Answering natures call

A matter of life or death? Doubtful. Security issues? Possibly.  Inappropriate? Absolutely. Sign of the times? Unfortunately.

To be fair, there are times when a bath-room could serve dual  purposes, as in a handicapped facility where ease of access is important, but the idea is being floated for gender neutral public bathrooms in Houston’s city government buildings, because well, just because.

This is a bad dream right, that the state of Texas is trying to push this ‘new’ thing that is oh so wonderful. Annise Parker, (yep, her) wants to eviscerate the distinction between the sexes. After all, it’s just a slight biological difference. (tennis ball lobbed to IB  😉

This is the fruit folks of atheism and carnality, (no, not carnality, that is too kind a word: insert your own word) with a moral base that is out to lunch. This is not even a spiritual issue, as that argument could reduce this absurdity in a few short words, but this is simply an attack on nature.

I can hear the trees and rocks voice their dissent; I am surprised that the environmentalists do not hear the same song. The agenda is to paint men as a greater kind of woman, and to promote the woman as a lesser man. Ugh, ouch, and Ewww! 

What man in his right mind would venture into a restroom like this, and what kind of woman would want to be seen doing her thing in the company of men? Oh silly me, it’s the progressive mind of the new dawn. How could I be so shallow. And please do not tell me about the French.

It is deceptively more disquieting than merely answering natures call. The blurring of the sexes into obscurity; the demasculating of the male, and the removing of the feminine from the woman is the wave of the future.  Two women as mates? Two men as mates? Same sex bathrooms?  Let me see your sermons! All cut from the same tattered cloth.

Yeah, not long from now, the male lion will be called into court to explain why his voice is so darn deep, and the female lions will all press charges that the king of beasts should tone it down, and submit to vocal chord education and training for sensitivity. This is the brain of the liberal mind without absolutes.

Well guess what people: A man is absolutely male and masculine, and the woman is absolutely female and feminine. Deal with it.   Doth not nature itself teach you?

Please tell me, this is just a joke right…but then again, isn’t Ms. Parker known for her in- your -face views on lesbianism…..and…  ah forget it.  Or is it just me, that my mind is so cluttered with trivial pursuits that I am to blame for not getting on board…




Since posting this, I ran across across some comments in another venue.  I was understated in my opinion.  You gotta include the baggage.


-When a transgender (really a male) came into the Ladies Room at my college, he stood there staring at ladies applying makeup at the mirror. He was just loitering. I was more than uncomfortable… anxiously checking to see if he was peering in the door cracks and unable to relax. Next break I got in my car and went to the corner gas station rather than share my privacy with him. (Soundmind)

  • -Have we just become completely insane in this country? YES! The nation is taken over by a small 1% minority of EXTREMELY DISGUSTING TROUBLED SEXUALLY OBSESSED PERVERTS (Gofen)

  • -So what happens when a male using a female restroom forgets to put down the seat when he’s done or, God forbid, pees on the seat? Will the amended ordinance demand that males must drop their drawers and sit to pee? (Solvorcir)

    •    -The elevation of LBGTs and pedophiles and the HIPHOP-Hook-up date-rape      culture are part of the assault on human decency required to maintain a civilized society.  Conservatives do not want to admit it, but he reality is that we have tolerated the slow-motion murder of our own civilization (Dr Maxhathaway)


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8 Responses to Answering natures call

  1. Oh goodness. Living-in-the-hole precluded me from knowing about this but I’m not the least surprised. Is it not just another indication of a world that promotes homogeneity? Are we not all one in the same? Why distinguish anymore between the sexes? I promise you dear friend…this will manifest when pigs fly. Ohh…did I just see a pink blob whirl overhead? Hmm…

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    • Colorstorm says:

      Well Cindy-You have inadvertently just inspired a new post: when pigs fly….
      It’s all yours.

      Heck, I’ve seen them fly before, maybe you need to get out more 🙂 For years the dumbing down of television has inched its way upon the consciousness, to where people do not question what their eyes are seeing.

      The promotion of the ‘gay’ culture, the blending of the clothing to diminish the differences between sexes, slowly but surely the change has been made. Now the bathroom thing, wait and see, airports will be next.

      God bless-


  2. Good post. Strange times we’re living in, indeed.

    Long since forgotten, many of the social mores we have, were actually designed to protect and accommodate women. Today we call them “oppression, intolerance, and sexism.” It never ceases to amaze me to see women on this bandwagon because it is just so shortsighted. It’s not men who are going to be the ones intimidated by a stray woman wandering into their restroom.

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    • Colorstorm says:

      Ok then IB,

      I’m not over reacting.and I’m not alone in thinking this is strange. Phew..
      The blending of the sexes makes monsters of both.

      God made whales, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, man and woman. He surely must have a sense of humor!

      The rhino is funny huh? No, I meant people!!!

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  3. Toronto, which is not too far from where I live, has those new “progressive” bathroom laws. And what do you know, a man came into a women’s changing room at a public pool one day, claiming he was transgendered but just didn’t get the surgery yet, and started masturbating in front of an old woman while she was changing. When she complained that this made her feel violated, the transgender community lashed back, calling her “intolerant.”

    So calling out perverse behavior is intolerant too now, huh?

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    • Colorstorm says:

      Yes, Ada, when the genie is let out of the bottle, or pandora out of the box, I’m not surprised at your example.

      The so called sleight of hand by the decadent is really black magic.

      Tkx for reminding me that my concerns are certainly justified.

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  4. Shofar says:

    Is it any wonder that America has earned a reputation of leading the world in moral decadence? Not surprising with leaders who can’t agree on what good, moral government is all about, judges who do not judge rightly, and church leaders who disregard God’s laws. The Bible describes our general national condition as ‘every man did that which was right in his own eyes’ (Judges 17:6); Isa 5:20 says ‘Woe unto them that call evil, good and good, evil.’


    • Colorstorm says:

      Yep Liz-

      People are so fearful of absolutes, as if it is somehow damaging to know the difference between left and right, hot and cold, male and female.

      Its going to be a bumpy ride ahead.
      Tkz Liz
      good to see you again

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