Same o same oh

Received a compliment the other day. Supposedly I’m cray cray for believing scripture, but here’s the way it works when talking with an atheist.

I’ll talk about the beauty of nature, and they will talk about the ugliness of man killing a woodpecker. I’ll speak of the wonders of the Seas, and unfathomable depths yet uncharted, and they will btcih about the great flood and an ‘evil’ God, while not even believing the entire world was once deluged with water.

I’ll speak of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and they will tell me these three men were comic or action heroes, pure fiction to dupe the innocent.  And how pray tell did they arrive at these conclusions? Ha! They were convinced by people who do not believe one word of scripture, as if the erasers of fools can delete God and history from the annals of life.

Nice try, but even Bozo was not that funny. Because there is no argument, they will malign the believer with accusations one after another, like the waves lapping the shore; they bring irrelevance and nonsense time after time,  citing ‘learned’ rabbis who place God under their feet, and tell others that God’s word cannot be trusted.

Yeah, good luck with that. I’ll take God’s account of history over a thousand PhD’s any day of the week, and I’ll believe God’s record of history over ten thousand unbelieving rabbi’s. Heck, it’s no wonder Stephen was stoned to death, as he proved Israel’s failure to recognize their own stubbornness to believe their own history.

So when speaking with the great pretenders of spiritual intellect,  you will tell them that yes, Moses did cross the Red Sea, and they will tell you: ‘Rabbi Smoshe sez: ‘No Way,’ or, Rabbi Juda ben Hammerstein sez: ‘Never happened,’  or Rabbi Uri Guri Cohenspeck wrote: ‘Pure poetry to keep the masses in check.’

Yeah ok, We are supposed to take the words of men who claim intelligence because they cannot find the hubcaps of Solomon’s chariots, or the  orange shoelaces of Abraham’s servants, or the copper bells from the goats at En Gedi!!!

They will cite the believer as delusional, they will claim the writings of Peter, John, and Paul were forged or worse yet lies. They will claim the genealogies are fraudulent, they will complain that good people believing in a good God who changes lives from darkness to light are mentally unstable.

They will point to the acts of monsters who SAY they are Christian to allege that ALL Christians are simply weak-minded and need mental crutches. Oh if they only knew that believers actually use their brains and assess information logically and truthfully.

If they only knew that the simple farmer who plows his fields relies on God for knowledge of the seasons, smarts regarding rain and snow, the understanding of the perfect cadence of a babbling brook containing all the notes on the scale; the revelation of color as only a Creator could provide, that is, that yellow, red, and blue being the primary colors, constitute the color of earth: brown. Of course.  The color green pitched against azure is well, out of this world. Thank God, which the atheist merely thanks himself. Tis a pity.

Thus we in effect make ourselves gods by erecting idols of our own imagination, which leave out He who created the imagination in the first place. No wonder God smote Babel, as men thought their ingenuity could reach heaven with scaffolding.

A man may as well try to teach a snake how to ties his shoes than to dismiss the Creator from all that is. If men would but pay attention to their own forked tongues that curse God while praising themselves. Not too smart.

But scripture! That golden well of bottomless beauty and eternal truth. That word which is forever settled in heaven. That word which speaks of the preservation of the nation of Israel by way of the moon as a gentle reminder that God does not forget, but keeps his promises. That foretelling of the coming and going of the electronic age when Marconi was yet playing kick the can. That incomparable rainbow which testifies to God’s memory of goodness. That twelve jeweled breastplate called the grace of God. Need I go on?

But the word of God? It’s the same, yesterday, today and forever, and what of all the gripes against it? Now the serpent was more crafty than…. Same o same oh.

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Comedy central baby

Did you ever notice what lengths the atheist will travel to TRY to discredit the scriptures? That is, post after post, day after day, citing people and events IN the scriptures, whose words cannot be supposedly trusted, in an attempt to persuade others that their own intellect is superior to the historical account, and that the biblical narrative allegedly carries no weight of truth. (Ever picked up a bucket of sand? Now weigh ALL the sand in the world. You cannot. THAT is the weight of scripture truth)

There are many blogs on WP alone where the pseudo-scholar-historian-archaeologist-intellectual-atheist-decon, which are devoted more to driving their wrecking ball (made of nerf material sad to say) than Tiger Woods practices his golf craft. Sheesh.

Need an example or two? Sure, tkx for asking.

Luke hallucinated his account of Acts. Peter never stood by a fire and denied the Lord. The cock never crowed three times. Matthew was mistaken when he wrote of the son of David, son of Abraham. Mary drank too much root beer when she said Gabriel paid her a visit. Nathanael never sat under a fig tree, after all, how could the Lord know that?

Apollos was not mighty in the scriptures, as he did not know Genesis from Revolution.  Saul of Tarsus may have been the greatest of scholars in the law, but he was out to lunch as Paul the apostle. All his epistles were fabricated, full of lies and mistakes, and his descriptions of the grace of God were due to his brain damage.

Of course we know that Moses never lived, Abraham was a monster if he lived at all, and the promises made by God Himself regarding the land tween the Euphrates and the Mediterranean were simply the stuff of comic books, you know, the stuff Stephen King writes about.

King Darius can be proven, but Daniel the prophet cannot, because his life and times is only credible in proportion to scripture. (It is credible.)  Esther, aka Hadassah did not have an uncle Mordecai who were both responsible for the saving of many many Jews because of the diabolical plot of Haman, who was hung by his own stupidity.

There was no upper room, no last supper, no foot washing, no betrayal by Judas, no lanterns torches and weapons in that dark night, and no death on Calvary’s central tree. Yep, none of this can be true, it’s all unproven fables, just like the account written where our conscience and mind are taught where animals, fish, birds, trees, oceans, vegetation, and mankind, all had their beginning.  Genesis is an account of beginnings doncha know, but nope, no witnesses to the creation of the moon or the whale, so the account cannot  be trusted. At least that’s the excuse godless scientists use.

But the real comedy is to have unbelieving clowns try to teach from a book they say is not reliable.

Thus is God’s word ever proven true, as it has a built-in mechanism which exposes charlatans, while providing honey to they of good heart. The wisdom of God is FOOLISHNESS to they who would trifle with its sacred contents, and a person CANNOT know the ways of God if first, a person does not give God the courtesy of existing in the world He created, and secondly, if God’s word is thought to be of no more value than People’s Magazine.  It is more valuable than all the books of the world.

As a reminder how we started here, how then, in any rational mind, could a person, any person, devote time and attention, towards a book that they think is absolutely, utterly, and completely unworthy of being taken seriously………….unless of course, they DO know it is completely reliable, but simply need to talk ABOUT it, while steering so very clear of what it actually says.

Reminds me of sports talking heads who yak yak yak for hours, predicting outcomes, while they cannot as much as run a two yard dash, then yak for six hours after being just as clueless. Such are the life and times of the professional scripture skeptic, who is lost as fog according to the scriptures.

If I spent a lifetime trying to dismantle trigonometry, if I couldn’t even count to three, even if given a two number head start……..yeah, that’s the point. Absurd.  Some people end up on couches because they have avoided common sense for entirely too long.


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God, sin, and diapers

Surely you have heard countless times how ‘sin’ does not exist except in the minds of the deluded? There’s a creepy photo floating bout the webtoobz that shows a bunch of little tykes in diapers who are members of a ‘supreme council of atheists.’ You know, the cute little buggers with innocent looking faces just waiting to coo their ways into your heart.

The idea suggests that babies are born atheists and without outside influence will remain such stellar forces of intellectual prowess. Are you listening carefully? These are unthinking, unwise, unintelligent, completely clueless as to the ways of life, little babies who are atheists.


If I was of this mindset, I would run and hide from the idea that atheists are unthinking, unwise, and completely incapable of reasoning that there be a God. Is this the end result of such intellect? Grown men in diapers who are still clueless? Ya might want to rethink that.

So let’s get out of the diaper pond and do a little diving shall we. Your cute little bag of cotton balls ages. He is now mature at the age of two. He continues to impress with such a vocabulary, belting out noises that would make Webster proud: ga ga, doo doo, mah mah, duh da, cack cack,  ra ra. Heck, even dogs don’t talk this good at that age.

With age and experience under his belt, your proud junior increases his intellect, and while he still cannot do a crossword puzzle, he can say ‘ya’ meaning ‘yes,’ and ‘na’ meaning no.  The little atheist would make any mother proud. Still not able to say ‘thank
God………’ yep, a fine specimen of DNA.

A year later, our toddler snags a cookie, and Mom asks: ‘Honey, did you take the cookie from the table?’ Without hesitation, and without thinking of the eternal dilemma he is faced with, he (mark this) instinctively looks around to protect his cover, and shakes his head sideways with chocolate dripping from his mouth: ‘uh uh,’ and immediately mom knows the kid is lying. No big deal right?

Remember, here is the finest specimen of atheism, a kid left to himself, and right out of the gate, he steals then lies, without ever knowing what theft or a lie is. No learning necessary, and thus begins the entire, complete, and fatal demolishing of the atheist house of cards.

Pure and simple, junior lied, and junior trespassed. He missed the mark. He sinned. Oops, I just offended somebody’s sensitivities. ‘Sin.’ Hold my tongue!  But wait, maybe I am exaggerating by attributing such a defect to mankind’s progress aka evolution. Ha, if it were not so funny.

Without ever hearing a lecture, without ever hearing of the word God, atheism, sin, character, flaws, right, wrong, little junior chose wrong. He wanted to hide something, as light-hearted and humorous you may think this is, it simply reveals the unchangeable human heart, and the perfections of God’s word.

The kid missed the mark. Like the proverbial archer who strives for the red in the bull’s eye, he missed it perfectly. Sure, he may get lucky or close, but look carefully, it is not perfect. But talk to the atheist and they will tell you ‘sin does not exist.’ Ha! Can’t stop laughing.

One does not simply go about and create their own reality. Harry Finklestein believes he should not pay taxes, therefore taxes do not exist. Moe Dupressie says he should not have to shovel snow from his sidewalk, therefore snow does not exist. Are we beginning to see the braindeadness of the atheistic mind and its inability to connect the dots?

The supreme council of atheists who cannot even wipe their own behinds, and these people are lecturing us on mental hygiene? Give me a break.  I would be embarrassed to take my marching orders from a kid who can’t thpell kat or tie his shoes. But here we have examples of such esteemed intellect, yeah ok, and I can build an eagle’s nest high atop the Rockies.

Sin is not a comfortable word. That’s the point. It is not 5′ 9″ in heels with a svelte body that stops other women in their tracks. Sin is innate, where little babies who grow to toddlers have already gained much experience, and left unchecked, the seemingly harmless tale of not taking cookies, morphs into corporate embezzling, the theft of property, adultery, more lies to protect the old lies, more learning to mask the lies and the theft, and ultimately, sometimes the death of others, where little junior  grows up and makes himself his own god. He decides who lives. Tis a fact.

It’s no wonder so many travel to make God’s word of no effect. The very book which gives context into mans origin, history, and destiny, is thought to be outdated or irrelevant. Yep, the accounts of the kings cannot be trusted, Daniel was a liar used by Darius, Solomon was a liar who never built a thing in his life, Christ was a liar used by Herod, and of course Paul the apostle created his own set of lies, and spent his lifetime focusing on lies.

Yeah ok, and I invented gold.  See how easy it is to lie?  No effort, no sweat. But you may want to consider how and why the diaper dude lied at such a young age having had no experience nor teaching. Oh wait I forgot, he is a professional atheist, there is no such thing as sin.

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AI, or aye yi yi?

From a CNBC article 2.13.18

–Artificial intelligence could be “billions of times smarter” than humans and people may need to merge with computers to survive, a futurist told CNBC on Tuesday.  Ian Pearson, a futurist at Futurizon, said there will need to be a link between AI and a human brain. Elon Musk said last year that humans must merge with machines to not be irrelevant in the age of AI.–

(Has Musk played his hand with rocketry and exposed his penchant for AI?)

Note the buzz words here: AI, futurizon,  merge with machines, not to be irrelevant……? Knock knock. Who’s there?  Nobody, just an artificial entity.

Can’t stand this crap put forth as progress. Just because people (Musk, Jobs, etc…..) have created billions of dollars to stuff under their mattresses, this does not mean they have a drop of common sense.

As an ancillary observation, seems to me AI has long been on the horizon. It’s called atheism. Artificial intelligence which leaves out the Creator. But I digress. But is this not the jewel of technology, to do away with He who gives the ability to use technology? Ah yes indeed, as the good book so reminds us: they worshiped and SERVED the creature, rather than the Creator. Whole lots of serving going on these days.

Man creates technology to replace man, but does not see the utter devolution of so-called enlightenment. The electronic toll takers on the highways, the self-serve checkouts at thousands of businesses, the forklifts at General Motors driven by dummies, the endless ways that AI have supplanted man and called it progress, are all part and parcel of AI.

No thanks, I see it as the sinistry that it is, leading toward the day when the geniuses of the world will ‘create’ that wonderful economic, social, agricultural, and so-called perfect political ideal called ‘the mark of the beast,’ which will be applauded by the makers of AI, and will set themselves apart as the true guardians of intellect and progress. Uh huh, sure.

People need to merge with computers to survive?

Please, get away from me.  Or better said, get thee behind me, ye bastions of stupidity. So aye yi yi gets my vote.

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Stale musk

Yes friends, this is the alleged image of something that has garnered world-wide attention from last week.  You have seen the images, the frenzied crowds, and the uncontrollable excitement in ‘seeing’ a Tesla sportster in cruise control, ‘orbiting’ who knows what, and God knows where.

Yes, you heard me correct, with no apparent damage to glass, plastic, or rubber which would have fried in your kitchen, we are supposed to believe that the final frontier, as presented in the preposterous studio mixing, and Disneyesque imagery, is ‘live,’ and ‘real.’

C’mon people, who does the oil change, who changes the flat, where is Exxon in the sky to fill up petrol, after years and years of running on fumes. How do they employ a station attendant in the heavens with so little pay and only one customer?

Where is the camera man in all this, who controls the live feed with such quality pics and signals, when my internet goes down when a car drives past my house….

If people are so quick to believe something so incredible… it any wonder many will accept the mark of the beast under the same rules of artificial excitement, and oh such intellectual enlightenment.

But the better question: Is there anybody in this zip code who actually believes this as true science is mocked. Then there is the blue marble CGI having no land masses, but that’s another story. Sheesh.

Btw, Mr. Musk will come clean one day and tell of his hoax, but not before many disciples are cloned and who will be unable to accept their delusion.


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The godlessness of science so-called

(In a post at Palmyra, the solid thinking CTom offered a comment that is worthy of its own consideration. He says: ‘We can only use science to study his Creation.’  If he also means that through science God can be found, I agree, but if he says science cannot prove God, then I believe we have not seen the hidden gems of scripture.  Will my case be proven in these few words? Nope, but they will offer one more weight that crushes the scales of godlessness. Take your time reading, and Enjoy.

It is true that science proves nothing regarding God, but then again, true science proves  everything as to God. See the difference?  I make a distinction because there is one. While the Creator leaves the HOW to His creatures, He has not left us clueless as to the WHY. But He gave us an admonition to be wary of ‘false science.‘ It behooves us to know why He would say a thing. In 2018, after thousands of years of creatorial ignorance, the song remains the same.

Science would have us believe it is intellectually and biologically superior to recognize two men as married.  This science agrees with godlessness, and hides behind ‘tolerance.’ True science would have us believe that it takes a man and a woman to tango, and to replenish the earth. Mankind would go out of business if everyone married their ‘own kind.’ Thus, false science is a proven failure.

True science fears nothing, and while agreeing with the best of men regarding scripture, I disagree with believers who say science has little or no part in revealing God. It has every part, and here’s why. Science is the provable method in how things are known. When we say we KNOW, we do so because truth is on the table. Knowing and opinions are not equally credible.

God’s primo mode of operation is Truth. He is in the truth business. He is consistently true. He is like the carpenter’s level, the mason’s plumb-line, and the captain’s compass. His lights and perfections they fail not. He reveals Himself by things clearly known, and the apostle admitted as much in the first of Romans. True science.

Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.

For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

And how has God showed it unto them? What are these things understood? What are these imaginations? What are these professions of wisdom? Easy. False science has crept into the heart, and false knowledge through pride has supplanted the truth of God.

False science has long been the idol in a world apart from God; just listen to the likes of the popes of scientific godlessness such as Degrasse, Nye, Dawkins, Sagan, etc. Their pretended science is no place to pitch your tent with if you are a believer. Tis a fact if (since) God’s word be true. Of course it’s true.

The science of architecture relies on truth. Reading blueprints relies on truth. Erecting scaffolding relies on truth as to what is level, and what is predictable if not constructed properly, and are all part and parcel of science. Furthermore, the science of arithmetic reveals the standard of numbers whereby all tradesmen can ply their craft, expecting results that they foresaw.

Expecting results that they foresaw. The essence of science.

How so? Science. Repeatable. Testable. Provable. Reliable. And it is this precise method whereby all the sciences reveal not only creation, but God, for the same tools are available to all creatures on earth. The builders who made the great Hotel in Singapore relied on the same laws of science in engineering and math as the Empire State Builders in New York.

The truth of the plumb-line, the level, and the compass, were equally called upon, but more importantly relied upon, to reveal the truth of science, without which, their buildings would have leaned to the nines, and not survived the first windstorm. The universal standards of right and wrong were so needed if science was to be successful. True science is always successful. There must be a standard. There is.

But back up for the setting of the table. The science of biology as designed by God reveals His love for mankind, as male and female created He them. This is also proven by the ‘kinds’ of animal life, as well as the ‘kinds’ of plant life, flora and fauna, botany as it were. An oak tree reproduces itself, while the marine biologist knows that a whale does not reproduce a camel. But one need not be a scientist to know either.

Sad be the day when a farmer plants corn and months later he sees 7 pumpkins pop out of the ground. Not a good day nor a happy camper. Science does not fool us, but gives us the ability to predict, that is, with things testable, observable, and repeatable, so unlike false science which operates in the world of illusion, guesswork, and false knowledge. Scripture states that the earth has foundations. Is it therefore wrong because scientists have not as yet found them? Perish the thought.

The science of astronomy once more reveals God’s wisdom in showing us HOW the years are determined, with days, months, and  seasons, so that we would know something of divine consistency.  True science always reveals God. Astronomy reveals not only creation, but the God of creation. The tools used by the best of builders gives honor not to the tools, but to the builder. True science reveals the Builder.

The science of microbiology reveals HOW things interact, react, and I recall silenceofMind writing many things on the coding found in the lab. Pure chance cannot act with intelligence to reveal patterns that show absolute beauty and consistency in design. Science proves the Creator. Chaos is not compatible with beauty and truth. Junkyards with rusted metal lying about having no order is no picture of things pure and lovely.

But in my mind, the twin sciences that reveal God more than all others, are they of arithmetic and the alphabet. Many books have been written regarding numbers, but God owns all copyrights.  We teach children ABC’s, yet overlook the exact science of communication and understanding. Science teaches us that the prairie dog while being a few legs up on us, is not a good student, and that is not because his attention span lacks, but solely because the Creator has withheld certain gifts.

True science reveals these gifts. And if you have not noticed, there is a massive declaration of war against scripture by so-called scientist’s, (get that?) who have decided by artificial fiat that God and science are incompatible.  Well maybe so, but true science and God are always soul-mates, for Truth is always compatible with itself. There are no shadows nor deviation from the truth of scripture, and exact science always, Always, ALWAYS agrees with God’s revelation.

Last time I checked, women were still being pregnant and giving birth in pain, foxes still lived in dens, birds still built nests, acorns were the seeds of massive oaks,  water found its level, oceans stop at the shore, the sun has not bumped into the moon, and there are still 24 hrs in a day. Pure science. God is revealed and is to be revered. The divine consistencies of science aim toward God. Always.

God not found? Only if one is looking for love in all the wrong places, for He is always within 2 feet, and 2 seconds.

And btw, a bonus thought. Life itself is supernatural, so if God wants an iron head to float, he can suspend natural law any time He chooses, so I guess it’s not a big deal if the Creator of water wants to remind us that yes, He is well aware of science, falsely so-called. Without God there is no science, with Him, true science is revealed, in the lab, in the barn, in the office, under the water, in the plane, in the house, in short anywhere.


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Requiescat in pace

Cemeteries are proof that life has gone sideways, and that one day, all God’s accounting will be settled. Wrongs will be righted, and the ledger will be balanced, perfectly.

The epitaphs are a reminder that God is true. As He has handled life rather easily, it is just as certain He can handle death. The words upon the stone speak to eternity, today.

He will make all things new. We are reminded by the brilliant mind of Paul that the seed planted in the ground, bears no resemblance to the flower that will be. Isn’t it nice of God to speak to us through nature, that we neither be lost as fog regarding His purpose, nor unsettled in His ability to keep His promises, so the planting and the harvest are gentle reminders that the sorrows of death will change to great joy.  Just not yet.

I’m not big on pomp or circumstance, but I hope it rains the day of my funeral. Plants need a little water to get started. Just a little. Like a mist that waters from the ground up. Wasn’t that God’s initial watering too? So delicate, so caring for the plants, a light mist, nothing heavy or cumbersome.

He thinks of everything and His ways are always perfect. But before that day, we are called to rest in peace……….while we live. And we do that, in Him. While it takes but a moment to partake of peace with God, it takes a thousand lifetimes to know the peace of God. In this is rest.

Oh how many be the ways He reveals Himself, through creation, understanding, wisdom, love, joy, sorrow, suffering, sanctification, redemption, patience, arithmetic, biology, geology, astronomy, the alphabet, music, through our ears, eyes, through our youth, through summer, through winter, and through the cadence of that babbling brook which gives us insight into the hands of God for bringing such beauty to our senses, for Him giving us the ability to also create, (which ability He withheld from the jackal) and for all His ways in which we give thanks.

How good is God who reminds us to REST, today, tomorrow, and forever more. His words upon the stone are most reliable.  His word is very good.

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Hello sunshine!

‘Though He be not far from us.’ Sound familiar? Indeed, that BE God Himself, in the worlds He created.  Science would have you believe that yes, if there be a God, he be far from us, borrowing such antiquated language that made Carl Sagan a household name, using bihyuns and bihyuns of years ago, and trihyuns and trihyuns of miles, to support the unstable position of godlessness, as if an uncaring God is clueless and distant as to His creation and aloof as to the goings on with people.

News flash: While your laptop needs charging, while your car turns to rust, while your batteries go dead,  while you lose energy minute by minute through age, while your roof needs replaced, while you tire through labor, God loses no energy nor sleeps.

He is not subject to the second law that we are.

See that sun yonder and that luminous moon overhead? They have lost nothing over time. False science would have you believe they are mere products of thermo serendipity, a happy accident as it were, and subject to failure.

A thousand times NO. The sun and moon as made perfectly by God for His purpose, they give us a window into His care, as God does not make things that are defective. As to the false narrative that even scientists cannot agree upon, the ‘farness’ of their 93, 94, 97, or 3 million mile (what’s a few million between friends) distant sun is also comical. God be not ‘far’ from us, and this I take also that the ‘wisdom of the world’ insofar as pseudo-science and fuzzy math, is questionable as well.  God always has the drop on pretended knowledge.

God is up close and personal, and thwarts petty knowledge of His ways with lights made exclusively above FOR this earth. His sun does not ‘run out of energy.’ His moon shines consistent light. Temporary yes, but still perfect. They lack nothing in lumens.

Here and below yes, we get a glimpse that without wood, the fire goeth out. Try keeping your wood stove burning with just your imagination. No can do. Need another log on that fire. So who stokes the fire of God’s sun? Who dials up the temperature so God’s heat showers us with His love and affection? Who decided that the sun of Joshua would be around to calm your sons and daughters too? Who keeps His fire from being mere ashes?

God is good like that, and we have His word. If we would just think of all the connected ramifications, and the sheer impossibility of life apart from God……..but noooooo, we do not engage the God-given brain to see such jewels of design and complete harmony.

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The little log cabin

Little but not easy to build. Unless of course you are a grizzly bear, with those broad shoulders to carry heavy logs, and those claws which can shred a tree to a plank within  minutes. Wait a sec, that’s not true is it?  Hmmm.

Some serious questions for the godless then to consider:

Did our bear friends lose their ability to build such a housing project, let’s say, from 120 million years ago? Or was it 13.4 billion?  Get those two mixed up.

Did our bear friends EVER have the ability to build such a structure?

Will our bear friends EVER have the ability to build a cabin, complete with a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and a den? When, and why? Why not?

And WHAT determining factor will decide whether the bear will acquire blueprint reading skills, and whether he will hold the hammer in his right hand or his left?

Ah yes, questions which are tighter than a steel bear trap, questions which expose the utter, complete, and devastating failure of godlessness, and questions which deal a fatal blow to false science.

So, the believer in the living God who knows without a doubt that God created all things, patiently awaits the circus antics, endless excuses, and Houdini like magic needed by the godless, to explain questions which have perfectly sound answers, based on reason, fact, science, and of course scripture.

(Disclaimer: I know, I know, I’m just a non thinking person who does not understand Evilution…..still, some very good questions. Careful how you answer  😉

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Marvel comics blowin in the wind

Last month I was driving past a convention center, and noticed signs every where. You know, the kind of signs that promoters use to tell the passerby something ‘big’ is going on. A sign every four feet, planted on the ground, so even the disinterested cannot avoid and must notice. Signs 2′ x 2′, 4′ x 4′, in yellow, red, blue, bold, green, all the bright neon colors, telling you ‘don’t miss it.’

Apparently, many who attended this event did not need the signs because there were cars everywhere. Place was packed, and I saw people walking all over the grounds towards the center, and coming from, with boxes and bags of their jeweled possessions.

And what pray tell was this massive event? It was a comic book festival, and no doubt those in the know were there to sell, browse, and buy. I’m talking  Super Bowl type interest and crowd. Looked like a big deal, with the internet and other media no doubt promoting the event to explain such an ordeal.

Which brings me to this. When I hear of people trying to dismiss the accounts of scripture saying: ‘no historians of the day wrote of the Lord Christ, therefore He did not live,’ or, ‘learned scholars were not aware of the death and resurrection of Christ,’ or, ‘Peter’s address in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost never occurred,’ or, ‘there is no peer accounting of the accuracy of the gospels, the book of Acts, Paul’s journeys, or John’s exile to Patmos,’ I simply think of the comic book convention.

Why would they be even aware or write about something in which they had absolutely no interest?

I had no idea there was a comic book feast, with people coming from Galilee, Bethlehem Pitcairn, Jerusalem,  Lisbon, Calcutta, Denver, Columbus, or Tokyo. However,  my lack of interest or knowledge in the area of comics did not make null and void the event. I have zero comic books, and the collecting, trading, and overall interest I had none, and had I not seen the signs, I would have known nothing about such an important day(s) in the field of Marvel or Archie comic lore. Ah but you say there were signs back in the day of the Lord. That’s right, but they having no interest just passed by and ignored all the signs. Not interested.

They ignored the news of Herod and the innocents, just thought a king had just gone crazy; they ignored the Baptist and his word regarding One made manifest to Israel; they ignored the blind given sight, hearing maybe that a new act was in town; they ignored the lame to walk, thinking maybe it was all a fake; they ignored the deaf to hear, thinking maybe they were paid actors; they ignored the raising of Lazarus, thinking maybe it was all a plan to dupe people thousands of years later; they ignored the mock trial before Pilate, thinking maybe this man was a mere troublemaker, that’s right, they had no interest in just another comic book, therefore, the life and times of Christ was a mere joke, a set up as it were, and because they had no interest, the scriptures cannot be trusted.

Ha! My lack of interest in the funny papers ended when Archie and Veronica bit the dust. But the convention last month? Imagine a hundred or a thousand years from today people writing about a fictitious tale about a gigantic comic book event where people travelled for miles to see. It was a set up, a tale to dupe the gullible! Can’t be trusted! Uh huh, sure. But my lack of interest does not negate the reality.

My ignorance regarding the ‘feast day of comics at the convention center’ can easily be compared to WHY people in the day of the Lord heard nothing, saw nothing, or wrote nothing, about the greatest singular event in the history of God’s earth, but boy oh boy does good news travel fast.

So while many may say ‘scripture cannot be trusted,’ or that ‘the accounts therein never happened,’ because HISTORIANS missed the boat and avoided the reporting, au contraire, your lack of interest is irrelevant, just as my own ‘could not care’ about the comic book convention. It occurred all right. But I plainly had no interest.

‘Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.’

Truth does not care who attends, but welcomes all who do.

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Drat that night!

The idiotic notion of ahem cough cough man made ice calving, bergs busting at the seams the size of Manhattan, with tornadoes, avalanches, tsunamis, hurricanes, sub zero temperatures, heat waves off the charts,  flooding, massive snow fall, hail, and sundry goings on earth, the thought occurred to me that the next gripe filed by the elites will be this:

Night is caused by humans. Gotta rid the world of night.

Is this a stretch? Maybe today it is, but some ‘genius’ will take the money and run with this idea, thus creating a new forum in the playground of godlessness. Yep, night has been entirely too long ruining the advancement of man, and must be stopped. Too many nights. Can you see the headlines:

Can’t get anything done. Join the crusade. Let’s stamp out the forest fire of night. 

Is this a stretch? No, it is spot on, and more proof of the utter stupidity and wayward ideas of so-called science which leaves out the Creator, who by the way, created day and night, cold and heat, sowing and harvest, male and female.

God created the perfect structure of time, including day and night, which sun by its degrees and decrees sets the time clock held by the hands of He who holds all things together, and perfectly measures earths doings, by days, weeks, months, years, until the final day of His eternal purposes. My vote? Night stays! Get lost you citizens of the earth who would tamper with God’s perfections.



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Just perfect pitch

This song was first memorable by the awesome duet of John Denver and Mr. Domingo. Here, we see beauty added by this father and son team. Some things captured my attention.

The passing of the mantle so to speak from the elder to the younger. Tomorrow we may read of a man’s death, but today………today we enjoy  the kinship that marks the passage of time. The placing of the hands by the father to his son, enjoying a rare moment of announced pride and love in the smaller things of life, which are quite large.

The distinctive masculine voice of the older Spaniard, and the obvious delight in not only singing, but in each other. Abraham blessing Isaac, Isaac blessing Jacob, Jacob blessing his sons as it were.

The marking of time in song, taking note of the glue of life: perhaps love.

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The failed science guys

A question was asked during an interview to the new science god Neil Degrasse Tyson;  please read slowly and carefully his reply, and then tell me if he is at all coherent. (notice the awkward pauses, word for word, and the embarrassing attempt to explain something in which he is clueless. It’s short, read it twice, and note how he hangs himself by his own intellect.)

The host asks: What is gravity?

‘We have no idea, next question. Here’s the difference. We can describe gravity, we can say what it does to other things. We can…….we can….uh measure it, predict with it, but when you start asking like what it is, uh uh I don’t know. Einstein in an Einshteinian answer we would say gravity is the curvature of space and time aaand, that, an object’s will follow the curvature of space time and we, we, interpret that as  a force of gravity.  That’s prawwwwbably the best answer I could give to of  ‘what is gravity.’ That’s the best I could do, that’s a good start.’

WHAT? His BS broke the scale. You teach this crap to children Neil when you speak like a drunk, at the same time you cast aspersion on God’s word? Good gravy.  Love the apostle Paul who said to be wary of science falsely so-called. Perfect example here in the godless abracadabra of Tyson. Thanks Paul for the heads up.

Do you see why I can’t stand godless science and pretended intellect? He first says ‘I don’t know,’ then he jokingly says ‘next question,’ then he attempts with his ‘knowing,’ as he tries to amuse with facial, comedy, and hand gyrations, as he puts forth his theories and assumptions to a worshiping crowd, lecturing as if he speaks ex cathedra, while pontificating elsewhere that believers are scientifically stupid.  Can’t stand this crap.

And atheists wonder why I despise their science. And to my believer friends. Be careful with how you align yourself with the pseudo science of the atheist, who does not allow God His rightful place in His creation, thus making  formulas and theories no better than baseless assumptions, with zero facts, but create a whole lot of disciples who applaud the science of antichrists, thus avoiding the Truth who holds all things together.

Yes, that’s correct: By Him do all things consist, and He holds all things together by the word of His power. No gravity needed to keep the apple on the tree, nor for the apple to fall from the tree.

Now look again at Neil’s quote in the pic, and be honest.  Who is the purveyor of BS…..? So then, in the realm of godless science, being wrong with just .01% is being wrong completely, just as the monkey is as far from human.  True science, like God’s word, is not partly correct. It is correct all the time. Truth is an exact science, so unlike the guesswork of revered pseudo-scholars.

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The answers of godlessness. Not.

(It is with great pleasure I give to you another installment in the utter ease of the demolition of godlessness, aka, atheism)

If godless evolution were true, why do not humans have an extra set of eyes in the back of their heads… look out for thugs doncha know. After all, danger lurks everywhere.

If godless evo were true, why has man not adapted to be able to sleep outside in sub-zero weather amid a blizzard while wearing only a tee-shirt and not freezing to death…it’s not fair I tell ya that the caribou has all the fun.  Oh wait, we need another 14.6 billion years……..

If godless evo were true, why has man not evolved to be able to walk upside down on a basketball like an ant….Ooops, I forgot, the labmeisters are working on that as we speak. No small feet to pull that off…

If godless evo were true, why can’t the hyena tie his shoes…

If godless evo were true, why hasn’t a pregnant woman learned to hire another woman to have her baby, so she could birth without stretch marks…

If godless evo were true,  why hasn’t the common box turtle ever won the hundred yard dash…

If godless evo were true, why hasn’t the cheetah ever run for governor…

If godless evo were true, why has man not ‘evolved’ to sprout wings, so he could fly like an eagle, without using artificial metal while flying over the earth… (it’s called an aero-plane for a reason by the way.)

If godless evo were true, why has not the godless been unable to rid God from his life and times…….

Thus we can easily see the complete destruction of the insane idea of life apart from Design, Planning, Implementation, Purpose, Maintenance, and self proving creation, which knowledge is coded within every human being.

That said, I do think some people mistake their own skin for that of a rhinoceros, and use that thick armor skin as an excuse as to ‘why’ common sense cannot penetrate their atheism.   Love those rhinos.   They point directly to He who made the giraffe with equal ease.  Stiff necked people need not apply.  Godlessness be dmaned  😉

The embarrassing alliance of atheism and godless evo cannot be stressed enough. Zero answers but a million excuses for ignoring the obvious. And oh, then there is scripture which proves it all.

All things. For His pleasure they ARE, and WERE created. So saith the good book. And so do sober minded hearts agree.


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The perils of a believer

It is so very easy to testify to the goodness of  God and the truth of scripture, as it takes no effort and causes no sweat. God’s word eats alive nonsense, false science so-called, exposes deceit wherever it is found, reveals evil in people, and without nary an apology, scorches the hands and seals the mouths of men who dare suggest God’s word is in any way weak, peccable, or cannot be trusted.

So here is something of a feast for your consideration. Below is an account of Paul’s necessary testimony to some believers, for their sake not his. And by providence, words for my sake, and yours as well. Words etched in time and stone, lasting, unchanging,  living, breathing, and most certainly true. Words spoken to our minds and to our affections. No other book on earth commends itself in this way, reaching to the marrow, penetrating through the power of God to soft hearts.

But take note of HOW the pseudo scholar/infidel/atheist studies not the life and times of Paul, but the studies of OTHER men who say Paul was a madman, or even yet, that his very words cannot be relied upon, as if Saul of Tarsus then Paul the apostle somehow fabricated his life. Yeah, ok, sure. Listen to the apostle’s account, and tell me if you need a referral from a dozen atheists or unbelieving decons before you can understand it and believe it.  (peril: life threatening or immediate danger)

 I say again, Let no man think me a fool; if otherwise, yet as a fool receive me, that I may boast myself a little. That which I speak, I speak it not after the Lord, but as it were foolishly, in this confidence of boasting.

Seeing that many glory after the flesh, I will glory also. For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise. For ye suffer, if a man bring you into bondage, if a man devour you, if a man take of you, if a man exalt himself, if a man smite you on the face. I speak as concerning reproach, as though we had been weak.

Howbeit whereinsoever any is bold, (I speak foolishly,) I am bold also. Are they Hebrews? so am I. Are they Israelites? so am I. Are they the seed of Abraham? so am I. Are they ministers of Christ? (I speak as a fool) I am more; in labours more abundant, in stripes above measure, in prisons more frequent, in deaths oft.

Of the Jews five times received I forty stripes save one. Thrice was I beaten with rods, once was I stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck, a night and a day I have been in the deep; In journeyings often, in perils of waters, in perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils by the heathen, in perils in the city, in perils in the wilderness, in perils in the sea, in perils among false brethren; In weariness and painfulness, in watchings often, in hunger and thirst, in fastings often, in cold and nakedness.

Beside those things that are without, that which cometh upon me daily, the care of all the churches. Who is weak, and I am not weak? who is offended, and I burn not?

Credentials? Yeah, Paul had them. He was not boasting, but I’m guessing they at Corinth were immediately humbled to hear of such pearls…

Is it any surprise WHY fools would try to convince you that scriptures cannot be trusted? Is it any surprise that men would point to the very thing that God’s word commands you to avoid: the dry and worthless opinions of unbelieving scholars who make their living at the altar of biblical ignorance as they prey on they who have itching ears.

I don’t care what men say about Moses, Daniel, Job, Noah, Abraham, Adam and Ehvee; I don’t care what books they claim can ‘lay waste’ to scripture; I don’t care  what godless so-called scientists say of a ‘no flood zone;’ I don’t care what antichrists say of the true Christ; WP is loaded with antichrists doncha know, but this simple account given by Paul of His life ‘as a Christian,’ cannot be challenged by anybody of a sober mind.

If Christianity was commended to you, and this is a result, you would no doubt express a lack of interest. Such is the demure nature of God’s word. But if you as an unbeliever met Paul, and spoke to him of the ‘poison of scripture,’ he would be well within his graces to say: ‘God shall smite thee thou whited wall,’  but he would probably just smile, walk away while muttering under his breath, ‘God help him.’

And for a bonus, imagine how low a person must sink, to read this accounting, and then somehow say that Paul was a liar. Yep, I heard it many times. God help them.

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Third times a charm

I asked this in three places, and received no answer, but I’m pretty sure it is a fair question, and worthy of immediate consideration. Short and sweet, enjoy.


Apart from intelligence, WHY is there only ONE moon for the earth and not two, ten, or a thousand?


To be fair, I can understand why certain people drive the other direction and avoid this inconvenient revelation. Charmed I’m sure.




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Why be ordinary?

Received a compliment the other day, some folks said that ‘ordinary Christians don’t believe the crap that I do.’ Of course the implication is that I believe things in scripture that other believers do not, thus marking myself with other tunalics. And what pray tell are some of these monstrosities?

I’ll volunteer a few, and happily so. But first, let me point out that many unbelievers are delighted when they can pit one believer against another, and by so doing, assume that differing opinions invalidate the whole warp and woof of scripture. I see this all the time, and I do not take the bait while many others do.

If folks are on the same train with me going to Seattle, I’m ok with that. I don’t have to sit with them though, but I’m thankful we have the same destination. Christian maturity understands that all are not at the same mile markers in life, hence that little truth known as liberty. Many believers have said many nasty things about me, and you, and I’m sure they have regretted as much today.  Enough said.

Theology is the study of God. It’s alarming to my mind that a Christian can study theology, and doubt whether God exists. Theology is not the study of the ‘possibility’ of God. It is unquestioned by the believer. It may be questioned by the unbeliever, and God’s ways may not be understood, but to the Christian we can say with absolute confidence: I know whom I have believed…..

Maybe we can call the doubtful disputations infidology, but please, let’s not confuse God with the devil. God has no competitor, except in the minds of miscreants.

God is God and there is no other. The God of nature and the God of scripture are one. He who commands raging seas to ‘be still,’ easily says ‘be thou clean’ to the leper with equal power. His word is good, and Christians rest in this word.

There was a man named Adam. His wife was she who was the mother of ALL living, whose name was Eve. (As I like to say, Ehvee) They had a son who murdered their other son. There was a flood. There was that engineering feat called the ark. Others wrote about it, but scripture presents the WHY.

Abraham had a son Isaac, whereby all God’s promises were confirmed through Jacob and his posterity. These promises while not totally fulfilled as yet, are included in the Christian’s favour.

Daniel the man of God lived, testified that God can interpret dreams, and was cast into a den of hungry lions. He survived through God’s grace, while his antagonists were meat for the big kittens.

God who created great whales, had one reserved as home to Jonah until such time as he regained his senses.

The Baptist lived as the greatest prophet, and his life ended with his head on a platter. The Lord did nothing to retaliate for this egregious act. He who brought grace and truth was not tolerated by the powers that be, and His blistering testimony to God was not welcomed, as they wanted another ‘king.’  Herod and Pilate, while not friends, became allies in their confederacy against Christ.

He met His end, with no surprise to God on Calvary’s central tree, but lo and behold rose again the third day, according to the scriptures of course.  For God soooooo loved the world.

Yes, these are all strange things to unbelievers, but are they unordinary to the Christian and like precious faith? I don’t think so.  What is truly strange and distressing, is to claim the name of Christian, and NOT believe these things.

But again, tkx for the compliment.

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Climate change baby

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I just luv the stifling changes of the seasons, even now, with the inconvenient deep freeze here, and the blistering heat there. Hmm, where did I hear that so many thousands of years ago? That’s right, He who created the … Continue reading

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What sane professor would say this?

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With a new year on the horizon, I have noticed a concerted effort on many fronts to portray believers as mindless, delusional, and oh my, dangerous. What is even worse, is to malign good people who are decent and loaded … Continue reading

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Just sweet

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(Ran across this, and concur entirely; written well over a hundred years ago by the most devout and sound thinker. I quote word for word.) “There is no subject, with the exception, of course, of those which are essentially divine, … Continue reading

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