Way to go kid

There is a vid circulating, and you should see it, for here is a perfect example of lips moving and a tongue speaking…without understanding or context. What fine lads these are, to be brought up in a home of such spectacular values. Want to see a pawn? Take a look at the youngster, with face ablaze of supposed happiness, reciting that which was endowed by his creative mother: kill the Jews.

Image result for chess pawn

And people chastise God for his handling of such filth inspired desires. And no, this is not comedy, but a mirror image of the thoughts and intents of they who despise the Jews. ‘Train up a child in the way he should go……………’  and here ya go, the seed planted and the training to follow….to become an engineer, so little junior could make a bomb to blow up the Jews. Way to go mom, you must be proud.

So you there who dare open your mouth as to WHY God in days ago commanded these types of people to forfeit their lives, think twice before you pour forth foolishness, being no different from the kid having zero understanding of that which he speaks.


Yeah yeah I know it is simple propaganda, but still, the point is made so other baby criminals can be equally inspired. Please.

Oh the patience and long-suffering of the Creator, oh how He abides His time hearing and seeing they who despise the apple of His eye.

And before anybody dare to rebuke God, may I remind you that TODAY is the age of grace, but somebody may want to tell the little critter that Goliath of Gath had a great fall.


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14 Responses to Way to go kid

  1. Wally Fry says:

    For all the flack I get for supposedly indoctrinating kids it’s amazing how those same people are silent on this. After all we don’t want to trample on any terrorists rights now do we

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  2. Wally Fry says:

    Thanks ColorStorm and don’t get me wrong I so feel for the kids and wish they could be shown love instead of hate

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  3. Tricia says:

    “So that I can kill the Jews….” Well that about pretty much sums things up eh? When I see children speaking like this I feel and sense an evil much larger and more threatening than when listening to the same nonsense spouted by adults. That child represents the future and when we close our eyes to reality and turn our backs on God (and those Jews), it’s exactly what we will get .

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  4. That’s really sad. Breaks your heart. The worst thing I ever saw was a documentary about some Palestinian mothers speaking honestly about how they deliberately raise their sons to be young martyrs. A woman’s social status in this world…and the next, is based on how many martyrs she has produced. It’s really twisted, just pure evil. Some poor kids were social outcasts, a disappointment to their mothers becasue they had failed to die yet. They were like, 14 years old.

    Something people may not understand about religion and culture in those parts of the world is that honor and social status is everything. The social hierarchy exists in this world, but also in the next and you must prove your worth and value to their version of god. You do this by hardening your heart and eliminating all sentimentality. People like to say all religions are equal, but they are misinformed and ignorant. There’s a huge difference between “please me by loving the least of these” and please me by proving your hatred. The fruits of those different ideologies should be obvious to everyone.

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    • Tricia says:

      “There’s a huge difference between “please me by loving the least of these” and please me by proving your hatred”. Vey, very well said IB, speaks volumes.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Tkx much insanitybytes22, the fruits should be obvious, yep, say it all the time myself. A tale of two cities, darkness against light, truth against lies, the Word versus the weak excuses of fallen man.

      The kids have not a clue what they are saying, but the propaganda is useful. Unless there is a miracle of sorts, they are destined to a life of hand- me -down hatred

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