Washington Monument workmen

While observing the craftsmen (who were actually engineers) high atop the Washington Monument, 555 ft. be exact, I was struck with the myopic comments made by they who actually found fault with these men. ‘Easy work,’ ‘piece of cake,’ ’anybody can do that job,’ ‘totally boring,’ were a few of the  comments by thoughtless souls.

These men were inspecting the marbled edifice for structural damage due to the recent earthquake, as some pieces fell to the ground. Fortunately, nobody was harmed. It was pretty exciting I thought, watching these workmen live, considering the following.

The sheer physical endurance to be high off the ground, considering the clouds above, and the earth beneath, working with ropes, tools, aware of wind changes, birds, mental fatigue, balance, feet placement, your life on the end of a man made cable, making certain the safety harnesses are exact, all the while working with each others trust, where a half second wrong decision or move could be terminal. This is true reality t.v., no shifty acting here.

A true craftsman would never diminish another mans feats, so I’m guessing there is a bit of jealousy by they who could find fault with these men. Just look at the construction of their working platform, a handful of ropes or wires strung together to make a safe workplace, moving from side to side with ease, utilizing breath and strength-a mans job, done by men, not to be noticed, but because there is a job to do. I hope they are able to finish without a hitch, and pity the heartless of thought, who can see no value other than their own self importance . The Washington Post did a great service by allowing a live feed, and I found it difficult to turn away. Pretty good stuff.


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