The Father

Thoughts race toward our earthly fathers, and we encourage one another with memories, and how they have helped to fashion how we live. Some are fortunate to have their dads alive, while others think fondly of a bond which helped to create the fabric of who we are.

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They have strengthened our bone and marrow by the smallest of things. One of my favorite tools is the bubble level because my dad always used it. ‘Check it again’ he would say, when the darn thing was already dead center. ‘Gotta be precise,’ as a mere fraction off could mean a disaster down the road.

While not being a paid tradesman, he was a master craftsman and paid attention to detail. Old school men were like that, and could equally pour and finish concrete as well as a seasoned mason.  The work ethic is sadly on the wane; one needs not look far to see that is oh too true.

But God the Father has a work ethic second to none, and it was proved by the fittest man who graced the dust of the earth. The man Christ Jesus was the express image of the Father, and emptied the vault of heaven with the grace of God. He lived perfectly; he loved genuinely, and He forgave excellently, freely, without a cause.

He judged exactly as the bubble level, showing no variableness nor prejudice. The slope of man’s decadence and arrogance was uncovered by He who showed what was right, just, and good, as the bubble never lies. It exposes poor opinions and tilted bias, as the truth of God weighs everything against God’s standard of perfection.

‘Which of you convinces me of sin?’ asked the Lord, and to this day, He is equally blameless against man’s petty claims. He magnified the law of Moses by using it lawfully, unlike man who does so with unbridled recklessness today. ‘The law is good!’ said Paul, and oh yeah, he was spot on.

‘Love God with ALL thy heart, soul, mind, and strength?’ Uh, oh. The law proves men are sinners, while giving them no strength to fulfill it. So a lying man would dare pick up a stone to end the life of a woman? Not too smart.

Only He who was always about His Father’s business could have rightfully ended a sinners life, having judged perfectly, but there was a more excellent way. The law was magnified by He who bore the burden of its sentence, (the soul that sinneth it shall die) yet grace was a much heavier price to enact.

Indeed the Lord could say: ‘I condemn thee not,’  but there was still a matter at hand. ‘I came to complete the work of my Father,’ and that final word ‘it is finished,’ was the capstone of God’s promise from the incident in the garden, unto the sparing of Isaac, unto the elaborate rituals of the temple, until that appointment on Golgotha’s hill. Yes, not a ram caught in a thicket, but that Lamb slain that we may enjoy every day as a Father’s day, and that God may be glad, not with our gifts to him, but with the thoughts and intents of our appreciative hearts.

The Father. To whom, of whom, and through whom, belongs all majesty and worth. And oh, in Christ dwells all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.

Truly the redeemed may say so and agree that the Lord is good. Happy Father’s day.

NOTE:    (of course God wants us to use our gifts, hopefully the context is plain)


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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3 Responses to The Father

  1. Tricia says:

    Amen ColorStorm and a Happy Father’s Day to you as well! 🙂

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  2. Wally Fry says:

    The context was quite clear. Very touching remembrance of your own Father by the way. Obviously he had real impact on you.

    Liked by 1 person

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