Strutting Pride

Nice  trees


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3 Responses to Strutting Pride

  1. Citizen Tom says:

    Is a deer proud? I suppose it looks that way to us, but I doubt a deer understands the concept. A deer stands tall to see further. Its life depends on a head start and speed.

    Pride consists of shooting a deer with a big rack and hanging its head up on the wall. There are some guys where I work who hunt deer, and they enjoy enjoy bringing deer sausage to work. Fortunately, i believe its the hunt in which they take joy, not a trophy on the wall.


    • Well, we are on the same page, for I commented on the ‘trees.’

      Yes, there is no pride in that animal, his next step may be his last. Judging from the message, the writer bagged this deer a week later, probably from his rear porch.

      I don’t call that hunting, but I reblogged it because it was a beautiful picture.

      But the blogger does get credit for drawing attention to the possibility of ‘we’ being prideful, and in or out of context, there was some good to be had.

      Nice trees!


  2. Citizen Tom says:

    Yep! Noticed the nice trees too.

    It is unfortunate that human hunters actively seek to kill the most beautiful of the beasts they hunt. Then they find ways to blame the beast for its beauty.

    One of the few things I remember from my long ago psychology class is our tendency to project our own failings upon others. I suppose that’s one reason we anthropomorphize animals.



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