Mr. Palmer

Some of you may have never heard of Arnold Palmer, (highly unlikely though) some may not even care even though hearing of him, but he died yesterday at the ripe age of 87. The earth will cry for such a vacancy. Why? Because he played golf? Because an airport was named after him? Because he was a legend in his field? Because he owned car dealerships? Because he had his own brand of iced tea? Well yes, come to think of it.

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Arnold Palmer was a good man. Period. And the good things that flowed from his life were testament to the old adage: in all labor there is profit, but more importantly, a good name is far better than rubies.

He died with his good name being intact. There were no Enquirer  shamings, he was not the goat for sports fodder, he was not a clown when interviewed, and he spoke well of others who were caught in the trap of personal shortcomings, yes, here was a good man.

His trademark logo the umbrella was fitting in its simplicity, unassuming but clever. There will no doubt be a documentary made about his life and times; the business connections and companies that carried his reputation, his ambassadorship on and off the links, but most of all, how he strived to live a life of character. And he was a character, and time will prove his influence on younger people who learned about the hows and whys of winning and losing.

Western PA lost a very good man, and I suppose there will be a long procession with a glass raised to his memory.  But the sports world should also pay attention that a man of this caliber did not call attention to himself, that it would have been unheard of for him to disgrace the National anthem by drawing attention to himself.

There was a reason his followers were dubbed  ‘Arnie’s Army.’  Sure, they loved his golfing, but moreso, they appreciated his love for family, faith, and principle. They just don’t make em like that any more some may say. You can tell a lot about a man on a golf course; what comes out of his mouth when things go south, what he says when things are going well, his demeanor, what he thinks of his opponents, what he says about others, what excuses he has or avoids, his utmost honesty, so yeah, his army recognized a rare and good man.                                                                                                                                    Image result for arnold palmer umbrella

It was said some years ago by the talking heads of golf television that Mr. Palmer should not compete, ‘he is too old,’ ‘he does not have the game,’ and such narrow-minded comments were offered by men who did not see the big picture.

They just did not get it. At that point in his waning years of life, it was never about golf. People knew that they were watching a legend of a man, and whether the ball found the fairway off the tee was moot. They were there. They were with him, because they knew his days were coming to a close.  So we raise a toast and tee to a man who was a bright spot on the earth, and maybe even an umbrella.

The memory of the just shall be blessed.


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The autumnal wink

(This is a reprint of a perennial favorite)

Here a leaf, there a leaf, the weaker of the leaves give in to the first chill of fall, and boast of their first rights to claim a spot on the ground. They fall in silent agreement that they will meet another kind of use.

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They will claim their very own space over a twig, an acorn, or some may dare to fall into a stream, and end up, God knows where. Ah, how I am jealous of a leaf who lives with such faith, not knowing what tomorrow may bring.

But the leaves elder brethren cling steadfast to the branches above, for they know the first cold snap is but a tease, and the young ones fell prey to the bait, while they remain, resolute of mind. The colours! They want to see their very change.

They began as a young bud, weathering the early attacks of storm and frost, standing tall against the winds that would destroy them, but stand they must. The pressure of temperature change and the audacity of thunder dared them to stay, and they not only resisted, but grew into beautiful leaves.

They provide shelter to so many friends, for the insects that live having never seen a human, are welcome to enjoy their company. The birds of the air also take cover and smile at such understated beauty. Their chirp is an occasional clap for the music made by the rustle of the leaves. Leaves and birds are very good friends.

As the air increases its plummet, the older leaves give a hint that it is time for them to go, and with little resistance they make their fall. The elder statesmen of the mighty oaks must have their time alone; there is a grand competition as to who is crowned king as the last leaf to succumb.

It is now storm season, and the intensity seems to be unending. The leaves fall not one at a time, but in bundles, they are fearful, and race to the earth, but the grandparents remain. They know at least two more times, they will have a chance to change colour, and communicate with each other, as the few remaining leaves yet to fall.

They live for this time alone: The communication between themselves as to what they have seen and heard this past season. They are the grand wizards and the owls of leafdom. By virtue of their strength, endurance, and vision, they have claimed the title as the last hero to fall to earth, so they agree there will be no longer competition, but first they give a quick wink, and they fall together, singing and quietly partaking of the final dance of life before they bed down.

The squirrels applaud them for the cover, the deer bow the head for the crisp sounds it affords them against oncoming prey, and the turkeys make their trails lest they be found out. In the magnificent seasons of life, the lowly leaf has gained the utmost respect from all of nature, only to be changed yet again, into another existence, even compost.

So too are we like the leaves; young sprouts, tender shoots, teens, adults,  then finally we fall to another life. The glory of life is fleeting, and like that leaf we all fade. Our memories and impressions remain, hopefully with others, knowing full well we will see them again, similar to the seed which morphs into a flower, another kind of life.

God promises His people new life, but there must be a planting into the ground first; this is His way. We may look forward to autumn, but we can not live to see the wonderful change that HE promises.

Time is short, make a new friend, lend a hand, latch onto the autumn of life, prepare to bed in the earth, and be a closer friend of leaves and  God.

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Engage the brain…


In a comment thread at another place, this idea surfaced which is a half way decent observation worthy of its own post.

Man is not smart enough to dream up God. He is however stupid enough to deny Him.

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Sure, the three Stooges, Marx brothers, Red Skelton, and Jackie Gleason were funny, but it is not too smart to attach humor to God’s lack of existence.

In Him we live, and move, and have our being. No debate by sound minds.


(P.S. Many of you have old and probably by now, rusted comments of mine, buried in spam. I tried to thank some of you, but WP be messing with me. Regular friends have now been determined to be unworthy of my stuff. Maybe so, but it should be your decision, not force fed by the powers that be. Just sayin.)


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