Time magazine feeding pic

English: WPA poster promoting breast feeding a...

English: WPA poster promoting breast feeding and proper child care, showing mother nursing baby. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

O.K. you have seen it, the Time magazine cover of the woman breastfeeding the three year old kid. Comments have been incessant, and ramblings covered a wide range of stupidity by folks actually trying to defend the image.

‘Breast feeding is natural.’ ‘The kid is bonding to his mother.’ ‘The mother is unashamed to feed in public.’ ‘This is truly remarkable how far we have evolved as humans.’ What a wonderful display of love.’ ‘Only a moron would find fault.’  So go the thoughtless rants of the masses.

Let us now dissect this image and see if it in fact is blameless and worthy of praise.  Where did this woman come from? Whose idea was it for this picture? What is her motivation, what are her politics, and was she paid? Who dared to call this absurd image breastfeeding? Hard questions? Hardly.

Breastfeeding is natural, who could argue? A newborn desires the milk of life which sustains through the correct ingredients of vitamins, and the perfect blend of nutrients which is perfectly digestible through an undeveloped stomach, due to the genius of a Creator.

It is, and always has been, a temporary arrangement, until the newborn cultivates the ability for a more mature diet. Breastfeeding is proof of the immature. It is not insulting, just immature, but what would you expect from a newbie who is solely on life support until the ‘proper time.’

Now look again at the three year old kid. Is he immature in the same sense of the baby who cannot feed itself? The kid looks like a freak, because the mother is a freak herself. There is no milk, there is no life giving nutrient, but there is an obscene image of a teat in the mouth of a youngster. If the mother was arrested for child abuse, this would not be strong enough.

The image was meant to convey debauchery and stir controversy. I ask: where is the controversy? What is natural about this three year old kid? There is no breastfeeding, for the mother is past weaning of this kid. He is bonding to his mother? Perhaps bonding to her perversion. Unashamed to feed in public? Again, where is the feeding?

For God’s sake, THE KID HAS TEETH! A display of love? Common sense tells you to give food to the hungry, and a newborn is hungry; this kid looks like a small teenager, and apparently not hungry.

Do not try to pass this off as ‘the wave of the future,’ for I can see beyond the shadows of public opinion, and I will not agree that this image is ‘natural.’


See the baby calf yonder with its mother? It will not be long before the young one is weaned, The calf knows it, and the mother most certainly knows when the youngster has had enough of the milk and is ready for food. Nature is a strong teacher.

But once more, Time caters to the basement of depravity. Imagine this kid, after a so called feeding, saying, ‘mom. I’m going outside to play ball with the neighbors. Yeah, sounds ridiculous, because it is.


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2 Responses to Time magazine feeding pic

  1. Ana says:

    I find this very disgusting,this is perversion,i’ve also read in some queer guidelines that perverts were trying to pass onto school teachings in some countries, that it would be good for a FATHER to touch his newborn daughters’s vagina so she can gain confidence! This is the most sick i’ve ever read in my life.We should expose these types of perverts,this is not natural and there is actually story on YT from a mother that breastfeeds her 3 year old and a mother that breastfeed her 13 year old daughter!! HELLO!!!


  2. Perverted is too kind a word Ana, but if you saw the pic on the cover of Time, the lady looked rather cosmopolitan, an attempt to paint her as the ‘normal mom.’ Yes, she is normal alright, to they who live on the island of misfits.

    The decadent lifestyle of the liberal has made great strides to ‘normalize’ sinful behaviour. Some would laugh and say ‘what is the sin???’ but seeing that image was a freak show; like I said, the kid had a mouthful of teeth. Then again, what should we expect from Time???


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