Calling out Dalrock

This terse but tart piece by IB lays out clearly some lucid observations about the distinctions between good and bad Christianity. Not all that glitters is gold.

Pay attention as to WHY atheists may have cause to flee, and why feminists could possibly find fault with Christ Himself. I commend to all readers this work.

See, there's this thing called biology...

Unless one enjoys vicious  idolatrous cults that pervert both Christian values and masculine identity, one should not click on the link to Dalrock’s blog.

Dalrock, for those who don’t know, is a gamer, one of the offshoots of the men’s rights movement, a group that tends to promote male dominance in all things and the fine art of controlling women, gaming them so to speak. It’s not all bad, men need a place to vent, to find themselves, to hopefully work towards becoming better men. Besides,  the internet is big place and I am all about the freedom, even the freedom to be wrong and to express your wrongness.

My problem is when bad things are promoted under the guise of Christianity and Christ Himself is perverted, misrepresented, used as justification for one’s own dysfunction. I’ve tried to rather gently speak to some of these men, but being the…

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  1. Citizen Tom says:

    Thanks for the pointer. Left a comment there too.


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