A question of character

If you had to go a day through life being purposefully mute,

how would this define your character?

Methinks we would be more careful in our actions,

since truly, they would speak louder than words.

But we still have our thoughts, and while secret to ourselves,

we know whether our character has flaws,

for our short essays unrehearsed during the day are like a ticker tape

of undeniable proof of our prejudices,

our unfair criticism of others,

our feigned happiness over others success,

a little jealousy, a dose of sarcasm or pride,

all without saying a word.

What the public sees of us is sometimes off the mark

from how we see ourselves.

Hubbard said if a man’s reputation

met his character on the street, they would be strangers;

truly a sobering thought.

These are good things worth musing, for a grand achievement of life is to possibly have a reputation and character which are identical. My thoughts pave the way for my character.


About ColorStorm

Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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