Three men and a truck

This is a reminder to myself first and foremost. If it blesses you in any small way, thank God.  Please see original post below.

The Lions Den

1939 Ford pick-up truck 1939 Ford pick-up truck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Three men were spotted in the cornfields in the cool of the day; they had been walking for quite some time.

One man was wearing a long black coat, a ball cap, work boots, and he had the growth of a few days beard. The second man was short of stature, a receding hairline, and an orange tossel cap; the last man was somewhat tall, had blue jeans and tennis shoes, and there was nothing unusual about their behaviour as they simply walked, looking for a particular farm.

As they neared their destination, they spotted the new green Ford pick-up truck parked next to the barn. They slowly opened the truck doors, (whether the doors were locked we do not know) and all three men sat inside the front row bench, waiting.

The man on the passenger side opened the glove box and…

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