A simple storm update

It’s annoying to be faced with something that gives opportunity to NOT be cynical, but it’s not easy I tell ya. There you are working on an essay, doing research, saving photos, when bam, the  screen goes blue, and a friendly message reads: ‘We are retrieving important information and your computer must be shut down. This will only take a minute.’

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Yeah right. You are retrieving what? Like an uninvited storm, it comes upon you, and you must be patient till it passes.  Cynical is not strong enough. No keys work, you are frozen against your will, and that goofy smiling face is meant to annoy you further, while you wonder who ‘we’ is….

Granted, certain operating systems have their marching orders for keeping up with the Joneses, and are yoked with computer outfits, and of course this is at your expense, but c’mon. The ‘minute’ usually takes an hour, and the frustration level increases  sixtyfold.

But the worst example and a good reason to being cynical is when you go to shut down, and the message reads: ‘update and restart,’ or ‘update and shut down.’ How about ‘neither?’ How about ‘shut off and go away?’ How about borrowing John McInroes: ‘are you kidding me?’

What is this update? Yeah yeah, it is for the ‘welfare’ of the user, so your experience will continue to be spectacular. Cough here. Why do I think files are being copied, information collected, stored, traded, sold, and these ‘updates’ are merely courtesies to let us know we have no say.

Update and restart? Update and shut down? How about being honest and including this:

‘This will take a minute. Two minutes. Five minutes. An hour. A day. A week. A month.’ Yeah, for invariably you could go to a ball game or complete a hundred other things and still have no clue as to how long the geniuses ‘need’ to update your computer.

If you have a laptop, the way around this is to instantly remove your battery, then restart. This works, but delays the inevitable, and maybe ticks off some geek who gets your ‘message’ that you are fighting against him.

This could go further south if he (or she, thank you) decides to play computer hard ball, and throw your computer out of whack by more annoying stuff like automatic voice ads, deleted files, or a host of other things that would frustrate the mild-mannered Clark Kent or Norman Rockwell.

Yes, these people can create instant tornadoes for ya, or lasting hurricanes of havoc, losing files and moving data, so be careful who you tick off.  Thankfully, we could complain to each other, and ‘they’ would never notice.

The computer, and of course most electronics, have made us dependent, and like a drug we have no say but to allow the fix of others. Shut down or restart, and you must choose. Choose now, and you can’t even choose wisely. The conditioning is subtle to some, unnoticed by others, denied by many more, but pick one!

Maybe Apple has it right, their computer and OS is so good, they do not need to mess with trickery, and they can justify their high-priced products to protect your privacy.  They have perfected the firewall, but then again, maybe they are just shrewd at cloaking the updates.   Users, abusers and used oh my.     😉

Yeah, I know, it’s really nothing nefarious, money is not involved, updates are really for your own good, the motives are pure, cookies are not studied, there is nothing amiss with utility companies or price hikes, but compared to dial-up, it’s a brave new world…………..hey wait a sec.


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21 Responses to A simple storm update

  1. Wally Fry says:

    I feel your pain, brother. But, if it helps I can share something positive. Yesterday on my phone, my notifications would not update, so Iogged off thinking I would just log back in. Apparently WordPress had updated my phone and suddenly I could not. Much to their credit, WordPress and the Happiness Engineers had a patch written and me back and running in about an hour. Very impressive to tell the truth. So, don’t be downtrodden, God’s got your computer too my friend.


  2. Planting Potatoes says:

    first, you make yet another point for my staying away from anything apple. second, I simply have chosen in my settings to not allow upgrades instantly – must be chosen by me, when I CHOOSE and more importantly, what I choose as most updates are for products I don’t even use – so I just don’t update. Most people just are not comfortable enough with their computers to dive deep enough to where they can have more control than they realize. I love my windows 8.1 – more “control” than I have ever had with any other OS. 🙂

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  3. The joyful update…sigh

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  4. archaeopteryx1 says:

    Now THAT writing was real, from the gut, not like your usual pompous posts. You do have the potential to be a decent writer, you should try it more often.


  5. Team Linux: UNITE!

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  6. LOL! I share your frustration. I like to turn off automatic updates and to use CC cleaner frequently. Piriform makes it and it’s still free.

    Sigh. It used to be so much easier to control your computer and the amount of data other people had access to, but today there is so much swiss cheese built right into our computers, that such efforts are nearly futile.

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  7. Peter says:

    Thought you might like this technology joke:

    Jesus and Satan were having an ongoing argument about who was better on his computer……………..

    (EDIT: CS sez: Quite strange that we find fault with people who speak seriously of scripture, God, Satan, and precious faith, then expect the same people to cater to attempted humor at the expense of what we hold valuable.

    No thank you.

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  8. Tricia says:

    I am a MAC girl through and through and let me just say there are plenty of frustrations on that side of the planet too! It’s a deal with the devil I tell you this convenience we get with the computers at the expense of our sanity but oh well, it does have its good points. 😉


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