Si Robertson

Gun Control Hartford CT

Gun Control Hartford CT (Photo credit: john bunce)

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Mr. Robertson said ‘we do not have a gun control problem, we have a sin control problem.’

Oct. 21, 2013 at 9:16pm

Let’s say for a minute that somebody else said ‘it’s a sin problem.’ Take Mr Duck out of the picture. Oh wait, somebody ELSE did say ‘it’s a sin problem,’ and His message was not received well either. And His name: The Lord Jesus Christ.

Yes, the fellow with the grey beard is right, and he is in good company. The gun could not care if it shot a napkin, a soda can, a tank of Jello, or a human. Sin is the ingredient that makes mans actions devious, and the gun is numb to ANY culpability. Innocent of all charges as it were.

The liberal mind can not see this, it was the evil pencil which forced itself upon the good person, and made him gouge his neighbors arm through and through. It is always the ‘object,’ as if a saw, boy scout knife, screwdriver, or .22 rifle decided itself to do harm. No, it is sin which inspires the acts of man, and an idea which is foreign to the weak of mind.

Christ said ‘go and sin no more,’ after forgiving a woman of her indiscretions. She heard soothing words of life and power from somebody who was the only person who executes justice perfectly. ‘Sin control.’ She understood it. I understand it.

And all guns are sinless.

john vincent


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