Me and my shadow

I like shadows as they are mysterious, revealing, and a constant reminder of things more truer. The law of God was a shadow as it were, a fore-runner of something better; a shadow of the true to be exact.

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Shadows do not lie. They are the express image of something far better, but a man would starve trying to get nourishment from the shadow of an orange.

God’s word NEVER fails. I fail, you fail. God cannot fail. He is immutable, His ways are perfect, and He is well beyond our petty questions. We ask questions through the fog of our bias, then charge the Creator with ambiguity. We wrongfully understand shadows.

How about we value HIS questions such as ‘Where are you?’ or ‘How is David’s son David’s Lord?’ But no, we ignore or malign His soft pleas to our own detriment. But still:

He is good when we are not.

He is very good when we are not.

He is merciful when we are not.

He is patient when we are not.

He is truthful when we are not.

He is gentle when we are not.

He is light when we are not.

He is altogether lovely when we are not.

Surely God’s goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. And the paradox? When we say ‘begone’ to His goodness, it still follows us, like a perfect shadow; try we may to rid ourselves of His mercy, He pursues ever so closely. SURELY goodness and mercy shall follow me………………but not all turn and say, ‘C’mon.’

We may choose THIS day who to serve, this hour, this minute, this very second we may choose. We may choose this dwelling place, for our very shadow knows, and speaks truth to our conscience, but while it may utter a word of incriminating and rightful punishment, it does not, as truth and grace say more in silence.

The Lord before Pilate when asked ‘what is truth? Silent. He in whom dwelt all the fulness of the grace of God perpetually, was mute when asked of this ‘truth.’ Stunning, and worthy of contemplation. Pilate stood in the shadow of light and merely washed his hands.

No man ever spake like this man, no man ever brought grace and truth, and no man asked questions that silenced all adversaries. Truly the only worthy King of Kings. Truly, the only worthy Lord of Lords, He whose presence dispels all shadows.


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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18 Responses to Me and my shadow

  1. irtfyblog says:

    Very well stated. “We’ll never get nourishment from the shadow of an orange.”

    Far too often we try to find nourishment from shadows, and then we do what we can to convince ourselves and others that what we’re feeding on will keep us healthy. That snare keeps us slaves to a false belief and trapped into a mentally of wrongful actions that are detrimental to our own selves.


    • ColorStorm says:

      True what you say about food. It’s one thing to eat, but to convince another that rotten eggs are tasty……….

      But that is another question; Who decides what is rotten? Well, my stomach agrees with the honey of God’s word.

      But ‘snare?’ Ha, I have a post sitting in the ice cooler, you may appreciate it. Tkx irt-blg 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wally Fry says:

    I fail you fail. God never fails. Some folks just fail to get that. Nice brother

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think of Peter Pan desperately trying to grab a hold of his shadow, going so far as to attempt to sew it to his feet. . .
    That He is truthful, good, merciful, constant. . .all when we are not gives such great comfort. When I am lacking He is there offering abundance, when I am faint, He is there to give aid. . .I can climb neither mountain nor swim across any ocean without His presence not being there. . .for He is here with me and there with you. . .such peace and rest in that knowledge. . .


    • ColorStorm says:

      Nice julie.

      Mountains? yep, I’m with ya, but I suggest you go alone when attempting the ocean trek 😉

      I swam across a river once, let me tell ya, dumb, dumb, real dumb. I get your idea though of the Lord’s presence. Very true, and we are thankful.


  4. Julie Harris says:

    Love your shadow analogy! Awesome post!!


  5. Tricia says:

    “He is altogether lovely when we are not.” Indeed so!


  6. This one just might be one of my fav here, J. You are as passionate as ever but wonderful reFLecTions on shadows. Brought CS Lewis’ Shadowlands to mind.


  7. ColorStorm says:

    That’s a mighty big compliment there HW. Tkx bundles. But I’m embarrassed I never read Shadowlands, but now I will 😉

    And I’m certain there is far more to be gleaned from the shadows in scripture….


  8. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow makes me think a lot about the shadow motif in Scripture; there’s no shifting Shadow in Him; the ceremonial law was a shadow of the reality which is Christ.
    Thanks for this post!


  9. Planting Potatoes says:

    amen – this world is not worthy of hearing the truth – but by God’s mercy and grace!


  10. CS – excellent post!!! Sorry I have been a bit behind on my comments and reading!! So many like Pilate, content to stand in the shadow of truth and focus on their own selves. I am ever grateful to be in the glorious light!
    Thanks for writing, hope you are full of joy this day!!!


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