Citizen Tom has explained and demonstrated the far reaching tentacles of meebottery, and some of the important and inescapable results of selfishness. In times past, the seed was planted for men doing ‘that which was right in his own eyes,’ and it appears, the germination has thrived, and is alive and well. CT’s thoughts on govt, worship, and ssm, are especially insightful.
Give it a careful read, and pass along that others may appreciate another view of ‘we the people’

Citizen Tom


What Is A Meebot?

Anyone can see it. Our government no longer represents us.  Day after day we see an increasing number of examples, instances where our leaders simply ignore what we want and do what some small special interest wants.  We scream in frustration. We walk away and refuse to participate. We pray. The problem just gets worse. Why?

We tend to blame our leaders. Don’t they run things? Well, don’t they? Yet we elected them, and our elections still seem to work. That is, the guy most of us voted for still wins. So that raises a question? What is wrong with the people we are electing? My answer is an obvious one. These people are too much like us. We vote for people like us, meebots.

What’s a meebot? Here is how the originator of the term defines it.

What is a meebot? It is a person of…

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  1. Citizen Tom says:

    Thank you for the reblog and thank you for coining the term “meebot.”

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