Say cheese, take two

“Say cheese’ was the first post; it may be helpful for context to look at that short account.

We know there were two elephants, and a man with a camera who snapped the express image of the true.  In this light, it would be well to keep in mind ‘many infallible proofs,’ and as you probably know, the large eared animals are simply ancillary to this account. 

I submit that the word of a good man is evidence enough to justify your trust. So what if he is  12,000 miles away. If he said he saw them, this matter is settled.

Image result for nairobi plane ticket

Question:  If his word is not enough evidence, if his eye witness account is not good enough to believe his testimony, if the pics taken with his very hands are not enough, ask yourself why you need more proof, and why you doubt his truthful accounting. You say there may be possible weaknesses, and you need more proof?  Ok then.

He was obviously alive and his eyes were open. He really did see two elephants; not rhinos. He was sober.

Oh did I say he had a camera…..and the fact that he was on a tour bus with 4 other double decker buses, totaling 500 people? Yep, cameras clickin left and right, ‘say cheese’ seemed to be getting on people’s nerves.

His punched ticket for Nairobi is a good souvenir, as is his elephant key-chain. His plane ticket and passport were all stamped with time and date.  His vacation pay was included by his employer. All 153 co-workers wished him well on his safari vacation. All  truthful accounts. 


There were verifiable, reliable, and infallible proofs that this man saw the elephants. He was there in Africa. The word of a good man would have been sufficient.

I repeat, there were more than 500 witnesses on the buses. Remind you of something? When the Lord appeared to more than 500 at once after he rose again, is not their word good for you? Is not their evidence your evidence?

Taken together, do we not have MANY infallible proofs as to the truthfulness of scripture? Indeed.

A man by a fire denies the Lord. Yes, he was human. The same man with James and John saw the dazzling brightness and effulgent glory of the Lord’s person on the holy mount, and Peter later wrote: ‘WE WERE EYE WITNESSES OF HIS MAJESTY.’  His accounting is good enough for me.

There would be absolutely no reason under creation to be suspicious of Peter’s testimony, as there was also no reason to doubt a man’s word across continents while on safari.

We believe the testimony of men having lesser evidence in mundane things, and do not extend the same courtesy to God. The express image of God can easily be seen in His infallible  word, which verifies the living Word.  Infallible: incapable of making mistakes or being wrong.’   Pretty strong definition. And yes, a simple camera confirms faith, for even the unbeliever knows that the unseen can be seen. 

Are not the words and acts of the disciples verifiable, reliable, and infallible proofs? 

‘Touch me and see, a spirit does not have flesh and bones.’  The disciples saw the Lord on the sea-shore, where he had prepared a fire of coals and fish.  They saw him ascend into heaven. ‘Our eyes have seen, and our hands have handled the word of life.’  ‘Destroy this temple, and in three days, I will raise it up.’ (His very body) ‘I will rise again.’

There walked with him two on the road to Emmaus, and they spake of the things of Moses in the law, and the prophets, and in the Psalms the things concerning Himself.

While not having seen, there is every reason to trust an accounting, especially where the God of heaven is involved, as He can surely preserve His word with no effort. A man saw two elephants, snapped a picture, and the camera does not lie for it reveals what has been put into it, in this case the hand of God has recorded every detail.

Image result for elephants

The word of God is ever and always enough, as it is forever settled in heaven. God knows the heart of man, how we are subject to ‘needing proof,’  and He has not failed yea rather, His word is replete with proof after proof after proof.

Cameras will cease, but the word of God abides for ever.



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13 Responses to Say cheese, take two

  1. Really well said. There are numerous truths to be found in your words. I liked this the best, “I submit that the word of a good man is evidence enough to justify your trust.” Oh, amen to that! We live in a world with a lot of cynicism, deception, and skepticism. Many people are more willing to believe bad things are true than to risk being thought foolish for trusting in the good. There’s a price to pay for not forfeiting your pride, however.

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  2. Wally Fry says:

    How did I miss this post? Stupid WordPress I guess. I only saw it when IB commented.

    Yep..infallible proofs. First time I ever read that it just mesmerized me, the very idea behind it. Not capable of error or mistake. And, the fellow who wrote that, Dr. Luke was a fine historian in his own right…I trust what he wrote.

    I believe in the infallible, verbal inspiration of the whole Bible and that the Bible is the all-sufficient rule of faith and practice…that’s what I believe.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Doncha get tired of they who incessantly ask for proof?

      Ah, you are breathin, right? Look around, geez, the word of God only cements peoples unbelief further.

      A person can’t take one step without seeing proof. Can’t read one text of scripture without seeing proof.

      Infallible proofs? Yep, we got them.


      • Wally Fry says:

        “Ah, you are are breathin, right? Look around, geez”……fact.

        I get it though, I really do. Been there, done that. I know they all think I am just some fundie pinhead, but it wasn’t that long ago I was singing their chorus. I understand those guys better than they understand themselves.

        But……and this is vital. We can never, never, never, never…did I say never?, Back down from what God’s Word teaches about sin and salvation, why we need it, and how we get it. I listened to wishy washy Christians for a lot of years and it never made a dent in my own obstinate pride; usually I could just bulldoze those guys into submission. I wasn’t until some preacher started talking about my particular sin and why God hated it so much, then laid out the consequences for it, then told me the solution..made my head snap back, brother.

        But..that’s because I knew, just like we all know. Creation screams creator and we try so desperately try to make God a mad man so we can justify ignoring Him; nonetheless, we know. We can’t ignore it, and that’s why there is so much anger and venom. We are caught dead to rights and we don’t like it!

        So, keep on keeping on…that’s what the world needs. Truth, not some Joel Osteen gospel message. Oops, bet that gets some nasty grams LOL.

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        • thetruthisstrangerthanfiction says:

          Wow, I’d like to go back and hear more about your testimony Wally. Have you written about it on your blog? Gonna have to go look now!

          Personal testimony is so huge.. The testimonies of others who eventually met God, the testimonies of men and women who saw Jesus in the flesh, the testimonies of the prophets and patriarchs. Above all, the testimony of God Himself….

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        • Wally Fry says:

          Hey thetruth. There’s some on my about page actually. I was a non believer for 45 long years. Check that out and holler later. Working and on my phone…so a sound bite is about the best I can do till I get home lol.

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  3. ColorStorm says:

    Creation screams creator? Heck, a whisper should do it.

    That’s two issues though, the devil believes God and trembles…………….believing God is easy. It’s the Redeemer where people take umbrage. People can say they do not believe, but I agree with God, its stamped on the heart.

    But you are right, and ib said as much earlier, sin and pride are a great price.

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  5. xPraetorius says:

    Wow! Just wonderful! Really clearly-reasoned, well said and persuasive.


    — x

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  6. When you take into account the amount of people who have followed Christ throughout the ages, if they were all duped, that would be a lie so incredibly more successful than any other. Seems unlikely enough that I’d at least take a listen to what they’re saying with an open heart.

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  7. ColorStorm says:

    Sure enough Louis, truth can withstand interrogation, cross examination, whatever is thrown at it. Your points lead to a question::

    What other ‘so called lie’ is perpetuated as much (ahem, so called) as the assault of truth, scripture, and the Christ of God? .


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