The lighter side -winner revealed!

The thought occurred to me that a bucket list is not a bad idea; but I also considered the things that make up the days of our lives, and how many buckets they have filled already.

To recap:

All but one…

Below is a list of odds and ends, some mundane, others interesting, but all true except for one.

(if you need to see the list, scroll directly below)

I would encourage you to try your own variation of this, it really brought back some fine memories and a ton of laughs. I especially see the hand of God’s care looking back at the many stupid things that were done without him; how great thou art!


What one thing most likely did not occur?

Michelle Marie @ tellmeaboutit thought they all  were true. At first glance, this would not have seemed possible, since I highlighted that one was not true. However, Michelle may have noticed that one of the possibilities was ‘I took a lie detector test for a job.’ No trickery here, sorry MM, one is not true.  But of the four sisters I have, I did name one Michele 😉

Melissa @ Welcome Home selected ‘painted a van by hand,’ sorry. ‘Straight  a’s  in spelling?  Indeed. The discipline of a catholic school was useful here, and crossword puzzles are much easier when you can spell.   If you see a word out of whack here, it is simply mis-typed.    lol.

Joseyphina thought the questioning of a rabbi was unlikely. At a question and answer session, not only did it occur, but the response was quite interesting, and you could have heard a pin drop: How can David’s son be David’s Lord?  hmmmmmm. God’s word is good.

Ana said ‘no mice!’ As a driver, one of the responsibilities was to deliver mice to University hospitals for testing. Always liked the little fellas, in the context that people were beneficiaries of their lab work.

Ada @ lovelifeandgod said ‘taught myself to learn Greek.’ Stay tuned below Ada, and notice the distinction 😉

The Holistic Wayfarer made an observation about both ‘knowing’ Latin and Greek, and gets style points for the lie detector connection. Well done!  ‘En nomene patri, et fili, et spiritu sanctu’ (in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit) and such prayers were easy to memorize. ‘Speaking’ Latin, and  taught myself to ‘read’ Greek.  Both true.

Along these lines, SlimJim @ veritasdomain thought perhaps ‘an altar boy and speaking Latin’ was a stretch, but no, 8 years the acolyte, and Latin rolled off the tongue. Sorry Jim.

Greek is a wonderful  tool for reading the New Testament. One usage for the word decease is ‘exodus,’ which brings an entirely different dimension when Moses and  Elijah appeared with the Lord and spake of his  ‘decease’ which he should accomplish at Jerusalem. His Exodus.  At Calvary. Golgotha’s hill. The place of the skull.  Wow!

And of course one word for  ‘it is finished:’  ‘tetelestai!’  not only finished today, but has been finished, and will always be finished. Thank you Lord.

Sorcery is ‘pharmakeia,’  Eng, pharmacy, drugs etc. Do you know any Margaret’s? Her name means ‘pearl,’ so here are a few examples where Greek has been helpful.

The bird? Yep, happened, a wren.

Cindy @ RemnantRefuge thought maybe the idea of playing pool with Fats was a stretch, . He was putting on a display at a home show for West Penn Billiards, and we played a game of nine ball. He was the consummate gentleman, and ‘missed’ some shots, obviously to allow the young lad some press time.  My hands were shaking like a leaf, but was able to sink a few balls; the crowd went crazy.   lol    (I like green Cindy  😉

We now come to insanitybytes22.  This guess has a special place because it was the first, and I agree that it was an excellent pick. It simply reads nice. ‘Eating plantains in the Bahamas.’ Sad to say though, this happened, as I stayed with a family of Haitians for a week. Darn things look like bananas, but are the food of choice there.

Baseball was the sport of choice here. I was a pitcher, and when not on the mound, being left-handed, first base was where i played. In a playoff game, a no-hitter was pitched, and we lost. (sorry MamaMick)

Back in the day, us ‘boys’ would spend all day outside; no phones, computers, etc, so we were all pretty good athletes. I was a decent hitter, good bunter, and good  fielder.

Swimming across rivers was really stupid.  Accidents on motorcycles and cars. Skull fracture, hitchhiking cross-country,  God’s angels must have been stressed.  The calling of doves is kind of cool,  the trek was exactly one mile; the bingo chip thing was wrong, don’t like balances on cards, all men sew buttons and bake bread right? Tent in Florida yep, shortwave check, the lecture on Medjugorje was surreal, enough already! sooooo,  what one thing cannot I make claim to?  Envelope please.



……… hit a home run in Little league…...



   Yep, never happened.  Long fly balls, but nope.  I’m sorry, no winner today 😉

I would venture my guess that this was not even on your radar as a serious contender.  Heck, everybody hits home runs 😉

Thank you all really, for your interest.  Maybe you have been inspired to do something like this,  ‘to tell you the truth………………,’  Sounds like a game show  😉




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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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14 Responses to The lighter side -winner revealed!

  1. Awh well! I thought they all were true! I liked this it was fun! Great job! 😄😄

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  2. I never would have guessed that, Colorstorm! Haha, this was pretty cool, and it seems your post attracted quite a bit of attention.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Colorstorm says:

      Sooooooo Ada, my friend from Canada-

      What is your new favorite Greek word??? 😉
      That was different, huh, and I was pretty sure the ‘home run’ would not be picked.


      • I’d say “tetelestai.” It’s my favourite word because it’s eternally linked with my favourite act in history; Christ’s payment on behalf of me and everyone else on this earth. Tetelestai is like saying “I love you” in the context of the New Testament.

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        • Colorstorm says:

          That says an awful lot about you to select that.

          And you reminded me of something, if you don’t mind, I’m guessing it will warm you.

          When the Lord said ‘the son of man hath not a place to lay his head,’ there was ONE place where He could finally lay it….

          He BOWED his head and gave up the ghost.’ This was not a falling of the head after one dies so to speak, but a reverential placement as the final act of his death,

          It is a beautiful image Ada, which speaks perfectly to your ‘for God SO loved the world….’

          Without your giving back this note, others would not have seen this truth. It is marvellous this bowing of the head. Tkx Ada.


  3. Ana says:

    Oh shoot, i wanted to say this about little league but i wasn’t sure about the exact meaning of it, lol! I should listen to my inuition next time? blessings

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  4. LOL, well done! You stumped us all. Even I managed to hit a home run in Little League once! Of course, I wasn’t actually on the team and I was sort of an adult at the time…also, it was actually
    T- ball, so the ball wasn’t even moving 🙂

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    • Colorstorm says:

      Well if it means anything IB, back in the day, there was no political correctness on the field, and we had many a young Nolan Ryans- heck some of those balls I swear I didn’t even see! (flamethrowers) lol

      Well, I got the plantains and u got the homer 😉


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  6. Thank you for pointing me back to these earlier posts where you mention Fats and some interesting tidbits about yourself. Sounds like God has blessed you with an interesting life. I love how God takes the twists and turns and uses them to mold us into the people we are and all of us in His image – our wonderful creative Creator!
    Enjoy your blog very much, keeps me thinkin’!

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