If looks could kill

Surely you have seen the ‘look.’  Growing up as a youngster, I recall the look and it immediately left an impression, it created distance, discomfort, and it was just really annoying.

The people who look this way are probably unaware, and I’m guessing they can’t help themselves, but they must look this way because this is a revelation of who they are and how they think.

At any given moment, the look comes alive, and a thinking person has every right to say ‘what’s up with that?’ But we do not, we remain mute, and allow people to marinate in their own ego.

Please do not confuse this look with a head held high let’s say for American patriotism, the singing of the national anthem, or for the natural pride we may have for loved ones. No, this look has an identity all to its own.

This look of which I speak displayed itself very well in the last election cycle, and while not obviously being the sole reason for a certain spanking, I’m sure it contributed.

You see this look mostly when a person is being addressed. They are on the receiving end of questions or are being admonished. They are not in control, and they hate it. Others are speaking, and they feel threatened. So they sit and stare with eyes of steel. Then the head tilts back. The neck appears to have grown a few inches. Then the chin shifts upward with the nose leading the way.

The good book calls this a ‘proud look,’ and it is numero uno on the list of six things that the Lord hates. I’m thinking it’s a good idea to listen up when we see the short list of what God hates.

It is a look which looks down on others. It is a look of arrogance and scorn, and it is no wonder it makes people uncomfortable. Sooooooooo, who of late comes to mind having this look? Two people in particular, you may have your own short list.

There she is, being questioned by the IRS, yes, Ms. Lerner with head high in disdain, ‘the cat ate the hard drive!’  We see the president striking a similar pose, yet, it is not rare at all. It is everyday, all the time.

A proud look and a lying tongue; twins of crookedness. Time will not allow the developing of these two, but this look is far too common. The distance this look creates is palpable, for you certainly do not want to draw nigh to such a person; which then makes you uncomfortable, and yes, it is clearly annoying.

Nobody wants to be dressed down with eyes of fire and ice. ‘I am better than you!’ Yes, this singular look emits an air of pride.  When Ms. Lerner sat in her hot-seat, her posture spoke louder than her words.  I would be curious if there is one person who disagrees with this observation.

Is there a word here for me? You betcha. Actually, I am more concerned for my haughty look than I should be for others. But hey, at least I know what it is, and that it should be avoided.


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6 Responses to If looks could kill

  1. Good post! You and I seem to be in synchronicity today, because I was thinking of haughty eyes too. They really do seem to kind of permeate our entire existence right now and it becomes more and more clear everyday why God dislikes them so much.


    • Colorstorm says:

      On the same page with IB!

      The other day, I was having a discussion about pride, and the thought occurred to me that many could (and do ) mistake confidence for that, but really they are worlds apart.

      I’ll pop over and see what you are up to


      • Citizen Tom says:

        If our confidence is in our Creator, there is nothing at all wrong with being confident.


        Unfortunately, we have government officials breaking laws, and they see nothing wrong with it. Is overblown pride part of that? Afraid so.


        • Colorstorm says:

          I’m with you there CT-

          If any man boast, let him boast in the Lord kind of thing.

          ‘Overblown’ pride?? Ha. Yea, I prefer the casual variety lol–Then again, it’s probably more dangerous since it would harder to see….


  2. I’ve received my fair share of haughty eyes, and have given them (unfortunately) as well. It’s an important thing to look out for because it really can kill people emotionally, depending on their life situation and how many times they’ve received “that look” in the past.

    We can never know when someone we are speaking to is distressed, or hurting deeply inside, or simply not having a good day, and making “those eyes” at them can hurt more than we realize. Others, who have an almost impenetrable cloak of arrogance surrounding them, will simply get more angry and more defensive/cocky when someone else gives them a haughty look. It just stirs the beehive.

    People will say, “But I don’t want to have to walk on eggshells all the time.” And I can only say, it actually feels much better to be on equal terms with your neighbor, to not have that power struggle between you and them – to live in peaceful fellowship. So yes, it may be hard at first, but it gets easy with time (and especially prayer).

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    • Colorstorm says:

      Hey Ada-

      missed ya-

      ‘inpenetrable cloak of arrogance,’ that is strong and unfortunately true.

      While your here, don’t let insults get to you, there are many more who are for you than against you, but you only need one, God. 😉

      ‘Greater is He that is in you………………’

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