Phil Robertson two

The first three paragraphs below are from Mail Online and are quite revealing.

English: Large amount of pennies

English: Large amount of pennies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

-Phil Robertson has spoken out for the first time since his homophobic comments in a magazine interview went public and refused to go back on his controversial remarks, saying: ‘I will not give or back off from my path.’

The Duck Dynasty patriarch led a small Bible study group in his home town church in West Monroe, Louisiana on Sunday, granting MailOnline exclusive access.

And the deeply religious outdoorsman stood by his incendiary statements – which saw him call homosexuality a sin and led to his suspension from the hit reality show by network bosses at A&E. (end of coverage)

Did these people think Phil would change his mind? Did they think he would magically amend his view on lying, stealing, and homosexuality? Should we commend a man for telling the truth? Is it that unusual than a man or company of men hold fast to an opinion?

If something is true, it was true yesterday, it is true today, will be true tomorrow, and will be eternally true; this is the nature and perfection of truth.  Mail Online acts as if one needs to be ‘deeply religious’ to stand by a principle. Thoreau wrote an essay ‘Life without principle’ wherein he asserts men easily fall prey to the crowd. Who dares to stand apart just because something is right?

A person could have excellent morals and be ‘non religious.’ Morality is not necessarily spiritual, but spirituality includes morality. Mr. Robertson was kind to grant an interview after he was ambushed, but isn’t it great how he is simply affirmed what was said a week ago.

His yes is yes, and his no is no. This is the stand of a principled person. Someone reminded me that he turned down an opportunity to play in the NFL because he could not commit to a schedule that interfered with hunting season. I like that.

Sure he will be attacked again, Cracker Barrel will be laughed at for carrying Duck goods, but they should be mildly chastised for caving, when all that was necessary was to ‘stand by your man,’ and in this instance, the man was  character.

I’m a simple person myself, but I fail to see the ‘controversial statement’ he made in the first place. Our society is so tilted that a man with a firm conviction is odd man out.  Let me repeat, lying, stealing a penny or corporate embezzling, is wrong; adultery is sin, covetousness is sin; gluttony is sin; and of course homosexuality is sin as well.  That is called context, where no one person or group is isolated.

A faithful man who can find, is a very good question that demands we look at a person entirely, not simply what they say, but what they do. Phil Robertson is doing well. He is sure and steadfast, and his word is an anchor.


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