Bill Nye & kids

Bill Nye

Bill Nye (Photo credit: eschipul)

Bill Nye has stated there is a huge flaw that carries weighty problems teaching evolution along side creation as two possible origins. Well, I admit the problems would exist if the matter was not handled properly, for bias should not be a teacher, but true learning need not be fearful of opposing views.

If something is true, it can withstand the most serious of scrutiny. Mr. Gore is hiding now, because some folks need to ‘cancel Thanksgiving.’  Yes, global warming is causing snow, sleet, hail, rain, and a foot of snow! There are earthquakes springing up everywhere, and once again, global warming is to blame, but of course there is no proof.

Mr. Nye is fearful if children are exposed to such lunacy as creation. The problem is much easier to define, and it is simply the fact that men do not know, nor want to know the curriculum.

—–Hello Mr Nye, the science guy: 

An evolutionist and a creationist (I’ll not engage your trap as to the age of the earth) were in a coffee-house, engaging the regular back and forth, and the creation denier said: ‘I’ll believe in your God if he will present himself here and now within the next fifteen minutes, and strike this place down.’

The believer looked at his watch, sipped coffee quietly, and after fifteen minutes of silence and nothing, Mr. Denier said, ‘see, no God, no proof, you lose.’

The believer calmly replied: ‘Do you think you can exhaust the patience of God in fifteen minutes?’

Some will find this amusing, others will mock, others will laugh, but others will understand. The patience of God with the world he created, seeing the havoc man has caused in all areas of life, and his lack of displaying righteous anger today, is one of the greatest proofs that He is.   —–

This is a never-ending debate by good people, (mostly) but the debate should continue. Children need not be protected from learning. Creation can be presented,  not as religion, but as a viable alternative to ‘chance.’ What is the harm?

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Paul the apostle taught the Greeks at Mars Hill, and developed the idea that ‘God’ created all things. He was not stoned, thought to be a fool, nor was he fearful that young minds would be eternally damaged.

There are far better reasons to be stoned; belief in a Creator is not one of them. As an aside, take a man like Fred Rogers and the children he influenced on PBS. He was known as a minister, and his ‘neighborhood’ stands alone as one of the most influential children’s programs ever. He was a good man who believed in God.

The difference between Rogers and Nye: One mainly. Rogers encouraged research into differing views,  whereas Nye remains myopic.

Children can be damaged if creation is taught? C’mon Mr. Nye, even people who believe in creation give you the benefit of the doubt. Is there an easy solution to bridge the seeming gap between two schools of thought? No, but learning should not be easy street either.


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3 Responses to Bill Nye & kids

  1. Planting Potatoes says:

    enjoyed…..I grew up watching Mr. Rogers and I can remember so many of the things I learned even to this day! I like your story about exhausting the patience of God…I usually ask people who would test God like that what makes them feel that they are so important that he should be at their beck and call?


    • Yep, all of us I guess have too large a head, but the idea of testing God with an offer to believe in Him if he makes a personal visit and show a ‘magic’ trick, is rather insulting.

      It’s insulting to a God who has displayed himself through creation, and asking for more proof than Calvary is detestable.


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