Thanks to one and all.

To those of you in the shadows, and to those in broad daylight, thank you. You have each revealed much of yourself to the benefit of others, and many people also give thanks, even if they will not say so publicly.

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To those appreciative of the light, you have consistently brought the truth of God and man to a hungry and thirsty crowd in blogsville. Of course it appears as a thankless task, but people know when they see the light, even if they disagree with the lumens, or call the light by another name; you are that light not sitting under a bushel.

The word of God has its way with you, and you are not fearful of promoting the sacred contents in the face of scorn or ridicule. After all, if Christ was said to have a devil……..

The servant is not above his master, but the Master has given you talent and gifts to be shared, and you have shared them. With your unique personality, you have brought humour, passion, compassion, sympathy, empathy, wit, wisdom, music, poetry, brought the gospel, exposed the false gospel, offered encouragement, hope, faith, Truth, and of course the love of God which passes understanding.

You have brought good seed, you planted, watered, plucked weeds, and shared the good fruit of not only your labour, but of the work of others. Truly iron sharpeneth iron. Your work is invaluable, and the Lord sees it all, as your work is neither forgotten or ignored. MANY reap the benefits of your experiences and willingness to spend and be spent.

You backed down from nothing that assaults good people, and you have defended the decent and good things of God and man. While others mock the rainbow, you have spoken of it in its purity. While others promote same-sex marriage, you have not joined the cadre of the popular. While some have said that transgenderism is the new wave of tolerance, you have said it is old, stale, and depraved.

You have without compromise stated that God in fact made male and female, totally different, but perfect for one another, and unashamedly have agreed that turtles have no natural affection for army helmets, nor would Seattle Slew have any interest in a sea horse. You have recognized that there is this thing called strange flesh.

You are not embarrassed when we read: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

You have stood steadfast with the prophets, the apostles,  you have seen and passed along the unexcelled beauty of the Psalms, and have recognized the purpose of the law of Moses; you have defended Israel as the apple of God’s eyes, but have also expressed the high calling of like precious faith; you have not fallen prey to the higher criticism which leaves God out from his word and His very creation;

You have stood on the Lord’s side.

Your insights into issues have proven to be consistent with fairness of mind, while not shrinking from what is unpopular, and always willing to defend what is holy and just. Your labour is not unseen. Your inspiration is contagious, and is a balm to many who thank God for your pen that flows from the water of life. The silent majority of decency and godliness thanks you for your testimony.

Many read blogs who never comment and benefit in a way you will never know, so keep on keeping on, as there are always seven thousand more.

But to the ones in the cheap seats, far from the playing field, you have wisely kept your distance and watched the action below. You have wondered as to the truth of scripture, since ‘many’ have found so-called weakness, contradictions, ‘errors,’ and incidents which to you are just not credible, yet………….you watch and begin to wander from the clutches of unbelief.

If all you had were the comments of they who are professional chastisers of scripture, that should be enough, for certain speech betrays positions of affection.  But far too many on the train are the passengers of unbelief and the poorest of guests, but have a way of revealing entirely too much of themselves, and for this, you should be thankful. This monorail always goes in the wrong direction while pretending to enjoy the scenery, and sadly is critical of every farmer within view.

Many are not aware that it is not too wise to berate the owner of the train who offers you a free ride. But still, thanks for the revelation that exposes common sense and the truth of natures God.

You have witnessed the conversations which you would not in a thousand years even think, let alone repeat to a family member. You have observed the vile, the decayed, the foul-smelling and multiplication of the odious words coming from they who profess such intellect or learning. You have thought to yourself: ‘how can such words represent the light of day?’ And your conscience assured you: they cannot.

Some of you battle what you feel versus what you know to be true, for feelings can be oh so deceptive; they come and go in waves, in cold and heat, in good times and bad, and are poor barometers to measure what is always true: the pure word of God which is forever settled in heaven. Turbulence can be deceptive or misinterpreted, but fortunately is temporary.

You have seen people attack the scriptures with such vigor, in the which if they used half the unction as a ‘believer,’ they would never consider trading truth for error in the first place. You have seen the internet used as the devil’s playground, as he masters the art of deception and doubt, proving himself as the father of lies, and you have seen many fall by the wayside.

Satan truly laughs with delight at the people who say scripture cannot be trusted. What a craft he has plied in amassing disciples after himself, as many see his footprints while the ever relevant and always correct word of God exposes the counterfeits.

So to one and all, thanks be to you, for your words have proven to be a savor of life as well as a savor of death. If you are an unbeliever, you have confirmed  God’s word in all its present and stunning rebuke as to man’s arrogance; if you are a believer, you are not surprised at man’s attempts to find fault with scripture, God, and people of faith.

Keep on writing, commenting, and many will thank you for your insights or lack thereof, but in the end, may God receive the glory.


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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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21 Responses to Thanks to one and all.

  1. Melissa says:

    Thank you Lord I am at your feet. Amen

    Liked by 1 person

    • ColorStorm says:

      You mentioned a sign of the times Melissa; ‘neither were they thankful…..’ But there is a potential trap regarding ‘them.’ What about me?

      Geez, with so much to be thankful for, but you have chosen the better part. Well said.

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  2. Sumpter Mountain Gift Stop says:

    thank you too! 🙂


  3. Wally Fry says:

    Such an encouraging word for this morning my friend, thank you for it. Something is in the air lately here on WordPress, as I have seen over and over bands of believers coming together to move forward together. The Holy Spirit is truly at work here in this Blog world. Nicely done and very valuable words today.

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  4. Ah, so well said. Words do matter, we ourselves were spoken into existence. In ancient days to “meditate” actually meant “to murmur,” to speak The Word, not to be confused with mutterings or groanings, which tend to just get you lost in the desert for 40 years 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • ColorStorm says:

      Tkx, which reminds me ib22. The word of King Herod. ‘Anything you want, up to the half of my kingdom.’

      She said: ‘the head of the Baptist……………’ uh oh, but the king gave his word!

      That’s why I almost laugh at the audacity of man to challenge God’s word; if a foul King had a good word………………

      Your wrap here of ‘tends to get you lost……………’ nice.

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  5. archaeopteryx1 says:

    You write with SUCH pomposity – it’s truly headshaking!

    If all you had were the comments of they who are professional chastisers of scripture, that should be enough” – But sadly, they can’t for the most part, for fearing the truth, you bury the evidentiary parts of the comments where no one can read them.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Sorry arch- but I can tolerate only so many repetitions of ‘Moses never lived,’ ‘the scriptures are forged,’ etc, etc, etc,

      Tkx for your comment here, but you are missing the greater point, and if I have to explain it…………..

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  6. Amen. Big friendly nod to you, CS, and to all fellow bloggers of good will. 🙂 Keep on keeping on indeed.


  7. Julie Harris says:

    What an awesome, encouraging post 🙂 To God be the glory!!


  8. Tricia says:

    And many thanks to you ColorStorm for your steadfast faith and strong defense of the words of God. Truly you’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know. Interesting topic too as I’ve been reading about Queen of Sheba this week and her seeking out King Solomon to “test him with hard questions” about this God he speaks of. Whether or not she ended up a believer is not known, but she was without a doubt duly impressed by Solomon’s wisdom and knowledge brought forth by this God.

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  9. Shofar says:

    God bless you, Brother! May you be ever stalwart in the faith as we followers of Jesus continue together to ‘press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus’. (Philippians 3:14)


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