ya

Cows may be much smarter than we the people. They chew the cud as it were, thinking about things over and over and over. Now then, think on this:

Image result for cows It is easier to believe that the scriptures are true, than it is for a man to believe he will live to see tomorrow.


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Golden oldies

In perusing some kickback, the following comments provide pure entertainment, courtesy of folks who have put their two cents in regarding my blog site and observations I have left elsewhere. Keep in mind, the essence of these people’s wonderful intellect…………..(?) is because they have reasoned God OUT from His own creation, and cannot tolerate any human being who believes in One greater than themselves. Enjoy the music!

Image result for marx bros.

I hate that man’s (CS) guts with every fibre of my being and I won’t be shy about telling him so. -dust and ashes  10.15. 16

As much as I hate his guts, there is a part of me that knows that there are many other factors that led to his brain being infected with the virus of Christianity (which now appears incurable….)  -more ashes

You truly are a sanctimonious hypocritical maggot-infested ****hole, Colorstorm and J*** is spot on when he hopes that you have no access to children. -cement gods  5.2.16

You are such a fool. -(too many to count)  5.1. 16

So, John, you willingly lie to children. That is why you should have no contact with them. You are a retardant to the human condition, a diseased human being. –from the apostolic pit of atheism where people do not wear clothes.  4.28.16.

CS is like a malaria carrying, blood sucking mosquito buzzing around someone’s ear. I keep mosquito zappers handy, too, should you need one.  -neurotic penmanship  6.9.2015

Nah. I’ll just use CS’s blog for that. Thanks for the offer though. I’ll keep it in mind. Come to think of it, covering it in puke would almost certainly be a massive improvement. -cigar ash 6.9.2015

I have never commented on his blog. However, I had read a couple of his posts a while back, and have been in discourse with him in the past on other blogs. It didn’t take me long to realize that he’s mentally unstable. I think he fits the 4 criteria of a study done in Canada with around 1,500 college students–that he would kill someone if he thought god told him to. -neurosis and such.

Hope you have enjoyed the comedy as much as I do. And as a bonus, let me politely add: It is simply a believers utmost confidence in scripture and the living God that acts as a catalyst for the unbelievers disdain of all things spiritual.

And we are reminded of that good man Saul then Paul the apostle, who was accused of being a madman. Yeah, he who unfolded grace and truth like no other was mad. Well then, mix me up that same drink bartender.

So there you have it, and I could have included much more but you get the drift. Maybe you have heard of that madman Paul who caused riot and killed people wherever he went……….yeah, he who was taught grace and truth by Christ Himself was a pure murderer…..yeah, he who received forty stripes save one on a regular basis, was a killer….. yeah, he who wrote that the greatest of these is charity, is a monster.  Are you listening moresournotes?

As for me? I will not cease to share the goodness of God in all things, and without apology. Daylight tells the darkness to get lost. And as an afterthought, the greatest intellect of man apart from God is but narrow-minded, selfish, small, and truly a view to be pitied. It appears the few comments above are enough proof.

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The book of numbers…

Mr Einstein (let’s not forget to include the females) said a few sarcastic things about God, but to the foolishness of so called wisdom I say this:

Berating God because people abuse ‘religion’ is like scrapping arithmetic because of lying accountants.

Neither God nor math can lie. People? Eh, that’s another story.

Image result for john mcenroe you cannot be serious

Personally, it is somewhat amusing but rather tiring to hear from people who do not believe one word of scripture, to then assail the Creator because of the nefarious deeds of men. Not too smart.

To put God on trial, as if He has defects of character, can only be explained by the most callous of hearts. Once again, not too smart.

Finally, to sit in judgment of God and scripture, and to cite God and scripture as evil, by people who do not care to understand God or scripture, is the height of intellectual carelessness, mental treason, and is the epitome of arrogance and foolishness. Count on it. Sorry, but if Mr. (or Mrs.) Trigonometry lived a life not believing in the God of creation, their own math betrayed them, while both math and God are blameless. So do our hearts condemn us.

You can try to fudge the numbers, but do the math honestly. Truth, as written in the good book, always, Always, ALWAYS adds up.

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The dancing buddhapest

In the ever amusing merry-go-round of useless arguments, we see what I call the ‘fly dance’ rear its nasty head. The fly lands on your arm, and with lightning reflexes he says ‘ha ha, you missed me’ when you try to smack him, only to annoy and surface again and again.

Image result for raging seas

The little guy pretends to have an interest in spiritual things which is good, but is blind to truth when clearly presented, and does all kinds of gyrations to escape, and this is bad.

The little pest says that the Lord Jesus Christ did nothing useful or even new, as if it is a charge worth considering; as books and lives are a testament to the egregious shortsightedness of such nonsense, but of the thousands of things that disprove this devilish suggestion, many biblical accounts jump out that instantly swat this little fella, and place him into the land of lost causes.

It is said and I shamefully repeat: ‘Christ did nothing new or useful……….’ (May these words be smitten from this page!)

Really now? And what pray tell book are you reading, and who told you as much? This convincement cannot be gleaned from scripture if one is honest, and uninfluenced by the dark ideas of others. However, I can say that there is nothing original in the depravity of a sinful mind.

Now then. The Lord personally ushered in a NEW covenant, according to the scriptures, according to His own words, and according to His very acts. This covenant was personally sealed, and the future of Israel is secure because of this agreement, and the safety of all believers has the guarantee of heaven. God’s word is that good.

No man ever has secured earth’s future by virtue of His own blood. Nothing new here eh? Nothing original here eh? Nothing useful here eh? Yeah, and the sun is not useful either.

I am further reminded of the Lord’s spoken word to the raging sea: ‘Peace be still.’ And of course the sea became tranquil, a great calm as it were, so much so that the men who saw it said: ‘Who is this that even the winds and the seas obey him?’

Once more. New? Useful? Original? Yeah, happens all the time. Buddha quieted a tsunami.  Gandhi saved a group of men from drowning. And Mrs. Clinton can summon a rainbow at will. Are you paying attention? He SAID to the seas: Peace be still………..

Who commanded nature to obey? Instantly. Perfectly. Magnificently. Wonderfully. Yeah, happens all the time. I’ll ask again in case there are the deaf reading: What man calmed a storm with a word?

It’s easy of course if we believe the scriptural narrative, because no man spake like this man. His words had authority………..not as the scribes. But scripture is enough to the truly hungry, and knows without a shadow that the word can be trusted.

Then there is this, most important of all. Christ was MADE sin. Are you listening? He who knew no sin was MADE sin……..Yeah, like this happens everyday. There was no man qualified as such, being blemish free, to take the sting as the lamb of God. Totally unique. Totally new. Certainly useful. Amazingly original.

So, do tell of another man who was capable of putting away sin. And no dancing around this. Didn’t think so. And do not pretend to suggest than ‘sin’ is a fabrication because you will be revealed as a liar quicker than you can say ‘there is no God.’

There is nothing worse than a religious fly which leaps from person to person, hoping to be swatted with endless arguments which are designed to simply give legitimacy to a battle long been lost.  (Did you notice that the fly here is religious? The ones who gripe about scripture and God are the most religious, and cannot even admit to their own misdirected zeal)

The Lord did nothing new, original, or useful eh? Maybe you also believe that water is not wet. Take a clue from the capital of Hungary, and say adios to the little dancing pest. And by the way, stop swatting God, as your arms will fall off, and be thankful He is quite the Lord of Hosts. He is rather patient that way and no doubt long-suffering.

Image result for calm sea

(Scripture stands on its own as presenting man as he is, both the capstone of God’s creation, as well as the occasional miscreant. It also presents Christ as the answer to mans deepest need; this is evident and has been proved by time, and will be/is confirmed by the future. Scripture unfolds the glory of God and His word as forever settled. Only the stout of heart disagrees.)


For more of this most unusual discussion, (in that it is clear to the believer) see CT posts following the link below.


And if your stomach can tolerate scriptural acid, do have a look at the post/ and especially the comment thread at the link below, for that most wonderful illumination courtesy of the godless mind; and thankfully, peppered within are a few comments of truth and daylight. Then consider the word for the day: honesty, as in the blistering answer provided by the conscience..


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She didn’t know jack…

Ok you may have heard that Jack and Jill went up the hill, but hold the fort. First, they were trespassing, but that’s another story, absentminded doncha know. Too much manure in the air.

Image result for jack and jill

True Jill’s sister was leaning toward gender neutral, and what a mess that was………Jack’s brother was a local magistrate and said many times people act like animals, as he heard it all………Jill’s father owned a sheet metal factory (he made buckets), Jack’s mom stayed at home but worked like 30 men. Jack was a logger.

At the top of the hill he popped the question: Why don’t you believe in God? ‘Why Jack, because I am not a moron.’ To which Jack went on a rather lengthy discourse using common sense, reason, scripture, nature, arithmetic, but most of all, he pointed out to Jill that the whitetail deer pops out her babies like watermelons, while Jill’s mother had to birth and care for her like no other creature on earth lest she die.

Humans are made in the image of God, and the conscience agrees, said he to her.

Jill did not appreciate such daylight, and smacked Jack upside the head. And the rest of the story? Well, he came tumbling down that hill with a lump on his head and a dented pail. Truth has this effect.  Jack knew she was just being a silly goose at the time, and forgave her for the aching noggin.

Years later however Jill came to her senses, apologized to Jack, and they lived happily……and you guessed it, Jill’s sister came to her senses too and found a nice fella to kick the bucket with. (And btw, the thing about Jill tumblin’ down the hill after Jack? Didn’t happen, make-believe!)


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I’m not tellin him!

Just a friendly reminder, courtesy of a past observation by CitizenTom: did you see those teeth?

Yeah, try telling this fella his ancestors were miniature dogs, sea turtles, kangaroos, or wads of doo, poo, or carpenters glue. Yeah go ahead. I dare ya.

As for me and my house, I say without hesitation or reservation, and with unashamedly infallible confidence, that his ancestors were, da dada da, drum roll please: lions.

Yep, his ancestors were lions. You do not think so? You be mistaken or simply lyin den.

Truth is changeless and leaves imprints which are quite lasting. And oh by the way, the God of scripture is the creator of the lion, the camel, the whale, flora and fauna, water, the stars above, and of course it goes without saying, that He made man in His own image.

Why repeat this in so many ways? Because we as humans pretend we are deaf, dumb, and blind.


(And speaking of the lion and its pride; well not really, but go visit the above mentioned man and his blog for some very good stuff.)


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Men working

Ooh call the cops, I just triggered some people and offended others; woe is me for being so insensitive and oh so politically ignorant.

Image result for men working

While on a recent trip, I enjoyed seeing the quintessential road signs: ‘men working,’ while seeing men  operate massive Beckwith earthmovers, Kubota bobcats, Old Milwaukee sawzalls, Makita drills, Ford tractors, cement loaders,  while laying steel girders, tower climbing, sand blasting, pit digging, break taking, men. That’s right, men working, but wait, I may have misspoke, as the ‘men working signs’ were m.i.a. Yep, they were missing; we wouldn’t want to offend that one person who may have been of another gender.

Jobs typically done by men, sought for by men, and excelled at by men are at threat have been at threat for some time now, to assuage the weak-minded crowds of pc gone haywire.

If you are a woman, and you see a ‘men working’ sign, does this offend you? Are you that shallow to ignore the fact that for eons, this kind of work has been, is done, and will be done primarily by men? So what if there is a ‘men working’ sign. Who are you to rewrite reality so your ‘feelings’ are not disturbed?

Get a grip, grow up, gird up, (man talk) and for once, consider the possibility that ‘men working’ speaks to the essential difference between the sexes, and there is no apology for admitting to the obvious. (male and female created He them)

During that long trip, I saw men everywhere, do you hear me? I said there were men everywhere, working that which is a man’s job. Could a woman do the work? No doubt, and only a fool would argue, but rest assured, SHE could care less what the sign reads, the fact is, she is operating in the mans field.

So who is doing the  b_tchin? Ha, the feeling deprived ones who would not know the difference between John Deere and Bambi’s nephew.  They would not know the difference between Porter Cable and Cole Porter, but gripe they must! Image result for men working

Indeed, they must be included in a field in which they are naturally uncomfortable, they must have the sign removed! Can’t have a sign that reads ‘men working.’  When was the last time you saw a woman drive a cement truck? Or when do you recall seeing a woman (by herself) load refrigerators on the Friday curbside pick-up? Didn’t think so.

So here’s a toast to men, and a toast to the women who have no issue with ‘men working.’ Hip hip hooray for those ‘men working’ signs, if you ever see one. And to pc: go away and learn the difference between allen wrenches and Allen Ginsburg.


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Did you hear………..?

There is a global joke circulating that there is no God…….       Yak Yak Yak     Eh, this joke is as old as time, and as you can see, the animal is not impressed.

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