Do you glow in the dark?

For the sake of fairness and clarity, I mean no harm nor foul by asking: ‘Do you glow in the dark?’ It is a serious question which I face with you, and one in which demands a look in the mirror as it were.

To ‘glow’ is to appear bright, to stand out, to be obvious, to shine, to radiate, and usually when something glows, there is a reaction. There is a natural and captivating allure when something glows, as if there is a quality that demands attention or at least an amount of consideration.

I noticed a fellow who was wearing that electric green shirt, and it was not job related if you know what I mean. It was just a shirt that he liked, but he stood out in a crowd. He could have been coming from a heist, he may have been drunk, he perhaps was a Christian, or he may have even been color blind.

According to the scriptures, we live in a dark world, and the Lord tells us that ‘men loved darkness; ‘ why? Because their deeds are evil. Darkness is a welcoming center for the acts of man that are embarrassing, and would not be seen in daylight. A thief wants to hide, and his conscience tell him to avoid the light of day lest he be found out.

Mr F.W. Grant said years ago that ‘truth cannot live without warfare in the midst of a world away from God.’ He was correct, for man says, ‘Away with Him, crucify Him, crucify Him.’ This truth is not only seen in man’s dismissal of the scriptures as obsolete, but is seen in the politics of the world where there are no comfortable absolutes. What was true yesterday, may not be true tomorrow, and clever politicians know this and ride another wave to their next term.

God’s word is not like this. Since He is absolute, His yes is yes, and His no is no. His word is reliable and good. He therefore wants His people to carry this same banner of truth and to be a testimony in the midst of a crooked and perverse world. He wants us to may I say: glow in the dark.

It should be obvious to others that we do not run to darkness with them; we should without effort, stand out, stand apart, and we should radiate with our words and deeds. We do this not to be rewarded, but simply because it is right. It is infallibly right. And the result? Others notice the glowing in the dark, and while they may challenge with false accusations or seek to destroy, they have seen the light, and decided against it.

When you or others stand up and apart against homosexuality for instance, is this not glowing in the dark? Are you not defending the faith against an attack on nature and nature’s God? Are you not agreeing with God that He calls this behavior sin? On all three counts, a resounding yes.

When you speak of the flood of Noah, are not you glowing in the dark for defending God’s word against the petty contradictions of man? Indeed.

When you testify of the grace of God in regard to the nation of Israel, and God’s promise to bless them in perpetuity, are you not siding with He who neither slumbers nor sleeps? Indeed yet again.

And are there not reactions for holding and promoting such views? Not bad company here, and if the Master of the house was dubbed such a devil, imagine the false titles given to His disciples.

Turn a light on in a dark house and watch the critters scatter. Since the Lord has delivered His own from darkness to light, from the power of Satan unto God, the neon target on our backs is a result from abiding in the Vine, and this is a good thing.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven, saith the Lord, and this glowing in the dark infuriates the enemy of God to no end.

How can there be light in a world of darkness that is under the domain of the god of this world, says the arch enemy of God, yet God’s light overcame the darkness, and we have this unction to testify to this light. Wow.

To be called a helper, to be an ambassador representing another country, to be called the city on the hill, to be a worker together with God is just plain humbling, as if God needs any of us.

Do you, do I, appear bright, are we obvious, do we stand out, do we glow? Ah but do we do this without trying? If so, is there a reaction to this light? Fair questions, and a doctor may examine me, but only I can examine mySELF.


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5 Responses to Do you glow in the dark?

  1. Citizen Tom says:

    Well spoken.

    We live in a time when there are too many critters that run from the light. Instead of fearing them, we should strive to glow as brightly as we can.


    • Truth be told Tom, I too, have been one of those critters who runs from the light, only to find He who is the Light awaiting with nary an accusation. Surely we have this treasure in earthen vessels, with riches to share to any who will listen.

      Tkx for continued value to the posts here.


      • Citizen Tom says:

        We are all divided between our desire for God and pride of self. To be born again is decide for God. But that is a birth — a new beginning, when we finally choose to allow our Lord to sanctify us for the purpose for which He made us.

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  2. SLIMJIM says:

    What a vivid illustration of the shirt

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