Three men and a truck

1939 Ford pick-up truck

1939 Ford pick-up truck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Three men were spotted in the cornfields in the cool of the day; they had been walking for quite some time.

One man was wearing a long black coat, a ball cap, work boots, and he had the growth of a few days beard. The second man was short of stature, a receding hairline, and an orange tossel cap; the last man was somewhat tall, had blue jeans and tennis shoes, and there was nothing unusual about their behaviour as they simply walked, looking for a particular farm.

As they neared their destination, they spotted the new green Ford pick-up truck parked next to the barn. They slowly opened the truck doors, (whether the doors were locked we do not know) and all three men sat inside on the front row bench, waiting.

The man on the passenger side opened the glove box and proceeded to read from the New Testament that had a marker in the book of Hebrews. The man in the middle was quietly observing the animals on the farm, and the man in the driver’s seat opened the door, and put his boots through the opened window.

About an hour passed, when a man ran out of the house and started screaming at the three visitors. ‘How dare you trespass on my property! This is a brand new truck, and who do you think you are to bring this mud into this vehicle? If you do not leave my property immediately, I’ll call the police. Can’t you read, there are no trespassing signs everywhere. Are you that arrogant, have you no manners? Leave, now.’

The three men looked at the homeowner with a look of sadness, but there was no railing, there were no words of defense, as a matter of fact, not one word was spoken to the homeowner.

Instead, the three men departed the truck, and looked one last time into the eyes of he who was not very friendly. With a penetrating gaze, the farmer saw not three, but one set of eyes, and the men turned and disappeared toward the east.

Later that afternoon, the land owner made some phone calls, and complained about the incident,  how some men are just out and out rude. Others shared his opinions, and soon there was a huge bonfire of gossip.

The next day was the Lord’s day, and this man went to his weekly meeting. He shared in the singing, he offered a prayer to God, and he heard a message on the goodness of God. For some reason, he failed to see the connection with his own lack of goodness to complete strangers, and the thought never crossed his mind to ask them why they were on his property.

A year later our friend died…. It was only then that he learned that his three visitors were angels of God, who were actually sent to bless him. But there was a caveat, the farmer had to offer his guests a simple glass of water, for you see, they were walking for quite some time, and they were thirsty.

The man had a heart condition, and the angels had God’s blessing to remove the malady, but it never happened. Not only did the man not offer the water, but he bore a false report about the men, which created whispering, which turned into slander, which resulted in pure evil.

Ironically, the man was in fact a christian, and the man reading his book was reading the truth about entertaining angels. The time of visitation had come, and the farmer missed the blessing of a lifetime, for he was walking in the flesh. Now then,  what report do you bring when unexpected circumstances come into your life to prove you?

There was nothing new in the heart of the farmer that was not there all along, and the visit by three strangers simply exposed the double-minded hypocrisy that is far too common in we as believers. We are so quick to both believe and to spread a false report, that results in destruction.

But the man had one year to see the error of his way, and he saw it not, thus, one cannot be visited by an angel and expect that there be no consequences. Imagine  to be in the company of angels, and treat them with scorn. This is hardly brotherly love. Truly the Lord Jesus asked a most piercing question, ’ when the son of man returns, will he find faith on the earth?’


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8 Responses to Three men and a truck

  1. ColorStorm says:

    Reblogged this on ColorStorm and commented:

    This is a reminder to myself first and foremost. If it blesses you in any small way, thank God.

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  2. Really nice, love this. 😉

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  3. Wally Fry says:

    What a great reminder how we all should be out there acting towards the people we encounter…maybe sometimes even the disagreeable people…thanks ColorStorm.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Appreciate your support as always, brother; this post could have gone any which way, and your agreement tells me I have some quality friends in this part of town 😉

      We need the soft words, and also the ones with pepper. Tks again!


  4. Gloryteller says:

    May I make the reminder to yourself my own reminder?
    I surely do need it.

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  5. ColorStorm says:

    Thank you very. very much IB. Was a little nervous, but I suppose there is something in it for everyone. I did not want to take exaggerated liberties, but I do think we can safely do things like this and honor God.

    Blessings to ya

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