Apology to Al Gore

Al gore giving his global warming talk in Moun...

Al gore giving his global warming talk in Mountain View, CA on 7 April 2006. This “slide show” (as he calls it) formed the basis of the 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. Photo copyrighted by Brett Wilson (brettw AT gmail DOT com). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok Mr Jones, I’ll accept your gracious offer on behalf of my lazy minded colleagues who deny your global warming sham:

We’re sorry Mr Gore. We feel bad that your closed mind cannot see beyond your self promoted interests. We rue that you have influenced so many shallow minded thinkers who have succumbed to your preying ‘sky is falling’ skit.

We are sorry that science as well as the testimony of nature itself has weighed you in the balance and found you be wanting of common sense and rational thought.

We are also grievously vexed that you deny the most essential of proof: that God ordains the climate of life; He has no more trouble creating a dew drop than he does making a tsunami.

The tides belong to him, lightning, thunder, the long shadows of the sun belong to Him, the phases of the moon belong to him, winter, spring, summer, and fall, are ALL from his hand, and we are sorry that you leave Him and his excellent creation out of your small world.

We sorrow yet still Mr Gore, that you have managed to keep this false front alive for so long, for we recognize your greater ideas and plans, and that is to institute your global policies while you point the finger of disdain at ‘we the slow to learn.’

So Mr Jones, here is your apology to Mr Gore. Finally, we are very sorry that there are many of us who can see your lack of improper clothing, for the nakedness of such shallow positions are visible to anybody that can reason.


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