Mr. Dawkins and Down’s

(Dawkins has come out of the closet and said that Down’s syndrome fetuses should be so to speak, put to pasture, surely you have heard. Below is a short and sweet response)

Nice work Mr. Dawkins. You have just given us the reason why you believe there is no God.

YOU are God! By your devilish comments regarding WHO is worthy of life, you have relegated the Creator under your feet. Takes a big man to accomplish such a feat.

By the way sir, show us ignorant peasants how one goes about making dirt in the lab, using NOTHING. Yeah, didn’t think so.


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12 Responses to Mr. Dawkins and Down’s

  1. Ana says:

    Oooh, I cannot stand him even without his hateful comments towards Down’s syndrome children.I have seen those kids smile a lot and greet others more than narcissistic, self-centered people who seemingly got it all together.He’s trully ignorant.


  2. SLIMJIM says:

    The fruit of a terrible worldview


  3. I think Dawkins using twitter for such an important topic is insensitive. Nevertheless, ninety percent of unborn children with downs are terminated. This is very sad, but modern medicine allows parents this choice. I would do the same if I was a parent.

    Dawkins talks about potential life ( the unborn) as opposed to actual life ( the baby) . This is the nub of the issue. As harsh as it seems, Dawkins, a very intelligent and reasoned man, is correct.


    • -grooms-

      What is the value of ONE soul???? This is the question Dawkins and you must face. You mention 90 percent, etc, as if this is the litmus test for life.

      Potential life being the fetus??? Really?

      You say Dawkins is very intelligent and reasoned….I say your standards are very low, but tkx for posting.


  4. There are people with down’s syndrome that have contributed more positivity and goodness to the world than many so called highly intelligent people. Some of my best life lessons have come from people with down’s syndrome who have taught me things that I could never get even with the best education. Everybody serves a purpose in God’s kingdom.

    Dawkin’s is really lucky I don’t try to play God because there’s been a few times I’ve listened to him and thought, meh, the guy has no redeeming qualities, so there’s not much reason to keep him around. Fortunately I am not God or else there would probably be several other people missing from the planet, too.

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    • -bytes
      Indeed, we are not God, and if we are so inclined to ‘write people off’ as Dawkins and his ilk do, imagine how patient God must be…..allowing men to spue forth venom ina world He created.

      As always, you bring value to the posts.


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