Handwriting: bye bye

Handwriting Meme

Handwriting Meme (Photo credit: darkfoxprime)

Hand-writing is on the wane. Thanks to so-called technology, we are becoming numb to the rapid increases of change that promote amusement: that is, lack of thought.

Everything is going ‘password protected,’ wireless, keyless, fast food, instant access, immediate withdrawal, electronic checks, and the list is a mile long. The ‘scan’ at the checkout line will be replaced with the imprint on the right hand or forehead; people laugh now, but will get in line later when they have no choice.

But TODAY, I do have a choice, and I choose to sign my name, slowly,  and whenever I can.  It’s one reason I write checks, to deny or slow down the inevitable, and to personally say on paper, ‘I rebel’ against the avalanche of global technology.

Yes I know, I am using high-tech now, but the issue is handwriting. Someone remarked that the documents of our country were handwritten, and you may recall the signature of one John Hancock whose stellar penmanship is still today unsurpassed as THE  example of the very best goalpost.

But handwriting speaks softly of the activity of the brain, hence the lack of understanding by a certain Jeantell (Zimmerman trial) who in a small way was sort of an embarrassment for not recognizing what should be plain. But that’s another story.

Handwriting is necessary for it marks the measures of society, and America is on a death spiral. For God’s sake, the youth of the States graduate high school and cannot read; they obviously cannot write. This alleged ‘graduation’ is therefore a joke, for learning there was not.

Handwriting, and more to the point, good handwriting, reveals a thoughtful mind, with some degree of appreciation for contemplation. Good hand-writers would naturally be observers, for the comma or colon suggests a pause of thought.

Slow down, sign your name, enjoy writing it while you can. Remember the last time you signed your name on the receipt in the checkout line? I would be willing to bet it was signed quick as lightning and barely legible, for ‘there were people waiting behind you.’ Too bad, 4 extra seconds will not hurt anybody.

It’s the flower thing, you know, ‘take time to smell…’ That signature of yours is valuable and necessary. You are stating without reservation that your name is good because your word is good. It identifies you in a way no other can. It is YOUR essence, use the signature, to the paperless, say ‘begone!’

I met a girl who said she has a checking account but never wrote a check; and her argument was ‘it’s much easier not to.’ Yep, easier, but with a price. She has no clue how to balance a book, and she would be the same gal who you know that works at a retail outlet and cannot give out change without the computer.

Right, we are advancing as a culture. How about this idea for a job applicant: ‘Write your name, rather, sign your name here.’ Now wait for the responses: ‘Huh?’ ‘How?’ etc. Is this a stretch? Probably, but the point is made about aptitude, and we can gain much tillage from the handwriting.

By the way, invest in a good pen, and write on.


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4 Responses to Handwriting: bye bye

  1. Shofar says:

    Good post, John! I remember the time when handwriting was taught in school, even when phonics, reading, and spelling instruction took a good part of the morning in school. This iPad and iPhone generation has produced more non-book readers, non-writers, non-conversant youth and adults who prefer texting to talking and worse of all, non-social people. Add to that, short attention span/concentration and the need for entertainment, animation and stimulating visuals or students will learn even less than they are learning today. Public education is on its way out; every child/youth can be self taught and the world is at his/her fingertips.


    • Colorstorm says:

      Hey Liz, not fair! You said it far better than I did. 🙂

      Always appreciate your dimension of thought and bullet like to the point additions. Yes, it is an indictment of our culture that social skills, writing, comprehension, etc, as you noted also, have fallen by the wayside. Handwriting is very important; it is connected with so many other things.

      Paul said, ‘see what letter I have written with MY OWN HAND,’ and there is such a special thing with giving and getting hand written letters. But for now, you and I use our fingers to communicate, but at least we can do both.

      All the best in the Lord’s grace.


      • Shofar says:

        Eh, Brah, where you been? Was your post written over a year ago? I know. . . you’ve been in deep thought. That takes time; writing takes time; good thinking and good writing takes time.

        God is GOOD to us! How merciful He is that Hurricane Ana came so close to us in the middle of the Pacific and by passed us, leaving us all intact! Hallelujah! God bless you, dear friend!


        • Colorstorm says:

          hey Liz
          Maybe i’m not on your ‘friends list
          cause I post all the time-

          that was an old post yea, just cleaning up some odds and ends thats all-

          all the best

          God is still the same!!

          Liked by 1 person

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