The Huron River within the Ann Arbor area. 2010

The Huron River within the Ann Arbor area. 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A word of appreciation. It has been a work in the making, amassing everything on this site, and you as a visitor, and more importantly a reader, have paid a great compliment by perusing the work.

I have heard from Croatia, Banbury, United Kingdom, Canada, New York, Phillipines, Canada, Finland, Oman,  and places like Chicago, London, Ann Arbor, Bloomington,  Gainsville , Jefferson City, Salt Lake, Mesa,  Luck,  and much more.  I add to this site as time and thought permits, and of course there is  expected  hostility to the contents. Many of you enjoy certain themes  while at the same time steering clear from others. This is fine and no insult taken, as not one of us has perfect understanding.

If  you are inclined to leave a comment, general or specific, please do so without vulgarity or vile. I have no issues with opposition, but there is a need for civility in the exchange market place of ideas.  There is also an email  box for you to sign on if  you wish to get new posts without effort, or you can get RSS  feed. Take your pick, hey its free.

Since all things  under heaven belong to God really, there is no shortage of fodder to opine about, whether it be ‘religion’ or politics. Pass along the link to a friend or foe, ( I suppose that includes everybody) and start your own conversation. Again thanks again for your attention, post a comment, let us know what part of the world we are reaching.


About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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