A fine question

Perhaps you have heard: ‘Why do the heathen rage?’ That answer is easy. Well, here’s something a little tougher to grasp:

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Why does the unbeliever sing? Seriously, why? If not to express that which cannot be put into words, why does the unbeliever unite in song to delight in that which represents the deep yearnings of the heart.

Careful now, we would not want to admit that man has a spirit, and that by his voice he elevates his being, and displays the stirring of that little muscle called the heart. Oh that we would learn from the songbird, to be so embarrassed to ignore the giver of life and the designer of the vocal chord.

Imagine then the scene in that upper room of old, when the Lord as the chief musician led his men by singing a hymn……….on the way to Golgotha’s hill.  Heavy hearts to be sure, but songs of life are best enjoyed when sprinkled with understanding.

And what better courtesy than to give heed to He whose understanding is infinite. We do not read of Adam singing, but my guess? There was a time………

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You can’t make this stuff up

Just when you think you have heard it all. A man bent on promoting Christianity as the bane of existence cites this so-called brilliant observation by this ‘intellectual’ woman:Image result for mental illness

—An Oxford University researcher and author specializing in neuroscience Kathleen Taylor a science writer affiliated to the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics believes that one-day religious fundamentalism may be treated as a curable mental illness.—

To which another person replied:

It may be their first step to leaving the faith and an open door to their freedom.

Mental illness is a serious topic but let me translate: Believers are delusional and suffer miserably in their minds, and need treated; of course the cure is godlessness, alcoholism, drugs, unbelief, ANYTHING but Christianity. Uh huh, ohhkaay, sure. Let’s examine this a bit shall we and compare these neurotic notes.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Delusional.

In the beginning, the sun and moon appeared purely by accident and having no purpose. Good.

God made male and female. God made man and woman. Delusional.

Male and female, man and woman sprang from dew, poo, or glue. Good.

Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Daniel, Peter, James, John, Christ, Saul of Tarsus, Mary, Martha, Timothy, King Agrippa, Herod, Pontius Pilate, were historical characters provable by witnesses, genealogies, and fact. Delusional.

Abraham, Daniel, Christ, Saul, Pilate, Herod, Timothy, and Martha, never lived and were no more relevant than Marvel comics. Good.

Paul the apostle was called, set apart, and lived a life of unequalled dedication to the God of creation and redemption, which singular proof lies in the greatest piece of writing known to man: the book of Romans.  Delusional.

Paul was a liar and had brain damage, such as do all believers. Romans is no better than the Huffington Post. Good.

Chairs are proof of planning, design, and intellect. Delusional.

Chairs are no proof of planning, a Designer, and assemble themselves. Good.

God made animals to reproduce after their kind. A baby elephant sort of resembles its mother. Delusional.

The elephant before it was an elephant held a committee with other goo-wads, and decided it needed a vacation from thinking without a brain and packed its trunk which also did not exist, and made itself. Good.

Two rocks sitting side by side will exist as rocks. Delusional.

Two rocks had a conversation, one told a joke, they busted at the seams in laughter, and presto changeoh! out popped baby stones who complained of their red hair; or was it a baby seal, or was it a turkey?  Good.  Absurd? (Yeah that’s the point)

And believers have mental heath issues? ‘Freedom’ is ridding the mind of any trace of the Creator and Christianity which commands ‘love thy neighbor’ eh? Uh huh sure, and Drano is as tasty as fresh lemonade. Ten thousand comments, 40 million excuses later and back to the same old gripes. Without extending the Creator the courtesy of His very existence, a man may as well think that the darkness of night was made by two cavemen putting out their fire.

Oh wait. This is exactly how bizarre world views are without absolute truth. Stupid even. Mindless. ANY belief is good, as long as it leaves out God.  Ever heard of the father of lies…………………….?  Don’t fall for the lie that disallows men to recognize their origin, purpose, and destiny.

Without truth, lies prosper. Don’t be a liar. Christianity is a curable mental illness eh? How black a statement. How dark a mind must be to entertain this thought. How depraved and how callous, how devilish, despicable, and how utterly void of light must a heart be to suggest such a thing.

And what is purely ironic is the FACT that the very book which accurately describes what Christianity is and isn’t, also perfectly narrates the behaviour and words of they who despise what is good, pure, and true. What dope would find fault with righteousness?

Ah yes, the solid testimony of the living God as pointed out in scripture. Ageless. Timeless. And as a by-product, God offers an incomparable sound mind which is of great price. But mental illness? Ha. (with apologies to the truly mentally ill)

(These words are for the  believer to encourage and exhort, to not be surprised at what God has always known.)

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