What color was Adam and Eve?

Is this question important? Answer to yourself before reading.

The Lions Den

The logo from 1987 to 2006. "Evolution of... The logo from 1987 to 2006. “Evolution of our brand logo”. Eastman Kodak . . Retrieved 2007-09-26 . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was a recent question asked by a christian man, and the answers were quite revealing. Natural bias was called upon to defend a position, all wanting an edge in both knowing, as well as trying to prove a superior race.

He was white of course. He was red of course. He was brown of course. He was orange of course.  He was black of course.

Yes, all opinions from they who have bibles in hand, yet coming up with opposing and contradictory views. He was ruddy complected,  see he obviously was white.

As the frauds of Identity say, ‘He was German and white,’ others ‘He was African and black,’  and the spiritual myopia is endless. But what does scripture say, and is there proof to combat the nonsense? My take is rather simple: God…

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