Brian Welch under fire

Below is a comment posted in the Blaze forum. People were actually faulting this man because of his choice to remain with his band Korn after what some call an ‘alleged conversion.’  I’m afraid John Baptist would be thrown out of most churches as well, as he would not meet the criteria of what a sinner should look like.

For context, Brian said he ‘lived in a gutter,’ and was the very worst of sinners. Hmmm, seems to me to be an excellent candidate for the grace of God.  As far as his new life, change does not occur overnight, and people need to loosen the artificial rope that they bind on others.


from the Blaze

What, a sordid past is not worthy of redemption? I refuse to find fault or criticize a man who has given every reason to experience a new tomorrow.

Now he can reach people who you cannot, get it? Anybody who says they have received the full forgiveness from the true God in heaven is ok by me.

Admitting your sinnership is never a bad thing. Btw, God’s people all have different clothing……………………

john vincent


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2 Responses to Brian Welch under fire

  1. I’m so uncomfortable with the idea that people who believe a certain thing must therefore look a certain way or make a certain kind of music. I don’t think for a moment that God (god, gods, goddess, the Great You-Name-It) would want a person to stop celebrating their gifts and talents after experiencing a spiritual awakening. I believe that the spark of creation in each of us burns brighter when we follow our own creative path 🙂

    I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I’m coming at this from a Pagan, rather than a Christian, perspective. I believe that we each experience the divine in our own way, meant specially for us, and what matters is living our own truth with openness and love for other people living theirs.


    • Colorstorm says:

      Tkx Bliss-

      I’m so glad you weighed in, because I do know your perspective, and it is important to recognize that we all use ‘different crayons.’ While some have absolutes, others do not, and our interchange among they who differ is necessary and helpful.

      I wrote a piece some time ago and proved that it is possible for an atheist to have better morals than a christian, and I was excoriated. Some cannot tolerate dialogue with opposing points of view. Strange though, the atheist applauded, and the christian stoned me.

      Good thinking transcends differences of opinion, yet leaves room for the anchor to still be unmoved. But the fellow who decided to stay in his band, after a new profession, walks to his own beat, and here I agree with you.

      all the best-


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