Call to Arms

Please meet Caroline.
This essay in particular is weighty, for it comes from a life and heart of experience. Read slowly, stay with it to the end, and be both humbled and encouraged.

Fine, fine writing, with an even stronger message.

Beautiful Life with Cancer

Dark.  Loud explosions boomed occasionally and a constant high pitched spray of bullets.  Inside my head was a constant whirling and confusion.  My vision blurred as I looked around at the casualties and wounded.  One tangled in barbed wire and bent backward into the trench.  His body occasionally shook as the enemy shot again at his exposed legs.

“He is dead!”  I yelled out in frustration and anger.  “Leave him alone!”  I think I yelled it out.  Maybe it was all in my head.

I turned.  I ran as fast as I could.  I began dropping gear.  I ran past some other soldiers standing firm at their post.  A girl, a young girl of about ten, was bandaged where one arm used to be, but she stood in such confidence.  I ran past her.

Another aged man, laying inside the trench with many fresh battle wounds on top of old…

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4 Responses to Call to Arms

  1. That was so good! What a well written piece. Thanks for linking to it.


    • Colorstorm says:

      Yes, it was a good piece, full of faith and valor-tkx for reading it IB-

      Btw, while ur here lol that is some character over your latest post. (Innocent B?) Run ins before?? I tried to be kind.


      • Run ins with his kind before, yes. He comes from the gamers that sprung out of the men’s rights groups, who then eventually started distorting Christianity to back up their agenda. It’s a bit like a cult for men that promotes sexual conquest and the complete domination of women. I’d ignore them, but they’ve recently upped the Christian rhetoric and some of those bloggers are now getting 10,000+ hits a day.

        Every now and then I go around and poke my finger in the hornets nest.

        In the comments on my post on “Shaming Women,” there are now a few more details and comments that might explain the latest kerfluffle.

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