The trash men will not take THAT

The local bulletin reads: Separate the plastic, no glass, no metal, glass only, no appliances, no tires, no oil, carpeting must be cut rolled tied, no longer than three feet, no car parts.’ Heck what will they take?

It’s ‘we take everything Friday,‘ it’s like a curb fest. Happens once every seven years.

Bring on the fenders from 50 years ago, bring out the shingles from the roof demo, old fridge? yep, they will take it; tractor tires, sure go get em; scrap pile of lumber yep, old mattresses yep, portable dishwasher yep, car batteries yep, bring everything; got any hazardous waste? go get it; thousand pound cast iron wood stove from the garage; yep no problem.

You mean they will take anything? Yep. Anything that can be put on the truck they will take. Wow, what a great day in the neighborhood.

These are men in this truck; strong, resolute, bodies tempered by time and experience, men’s men, hard-working, not afraid to get dirty, flannel shirted glove clad men.

It’s Friday!

Here they are, the sound of that diesel rig coming for your load puts a smile on your face; sounds like the ice cream truck with the same monotonous tune, which sounds different today. Everything goes.

After an hour of backbreaking labor, there was a solitary empty trash can remaining. No body knew how it got there, no body claimed it, somehow though, all people thought it may have been theirs; but an unbearable stench,

  an otherworldly wisp drifted from the can, and begged all to silently draw near.


There was an envelope unsealed with a paper inside. Naturally, the driver must read it, as were the owners equally curious. It read:

‘From the owner of the landfill: ‘It is Take everything trash day Friday, Everything that can be put on this truck is welcome. There is no trash on earth that can be rejected. (The driver was holding his nose, and the homeowners eyes were being overcome with fumes.)

The reason we can take everything, is we know how to dispose of everything properly. What may seem a problem for you is nothing for us, for we will incinerate and obliterate everything you have put on this truck. Nothing will remain. And we are happy to do it. (The noxious smell was becoming too much for the people)

What you are smelling is the rotten fruit of one teeny, tiny, istsy bistsy lie, a common sin. This piece of garbage we cannot take, for there is no place on earth to dump it. It is weightless, but is heavy, it appears insignificant, but the scrap cannot be loaded on a thousand trucks. We cannot do away with this item in this trash can…… but there is One who can………..

The homeowners and the men stood in awe at such revelation of sin and themselves, and had a friendly chat. ‘Paul Bunyan’ said he lifted railroad ties with ease, but couldn’t imagine the strength needed to lift one small sin. It was a chance encounter for all of them, they thanked one another, as the homeowner took the empty trash can back to the garage, with a huge smile. And the drivers? They too went on their way rejoicing.


We really do not consider the egregiousness of sin from heavens point of view. A small seemingly insignificant lie alone, is such an affront to a holy God. Imagine if we were to fill the can…..

Yes, there is One who can dispose of sin properly, as a matter of fact He has done so already. And oh, it was a very good Friday. He dealt with something far worse than hazardous waste, and disposed of the sin of the world in such a fashion that glorified God. He took it upon Himself… Can we imagine such a thing?

How any person can reject the Lord on high only needs to look at his very own trash can. This is plenty of proof that the God of all grace is right around the corner


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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7 Responses to The trash men will not take THAT

  1. Wally Fry says:

    That was great! Really wonderful illustration. And that is our problem. We look at things from our perspective not His. Worse than that is we act like His perspective doesn’t even count or is unreasonable. If God wants us to be different than we are He must be a big mean jerk right?

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  2. SLIMJIM says:

    Very witty; I’m glad our Savior can take away all sins!


    • ColorStorm says:

      In the most reverential way Jim, some could say the Lord was the ultimate ‘trash collector.’ I suppose a case can be made.

      He ‘collected them’ Himself as it were, but there was no landfill! He took them Upon Himself. amen.

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  3. Very nice indeed. Paul Bunyan, you say? Paul Bunyan??? Hmm…now you speak the language of my people! Keep churning. The butter is well on it’s way. Blessings to you Jack ~

    Liked by 1 person

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