Another declaration of Independence

A post from two years ago. America has seen some changes, but the word of truth changes not. The Declaration of Independence is masterful, and while the ideal is tampered with, there is ‘another’ that has proved to be the only food that satisfies the hungry. Happy fourth to all.

The Lions Den

Declaration-of-independence-broadside-cropped Declaration-of-independence-broadside-cropped (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll not comment on the American document and its subsequent gem of inspiration, thought, reason, and lasting genius, as it stands alone.

Spiritually speaking however, there was a comment made some time ago which was heads and shoulders above all others both for time and eternity, and it was a statement of absolute certainty which revealed heavens plan, God’s heart, and mans hope.

Strangely enough, this was made while a man was barely visible as a man, and while he was separated from God, while man hid as it were his face. And what pray tell was this declaration?

‘Tetelestai,’ more commonly known as ‘it is finished.’ Yes, a mere voice spoken on a few pieces of wood, words from a sinless man who was ever about his Father’s business, words spoken from a man who ‘sinneth not,’ and words spoken by the only truly fit…

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