Another new doctrine-sigh

 William Craig, an aspiring theologian, is promoting a point of view using the ‘Left behind’ movie as a springboard. Use the word ‘rapture’ and immediately the spiritual antenna are called in to defend a position, and within minutes there is usually a small argument.

End times talk is an opportunity for pride to manifest, sects to form, reasons for people to avoid each other, and sadly, good people are slandered. And for what? Because the Dots and Tees are not crossed exactly?

If you want to read the article, the link is below, but take a look at the leading comment, which in its simplicity, has found many chiming in with an ‘amen.’

Directly following, there is a small battle,  just as expected.


Theologian Claims Rapture Proponents Might Be Reading the Bible All Wrong — and Reveals an Alternative End Times Scripture Interpretation


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  • john vincent

    Oct. 9, 2014 at 1:38pm

    There is neither time nor paper to settle a mystery that is thousands of years old in an afternoon of blogging.

    Great minds disagree, and the bottom line? Only God knows. As for me, I’d rather focus on what is incontrovertible.

    -Christ died for our sins (according to the scriptures)
    -was buried
    -rose again from the dead the third day (according to the scriptures)
    -was seen alive by 500 people
    -ascended to heaven
    -is seated at the right hand of God
    -is coming again

    And still to this day, offers grace and pardon to whosoever will.

    john vincent


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10 Responses to Another new doctrine-sigh

  1. It gets to be a bit like sibling rivalry in a dysfunctional family, don’t you think? First there are the people who believe they are the favorite children, so they will be taken up in the rapture. Than there’s the people who think that’s terribly unfair, so they refuse to participate at all. Then you get the smart alec kid who suggests that perhaps those who get to go are actually the bad people and we’ve got the whole thing backwards…..People are so silly, we always want a list of clearly written instructions, a boarding pass that assures we are flying FIRST CLASS, and the flight better be running on time, too.

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    • Colorstorm says:

      Good analogy IB-

      (Theres an idea for YOU- what is a dysfunctional fam 😉

      Remember our brothers who argued ‘who would be the greatest in the kingdom………..’ some things never change.

      Things tend to go haywire when we take our eyes off the prize. Excuse the phrase, but you know I mean it respectfully of the Lord on high.

      Strangely enough, I have strong views on the subject at hand, but I would never make prophecy a matter of friendship, fellowship, and especially God knows it is not a matter of salvation.

      Heck, I have trouble doing what is simple to understand.



  2. “Strangely enough, I have strong views on the subject at hand..”

    Perhaps you’ll blog about it one of these days. Every time I study biblical prophecy, I start having the loveliest dreams, medieval, full of religious symbolism, so I think, well okay than, that settles it! It’s simply going to be awesome.

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    • Colorstorm says:


      Tkx for the vote of confidence, but methinks this format would not lend itself too well for such an in depth topic as prophecy-

      I would be winded and it would end up being a treatise on prolixity, which I do not like…..and at the end of the day, a lot of ink was used, and probably nobody was helped.

      But, I could be wrong about that. (boy could we talk about dreams!!)


  3. I agree, Colorstorm.

    I think it’s important to watch out for Biblical prophecies and pray for God to prepare you for such things, but on the other hand, what’s really important is that we get as many people into God’s kingdom as possible. Our job is to reach out for the lost and live in near-perfect fellowship with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as well as the rest of mankind at large.

    In short, we’re supposed to leave the judgment of peoples’ hearts up to God.


    • Colorstorm says:

      Ada, somebody said years ago that christians can be so heavenly minded that they are no d_mn good on earth.

      That sounds strong, but it can be incriminating. While we are attending every prophecy seminar, we neglect to see that our neighbor doesn’t have groceries. Ouch.

      But you are right though, prophecy IS important, as is ALL of scripture.

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      • I think that being heavenly minded should mean that you’re focused on God and what He asks of you, and since He does indeed oblige us to care for our neighbors here on earth, we are supposed to do that. As Christians, we are supposed to be mindful of prophecy as well as matters on earth.

        I think it was C.S. Lewis who said that the man who keeps his eyes on heaven wins both heaven and earth.

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    • Colorstorm says:

      You win the best comment of the day award; heck make it the week—

      Ada you have a guileless way about you, awesome. Glad I met u


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  4. Tiribulus says:

    Eschatology is my weakest area of study. I don’t enjoy it. It’s tedious and frustrating. That’s not a virtue, it’s a confession. As has been said. All I know is that once I was dead in sin and by nature a child of wrath and enemy of God and He loved me while I was unlovable and brought me into His family as His brother, bride and son.

    Yes, Jesus is coming and I cannot wait, but my mission is to tell people what’s He’s already done and how they too can know the joy and peace that only comes from reconciliation to their offended creator in Christ.


    • Colorstorm says:

      Knowing prophecy is no guarantee of spirituality is it Tirib? I’ve seen the endless threads that are so convoluted it’s hard to tell who the good guys are 😉

      True enough, let’s focus on whats’ incontrovertible; there is a lifetime on just what is obvious!!


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