Just another day…

Trevor Noah’s depravity and new gig.

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People of faith losing lives for being people of faith.

Dan Savages vile mouth.

Will Tiger Woods win the Masters?

Carville tries to defend the queen Ms. Clinton.

Iran’s big shots vowing to ‘erase Israel off the map.’

Bruce Jenner gets breast implants.

Mr. Dawkins shaking his fist at ‘no Creator.’

Child molesters running rampant.

Oldest known person dies at 117.

NCAA preps for big games.

Earthquakes coming soon.

Just another ho-hum news day on planet earth.  Speaking of  Savage and Noah, the ‘new’ voices of  ‘intellect and tolerance,’  which are simply more votes for life apart from God; imagine the thoughts and deeds of man without the restraint of the Spirit of God.

Is there precedence? Only if you believe the scriptures of truth, for in the days of the original Noah, ‘the thoughts and intents of mans heart were only evil continually,’ bringing a flood upon the world of the ungodly.

People will deny or complain about a deluge, but miss the fact of the wickedness of man; kinda similar to what we see today:   straining at a gnat, while swallowing the proverbial camel.

Yet these same people cry for a world apart from God, and have no clue what they are asking for. When the floodgates of ‘everyman doing what is right in his own eyes’ are opened and fulfilled, man will beg for help to deliver himself from the error of his own devices.

And the woman dying at 117? Yep, running real close to the age of Moses at 120, who took with him his natural strength, and his excellent vision.

And that’s the report from where I sit.

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27 Responses to Just another day…

  1. Planting Potatoes says:

    very good read today – timely for this day reserved for foolishness! Noah proved, as perhaps this woman of 117 may have, that as long as we are alive, no matter the age, God not only has use for us – but that he will enable us for that use! God bless!

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  2. Scarlett says:

    Maybe we should be praying the news? I don’t know what other good thing could come from it, except that it serves to illustrate the dire straights mankind is in and the chasm that exists between Christians who know and love the Lord, and those who don’t. .

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Praying the news. You will be busy for a while ;).

      Then again we are told to pray without ceasing. It’s all under control though, dark as it may get.

      Just think when ‘He who restrains is removed,’ literally all hell will break loose, while mankind screams ‘progress!’

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  3. Wally Fry says:

    Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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  4. It’s truly a wonder really when catching the headlines—the depravity and those stories which seem to be seen by so many folks as “news”… leaves me shaking my head.
    Who cares that Bruce Jenner has lost his mind. That’s not news worthy. Who cares whose hosting the latest hollywood award show–That’s not news worthy. Sports, well leave that on the sports page, not the cover headline–same with Tiger—sports section. . .
    Most of what folks are seeing as “news” was once dribble and fodder for tabloids–now it seems all news agencies have taken the tabloid rags lead by reporting the laughable, the inexcusable, the ridiculous, the scandalous and the feel good as leading news stories.
    IS and its murder and mayhem, news.
    Ukraine, news
    Saudi Arabia blasting Yemen, news
    The purposeful crashing of a commercial plane, news. . .
    It’s all a matter of importance and priorities I suppose and sadly is appears that most Americans seem to care about is very superficial issues rather than the real meat and potatoes—-
    But that is merely one person’s observation- – –
    Blessings this Holy Week—

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  5. Mother Hen says:

    I lift up the name of our Lord Jesus and praise His name.. He is worthy of our praise.. Be encouraged dear brothers and sisters in Christ..

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  6. thetruthisstrangerthanfiction says:

    I miss Jon Stewart already, even though I rarely agreed with him, he was still funny….

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    • ColorStorm says:

      That’s mighty nice of ya truth, to not agree but still find something of value. I probably like him a lot less than you, and thought his humor was kinda damp.


      • thetruthisstrangerthanfiction says:

        Yeah, I suppose it is. but then, I also have to confess I laugh at some of the humor in shows like “American Dad” too (shhh don’t tell anyone….)

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  7. Forgive the political humor ColorStorm, but Christ can wipe away all that bad news faster than Hillary can wipe a server 😉

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    • ColorStorm says:

      You know, I often wonder about God’s sense of humor. Oh my the animal kingdom alone!

      And what He must think when people shake their fist at him saying: ‘You do not exist!’ Yea, kinda amusing, after all, ‘He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh.’

      Ms Clinton is not off the hook just yet, heck, just grab any 6 yr. old kid to find the ‘files,’ and he’ll have it in a New York minute. 😉

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    • ajc says:

      what does wipe a server mean


  8. Tricia says:

    Well we sure do live in strange times eh? But then I guess the history of the world is made up of times like these when the people shunned God and truth, calamity followed and they again turn toward Him. Not sure which stage we are at but there are certainly many around us for who “for the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing…” And oh but I agree that God surely has a wicked sense of humor!

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