It’s O.K. to say Merry Christmas

Informative, helpful, and a sign of the times. Reminds me of the church beginnings, when men were mocked and sometimes denied their voice to preach in open air. An innocuous display is preaching the gospel. no wonder it is opposed. A good article that reminds us to keep our voice and be legal.

Shootin' the Breeze

                        As an attorney, I am involved in a group called Alliance Defending Freedom, which was formerly known as the Alliance Defense Fund.  This is an alliancethat defends religious liberty.

RE:     The Legal Rights of Municipalities in Holiday Seasonal Religious Expression

             Christmas is a cherished and special time of year when Coloradans and all Americans come together and celebrate something bigger than ourselves.   Surveys show that 96 percent of all Americans celebrate Christmas.  Historically, cities and towns across America have celebrated the Christmas season by decorating their buildings and parks with symbols of the season.  It is a time of year that is characterized by joy, peace, and unity of spirit.

 Nevertheless, in recent years secular groups, including the ACLU and its allies, have sought to intimidate municipal officials with fear, disinformation and threats of lawsuits in an effort, not justified by the laws of our land, to…

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2 Responses to It’s O.K. to say Merry Christmas

  1. Citizen Tom says:

    Frankly, I think the solution is to make Christian churches bigger and the government small enough that it just doesn’t matter.


  2. Suppose that happened, the voice of the ‘minority’ would still have the loudest mouths and the greatest influence. I’m afraid the salt has lost its savor. I cannot fathom a nation turning to God; individuals here and there yes, but the influence of the world is like an avalanche.

    Heck, even the Salvation Army has blurred vision, where the ‘ping’ of the quarter and a ‘God bless you,’ has replaced the gospel. Intentions are good, but here again, God forbid a quality bible tract is handed out.

    To a lot of folks, govt. is God though. Merry Christmas…


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