Global warming- a question

There have been recent suggestions that global warming deniers should be questioned, imprisoned, and probably shipped to another country. This is harmless on the surface, but bad ideas have a way of finding teeth.

This winter has been harsh in America to say the least, and other parts of the globe have been seeing ‘unusual’ weather, to quote the lion from the land of Oz.

Al Gore must be in seventh heaven after seeing frigid temperatures ransack a country, for says he, this ‘extreme cold’ is caused by the hand of man. Of course he will then say in July when the thermometer reaches 95 degrees, that yes once more, the hand of man is to blame for the ‘extreme heat.’

Meanwhile, during the days when there was no internal combustion engine,  record cold and chart topping heat was recorded across the states, as well as the earth, and Mr. Gore and friends are conveniently mute when this fact is brought to the light of day.

So called experts cannot predict a month of weather, and sane minds are expected to believe the testimony of men who claim ‘climate change’ is altering the spinning of the earth!

Granted, climate and weather are not twins, but for Pete’s sake, were horse manure and eggshells responsible for 30degrees below zero 150 years ago?  There was a bit of humor shown when a crew planned on documenting   global warming, but the ship was frozen. You know the details, but somehow, man and the fraudulent global warming group preached the message of ‘here’s proof!’

Man made global warming is the battle cry of the elite, seeking new disciples of this advanced thought. ‘Get on board’ say they, or your ignorance will slow down progress.

Indeed, they must have a cause, and the intellectual superpowers of climatology will tell you not to burn firewood or coal; they will legislate the wattage of your light bulbs; they will put meters on your toilets; they will limit your faucets; they will demand your roofs be white; they will order the stoppage of hunting since ‘noise’ plays a huge part in the climate change; yes, the brave new world begins with you sacrificing your mind on the altar of global good.

Far fetched? Not at all, just look at the inroads of American media, be it radio, print, television, and the social networks, as well as the help from the weak-minded countries who are afraid to think an original thought.

Look at Bashir and Piers Morgan, both front men for an agenda that failed if it were not for voices of bold reason. This is how subtle the global warming sham inches its way to the consciousness of a country, but with devastation. Put an idea in front of a people, even a bad idea, present and repeat,  then repeat it many times a day, then get ‘great people’ behind it, and make all who do not agree appear as slow-minded and simple.

The ramifications to many are innocuous, but to an astute mind, there are terrible consequences. Not allowed to burn firewood is one, and this idea was already floated where else but California.

The Creator put into place seed-time and harvest, reaping and sowing, peace and war, life and death, male and female, sun and moon, positive and negative, plus and minus, night and day, waking and sleeping, and of course He made: cold and heat.

Are you listening Soros, Gore, Maher, Matthews, Obama, Hawkings, Nye? He who created all that is,  knows full well how to run the universe he created, and bitter cold as well as intense heat is no surprise to Him.

There is another component that  details the effects of ‘what unusual weather we’re having,’ and that is: sin.  Since Gore and friends think this is nonsense, it will serve no purpose to present them with the importance of this truth, only to say that the ‘whole creation groans even now,’ because of the sin of man.

Earthquakes, meteors, floods, fires, tsunamis, lightning strikes, hail storms, freezing, heat strokes are all attributed to the great sin of man. Yes, God’s word has answers to everything under the sun, and any discussion regarding weather and climate that leaves out God, is suspect. I have yet to meet a man who can create a dewdrop from nothing.

So, here’s a question: How cold must it get, or how hot must it get, before the global warming sect accepts the weather or climate as ‘just right?’ What temperatures would be acceptable before they say ‘there is no longer global warming, we fixed it?’

Indeed the question is absurd, and thank you for agreeing. The Lord Jesus said more than 2,000 years ago, ‘pray that your flight be not in winter.’  He was speaking to they who would be affected by cold. Winter is a common thing; it gets cold, in some places very cold, in other places bitter cold.

The Creator needs no help from man in controlling the axis of His earth, and other stars mind you, and He equally does not need man to make it rain less, make it hot more, or to freeze a huge ship right in its tracks.

The global warming discussion is the wrong one Mr Gore and friends. The correct issue you need address, and a better one would be ‘the effects of sin on the human race, leading to the death of man with creation groaning.’  Since that talk will not occur, we are done here.


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2 Responses to Global warming- a question

  1. Yes tis true. Mankind’s penchant for sin has led to many a response from God Almighty. I do think the day is near when many more souls will see Our Lord’s reflection in the earth’s movements and moods. God has an ineffable way of holding His creation accountable for denying Him. May we all receive His Divine Mercy as we trudge onward to the Great Destiny.

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    • In addition, those who appreciate the wonders of creation take solace in Him who ‘made a great calm,’ from a troubled sea, so much so, that an excellent question was asked:

      ‘what manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?’ So yes, the offer of mercy is on the table, as long as the patience of God endures.

      How patient God must be to suffer the disrespect done to Him and the damage to His creation.

      (So good to hear from you)


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