Zimmerman-odds and ends

English: "An illustration depicts Lt. Col...

English: “An illustration depicts Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, left, with jury members during his court-martial Dec. 15, at Fort Meade, Md.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There will be half of the United States livid with the verdict.  Mind you, it is not only ‘not guilty,’ but to add insult to injury in the minds of many, the word was ‘completely innocent.’ I heard a few radio shows and the hosts themselves were surprised beyond belief.

‘The jury must be morons!’ ‘The jurors are racist.’  ‘Justice was not served.’ ‘A guilty man walked,’ and these were a few of the milder thoughts expressed. Imagine what Sharpton must be secretly thinking.

But wait a second, these jurors were 6 women, one of whom was African. Are ALL six of these people brain-dead? Or possibly is it a simple matter of them hearing the evidence or lack thereof, and calmly saying in effect: ‘the prosecution did not make its case.’

The State needed one, that’s one juror to hold out, at least for phase two, perhaps a hung jury, or even the one lone juror could sway all others to her line of thinking, but apparently there was a weak case, and why?

-Zimmerman did not initiate the confrontation as most think, the jury agreed

-Zimmerman was not a racist, the jury agreed

-Zimmerman was not Batman, playing a cop, the jury agreed

-Zimmermans language about the ‘kid up to no good,’ was no different from sports stars or celebrities who use the same colorful language without any defect of character, the jury agreed

-Had there been no 911 call, perhaps Zimmerman is dead, the jury agreed

-There had been other ‘incidents’ at the complex of late, the jury understood the context

-The jury failed to buy the inflated and exaggerated claims of the State that Zimmerman was a murderer.

-the jury was not swayed that Zimmerman did not testify, thanks be to O’mara and team.

-Zimmerman was not a hit man, the jury agreed

-What would have happened if Martin killed Zimmerman? I did not hear that question asked, but it was a very real possibility; it seems the jury may have thought the same

-Mr O’mara was heads and shoulders better than the entire States team, the jury agreed

-The States  portrayal of Zimmermans tone and inflection of language (these a…….. always get away) was a poor choice and did severe damage to the States credibility, the jury agreed

-Omara’s and West’s demeanor was a balm in the courtroom representing fairness and balance, the jury agreed

-It was a master-stroke by O’mara in closing to state to the jury ‘you CANNOT connect the dots.’ Brilliant, the jury agreed

The jury did not buy the sale of the State’s emotional plea, it seems they used facts and a harmony of mind, sitting through witness after witness, and it is obvious that the prosecution came up short. Their decision was unanimous, and to the disdain of millions, they decided as they saw fit.

A mature minded person may not agree with the verdict, but he  should understand. Seems this is not possible, but what we see is to be expected. The table has long been set. Thanks Mr Sharpton, Mr Jackson, Mr President.


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