Living Underwater

Superb writing, exceptional insight regarding a person’s underwater adventures.

Remnant REFUGE

Underwater Gemma @ Baron Resort, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt from Flickr via Wylio © 2014 Tim Parkinson, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio

Lucky me.  I grew up on the ocean.  Not literally on top of the sea but right beside it during the summer months.  A charmed experience that provided me with some sturdy metaphors as well as delightful memories.

The vast expanse of the sea serves as an enviable teacher.  She cradles various mysteries and allows her students access only when she is good and ready.  Some of those lessons I keep close to my heart like a member of some secret society.   Her other treasures are widely known and speak to many with a ready understanding.

So it is with the power of the undertow.

My departure from this blog for the past 5 months is nothing short of a spiritual submersion.  One never sets out to abort a mission especially in its infancy.  It is poor form.  Yet life is unpredictable and the current…

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