Oh how time flies

Ran into a person who I have not seen in ten years. These things happen, offshoots of some obscure family member, where time and circumstance act as a detour,  but I was struck with what we all know, and can not control, that TIME moves swiftly.

The end of scripture tells us:  ‘Surely I come quickly,’ and of course this speaks of the Lord.  A second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, a decade, a century, a thousand years, are all but a snap, just like that ten-year absence. Poof. The vapor of James testifies and we too can give an  ‘Amen.’

Enya sings a tune ‘My my time flies,’ and the older we get, the truer this becomes. Tick tock tick tock, and ‘quickly’ seems to have longer legs and a greater stride. Knowing these things can give relief to weary souls, for He who holds the eternal stopwatch is oh so watchful, and promises to never leave or forsake his own.

In spite of  our (my) own aloofness, and our (my) inability to love as He loves, He knows us by name, and get this:  He is not ashamed to call us brethren. Oh my. People found fault with Thomas, and dubbed him ‘Doubting,’ but he was no less a believer before he wanted proof of the nail prints.

He could have rightly said, ‘Lord I believe, help thou my unbelief.’  Doubt comes and goes, as all of us have doubts. I appreciate Thomas, for in that small moment of time, he wanted more proof that his Lord was alive, even though the Lord  said he would arise after three days and three days.

But time plays tricks on minds; we take our eyes off the prize, and forget the truths that we hold so dear. Let’s remember the love of the Lord as he said to fetch the ‘doubter,’ calling him by name. Thomas  could have recalled that the Lord saw Nathaniel under the fig tree when there was nary a man to be found, and that would have been enough, but that’s ok, because Thomas’s lack of faith is my lack of faith. The Lord is Faithful and True, thank God.

To get back on track, we only need to hear that word: ‘Behold I come quickly.’ Yes, a day is as a thousand years, and the Lord’s care for His own never diminishes. Our bodies fail, our testimony wanes, but His love is exceedingly abundant.

Is this not reason enough to redeem the time for the Lord’s sake?



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6 Responses to Oh how time flies

  1. mzpresser says:

    Yes Lord Jesus come quickly!!!

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  2. Ana says:

    i cant wait to see Lord as well, but i also feel very unworthy to stand in front of God because he will know my sins and everything else wrong i did, so there is a fear as well because i know i am not perfect!

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    • Colorstorm says:

      Yes, Ana,
      -unworthy- for He alone is worthy, ‘Thou art worthy’
      -He knows everything, oh yea
      -not perfect? yep
      -fear? well, yes and no. Godly fear yes. Fear of punishment, no, thank God.

      -He knows your sins? yep, mine too, HOWEVER, if the scriptures are true, then He chooses to forget them, and remember them no more. We will stand before the Lord perfectly in all the righteousness of the Lord, and we will marvel at His majesty and grace, but the issue of sin will be off the table so to speak. We look at an ordinary insignificant stone, colorless and bland and see very little, the Lord sees a shining gem. He has polished us with His likeness. Wow!

      Truly when our accusers bring a charge against us as to sin, the Lord can and does rightfully say: ‘What sins?’ His forgiveness is perfect and His word is sure. Our enemy sees trash; the Lord sees treasure.

      Knowing this is even more humbling and inspires us to live unto Him. your point is very well taken about the knowledge of our shortcomings, yet God’s grace covers all our weaknesses. Truly a Saviour and God unlike any.

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