An Introduction: The Cup Series

The vid is a cool compliment to a serious topic. Kind of reminds me of a ‘cup of grace,’ you know when a waitress asks what will you have, holding a coffee pot over the cup, ‘no thanks, i’ll have a cup of grace.’

Meanwhile, the cup is full already of ALL that God has for his people, we just do not see it and drink of this living water.

Per your suggestion for what to do with it, you could always smash the ‘cup of pride,’ since that darn little beast besets us, but I would opt for keeping it, as a gentle reminder of what was overcome, and how it daily runneth over.

True Warriors of God

So I have this cup. It’s a coffee mug to be exact. Exciting, right? 😛 This cup is something I want to get rid of really bad but I keep holding on to it. It’s not like it’s going to fix anything or make everything go back to the way things were if I keep it. I don’t even really feel like the cup is mine. It’s just there bringing unwanted memories.

But I’ve had this feeling that in some way I could bless someone by it. I just haven’t quite figured out how yet. Any ideas?

I figured I could use it to start a prayer chain in which the cup is passed around. Tell them to pass the cup on and pray for the person whom they give it to. Or maybe as a way for people to release their burdens. Or maybe simply just make someone’s day…

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  1. ifightforgod says:

    Thank you for re-blogging my post. God bless!


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