You are offended? too bad

Now a muslim wants the head of a teacher because the instructor used the word ‘ham’ in dialogue. Well now, do I ask for your silence when you use the word ‘Allah?’ Do I ask you to be muted when you say the word ‘Jew?’

This country (US) has catered to the absurd requests of bastards in our homeland long enough. I say this in the true poetic version, and not to be confused with cussing. ‘An unlawful entity’ as it were, a violator of time and space, an intruder, and at the very least, a stranger in a strange land, but trying to live as a lawmaker.

They who live by strict dietary laws, the Jews who keep kosher, are not offended by they who use the word ham; they simply ignore it. Most are decent guests in a country and society which has given them so much, but some maniacal muslims parade with mouths as wide as rivers, and prey upon the faint of heart, and desire an audience to further supplant more imbecilic notions of a country without a border.

Yes, the United States has open borders, but open to they who would live by the cardinal rules of brotherhood and tolerance.

This moron of a muslim, who demands that the word HAM be not used in his company, simply worships himself and has a head as large as the great pumpkin, but the pumpkin has more of a brain. But why has this stupidity even reached the pages of a major news organization, and why have the powers that be given this man his fifteen minutes of fame?

Because I suppose the state media pretty much agrees with him, and oh my, what’s next: the banning of ‘green eggs and ham’ by the stellar Dr. Suess.

Wow, what great company, to be so aligned with Salmon Rushdie whose words of ink on dry paper have caused such a stir. The state controlled news sources report that which suits an agenda, an agenda whose sole purpose is to dumb down an unsuspecting crowd, and they are making inroads, but thankful, the internet slows the avalanche of stupidity.

The idea is to put the idea before anybody who will read or hear; a poor and stupid idea is a great idea if it is heard or read. Advertisers know this. So you are being offered a bill of goods, the question is: will you digest it and accept it as worth?

A muslim is offended because a man uses the word ‘ham’ in his company? Do you not see how far this nation has fallen, that we even hear of this? But the dread  is further perpetuated by the aiding and abetting of the state, and they are of the greater guilt, for they add their own imprimatur.

‘Merry Christmas’ is challenged by any who are offended. The American Red Cross has folded and fell to the wishes of the left. A young man on a bicycle was told to remove his American flag because some were offended. Enough of this nonsense already! Where are the voices of souls who detest such attacks on decency? Where are the voices of reason?

Sure the tea party made a dent, but this conversation should never be reduced to politics. The ‘hamsters’ need to be met with loud voices, here is one now, an electronic attempt to point out such infantile talk: ‘do not use the word ham!’  We live in the United States of America, a place where the true God can be mentioned without rebuke, and I’ll go one further, if the Lord Jesus Christ offends you, I make no apology, and I will not be mute.

Am I now a threat too? Is this talk worse than speaking of a ham sandwich? Get over it muslims, we have tolerated your company and have left you alone. Make your peace among yourselves if you wish to live in the states, and please do not attempt to muslimify the charter that gave you the right to live here: the U.S. Constitution.

Read it, and try to live in peace among they who disagree with you, or find a haven on many of the unoccupied islands on this good earth.

Once more I repeat: a man is offended because the word ‘ham’ was used. Are you serious? Fortunate for me, such chatter gives me reason to write, but why was this covered in the first place?

What dark days we live in where common conversation is attacked and made headline news. God, beef, cherries, Allah, birds, worms, chocolate, coffee, ham, curry, heaven, plowshares, sandals, beards, Christ, yom kippor, Denver, which of these words should be banned? Yep,  a sad state of affairs.

Offended? Too  d_mn  bad.



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