The fox and truth

fox watwrcolor

by Taytay11 @copy.

I think of a fox as a truthful animal, unlike a hyena. Perhaps my bias is simply in the dismissive nature of the ‘laugh.’  Foxes are relatively quiet and unassuming, similar to a dove. Yes I know, there are real questions here as to an animal telling the truth, but consider:

We know animals do not sin, and there is another discussion by the way, (animals in heaven)  but does not one animal over another commend itself to your mind? Not saying one is better, only different,  but the jesting of a hyena is not compatible with the solitary life of a fox, and herein lies the difference.

Truth does not ask for assistance, needs not a pack to confirm an opinion, but laughs not at the weakness of others, at least tries not to. Psychologists say they who laugh at everything have a deep-seated sense of loneliness. Maybe this is why the hyenas travel and hunt in packs.

I respect they who hunt alone, and the fox is his own man. Remember a man was called a ‘fox’ by the Lord, yes, a sly devil was he, but this man also had a word that was very good; he did what he set out to do. Not a good family tree, but even a bad guy whose word is good is to be commended.

The foxes have holes, the birds of the air have nests, yes, a good creature works for his keep, makes his own digs. A truthful person is industrious. You know the ‘knockout group,’ they who are terrorizing good people; surely these are not truthful people, for employment would take care of meddlesome hands, for an honest person is also not a thief, nor is he a brute beast.

I suppose these thoughts come to mind for the sole reason that some people act like hyenas, (that is a good word to use when describing the villains who punch out innocent folks) while some animals, such as the fox, go about their business in a decent manner, not calling attention to himself, neither calling on the pack.

So yes, at the end of the day, a fox has no regrets; the hyenas, yeah there are a few. Foxes in the wild do not play games; hyenas enjoy sport and laugh about it. We would all agree that the hyena may be getting a bad rap here, after all, he is simply acting out his nature.

My dime goes with the fox though. He just appears more truthful. ‘Doth not nature itself teach you,’ is called upon as an aid to many things spiritual. By the way, the son of man hath no place to lay His head? Yes, he reverently bowed His head upon Calvary’s tree. He who is the truth, was merely silenced for a short time.

But without man nor beast to sing praise, the rocks cried out at this death. Oh how nature must speak the truth!

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4 Responses to The fox and truth

  1. snowgood says:

    Love the painting – so much prettier than the real thing. To be fair a country fox can look handsome, but city foxes are diseased and quite horrid.

    My take on what you’ve written is that “en masse” man is a evil species, just like hyenas they gang up and devour rather than seeking to stand up alone and be counted.


    • Greetings across the isles. Yes, you pretty much got it as to the solitary life. The ‘pack usually do the wrong thing, think the same, and attack the individual.

      Tkx for the input, see you down the road.


  2. aquacompass7 says:

    thank you for visiting my blog.


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