No thanks

Neither were they thankful; as in current days representing a culture and mindset gone sideways, and far too many have agreed that a simple thanks as in prayer to someone greater is an act of desperation. Really now.

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So it would be kind of insulting if the one doing the thanking received no recognition of his appreciation. What? Are you stern, and do you stare at a child who says ‘thanks’ when you give him a lollipop? Or do we not smile at his token of appreciation. Yet, this is precisely the impression people have of a God they say they cannot see, that yes, He is stern.

The thought goes something like this: Thanks is only relevant or real if the one being thanked is able to recognize and say ‘you are welcome’ as it were. Since ‘God’ cannot and does not utter the words ‘you are welcome,’ then the one doing the thanks is somewhat displaying some loose marbles.

Ah, but does He not say ‘you are welcome………….?’  Perhaps one relies too much on words alone to see such evidence of a return response to a simple thanks.

A sure-fire sign of a society gone south is the blistering truth that men ‘are not thankful.’ A man will not thank God for the shade of a tree, yet curse Him when the same tree falls on his car twenty years later. Not once in two decades was God thanked, now, all of a sudden, He is to be scorned. Hmm.

Prayer and thanksgiving is a recognition that the creature abides under the umbrella of heaven, and gives respect to He who sends the rain. A prayerful heart is a thankful heart. Can I not be thankful for the wind on a hot day? Yep. Can you not give thanks for water when laboring for twelve hours in the sun? Yep. Oh wait, excuse me, giving thanks for water is foolish, since there is no proof of the water giver……… why be thankful.

Really? You going with that? Then get your own water. As a matter of fact, make your own water. Yeah, it’s quite foolish. Yet all men merely borrow that which is, we borrow other men’s talents and resources, we borrow their thoughts and ideas, we borrow their opinions, and we borrow endless excuses from the dry well of unbelief, where there is no water. But sadly, we borrow all that is God’s, and somehow blame Him for our defects.

We are both ungrateful and unthankful. We declare our foolishness.

Being thankful to One greater is a natural response to breathing. ‘Neither were they thankful, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.’ We say ‘thanks’ to a man or woman when they hold a door for us, and in that fraction of time, our mouths utter what our hearts know: it is easy to render thanks for the obvious.

So we thank God. For food. For clothing. For shelter. For hands. For suffering. For feet. For the obvious. For eyes. For labor. For family. For sorrow. For faith. For spouses. For children. For humor. For the arts and sciences. For friends. For all that is in life, above, below, beyond, we give Thee thanks.

But a person will say ‘thanks’ is an illusion of wishful thinking, purely a tool for the weak which needs a crutch to walk about the days of our lives. Once more, hmm.

So there you are toiling away in sweltering heat, wishing there was shade for just a moment. Yep there it is, a massive elm tree with limbs spread abroad inviting you to take respite, but you dare not give thanks, as that would incriminate your common sense yes?

Busted. Ok then I’ll say it for you: thank God for the shade.  Don’t want to thank God? Fine, are you not still thankful for the shade? Of course, and you have just admitted to the pride of life. To be thankful apart from He who supplied the shade is the epitome of pride.

The pride of life is a free dish served up to many a hungry customer.

You say with shortsightedness that God does not say ‘you are welcome?’ Ha, think again, for how many breaths have been loaned to you since you first began reading here and arguing with yourself? The Giver of life deserves thanks, and this truth can be seen in the automatic response of a three-year old who is given a toy or penny candy: Thank you.

Saying thanks is not difficult and causes no sweat.  Interested in a world where giving thanks is thought to be passe? No thanks.

In any language, in any culture, at any time, and in every place, giving thanks is an expression for the obvious.

Riding home late last night on my motorcycle I saw the reliability of the moon; that lesser light to rule the night, and I thanked God for His endearing and enduring promises, while I felt sorry for they who could not see beyond their own zip code.

Lord God open our eyes.  ‘Neither were they thankful.’


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17 Responses to No thanks

  1. Ana says:

    we live in a thankless culture, the world would be a better place if others just took the time to be thankful and kind.People are way too entitled and are starting to take on God more and more, i mean you have statues of the devil but ten commandments removed,.. that’s a middle finger to the face of God right there,.. i see more and more selfishness, but we have evolved right ? ye, sure

    Liked by 3 people

    • ColorStorm says:

      Can I first say ‘THANKS!’ to you Ana.

      Yep, evolved all right, a downward spiral at warp speed.

      And God’s word says it all. No surprises there.

      Liked by 1 person

    • archaeopteryx1 says:

      ten commandments removed” – Only from government property, you’re free to put all of the religious knick-knacks you like on your church lawn, where they belong. Government property belongs to Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Bhuddhists, Atheists, agnostics, and Pastafarians, to whom your Ten Commandments mean nothing, and we have the right not to be subjected to icons of your religion. I’ve an idea, put them on your front lawn.


      • Ana says:

        i have an idea, go away from here since you dont agree with christianity. i have seen enough of you goofy atheists joining christian blogs and groups just so you can get attention like a baby with smelly diapers. Your diapers are full, get them changed.


  2. Wally Fry says:

    Make your own water. Ha that’s awesome.

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  3. archaeopteryx1 says:

    Since ‘God’ cannot and does not utter the words ‘you are welcome,’” – Are you saying there’s something your omnipotent god can’t do?

    A man will not thank God for the shade of a tree” – Personally, I would thank the tree, after all, it did all the work.


    • ColorStorm says:

      Well for one thing, God cannot lie.

      As in He ‘cannot’ say you are welcome, it was sarcasm The post was clear in the way He returns thanks………… example was His giving of breath.

      But common sense tells a man that to say ‘thanks’ automatically implies reciprocation. God gives not as man gives.

      ‘Neither were they thankful.’


      • archaeopteryx1 says:

        Clearly, if he “cannot and does not utter the words,</em,>” then he “cannot lie.”

        But what about all of those posts of yours about “god’s word,” when I explained to you that your god never said a thing in the entire Bible, that anonymous authors merely said that he did? Are you now agreeing with me? In the now famous words of Vinnie Barbarino, “I’m so confused!


        • ColorStorm says:

          Once more you put God in your own leaky box of useless wet cardboard.

          God cannot lie. Let God be true and every man a liar.

          If you lied once, you have been a liar. As to the existence of God, if a man does not believe that he is…………..he is still a liar.

          Unlike man, God cannot lie. Pretty simple really.

          In the spirit of this post, try thanking Him for pointing this out to you.


        • archaeopteryx1 says:

          But you just said that he cannot utter words – so that must make it rather easy for him not to lie. But then you just said that every man is a liar – does that include mute men? Because if your god can’t lie because (according to you) he can’t utter words, then a mute person must be equally guiltless, wouldn’t you agree?


        • ColorStorm says:

          God said: ‘LET THERE BE LIGHT.’ Happy now?

          Mute men? Liars? Yep.
          The same way the deaf are twice deaf if they do not HEAR.’

          The Lord said: ‘You do not HEAR………….’ speaking to men with two good ears, so who is really deaf………?

          Maybe you will see, and hear, one day.soon.


        • archaeopteryx1 says:

          Maybe you will see, and hear, one day.soon.</em” – See and hear imaginary spirits? Yeah, any day now —

          Please hold your breath —


        • ColorStorm says:

          That’s the way to incriminate yourself there archx1-

          In the world of evolution…………pigs did fly………..or wait, they WILL fly…….which is it?

          So you see the absurdity of your own dilemma…….

          In the beginning God gave wings to the doves, and not to pigs.

          God is high above all, in thought and deed..


  4. I love this post. A thankful heart is a glad heart. 😉

    Does God say, “you’re welcome?” I think so. In gratitude, praise, prayer, even worship, there is a very reflective nature to that relationship. God owes us nothing and yet in those activities, He often sends His joy, gives us rest, and provides that peace that surpasses all understanding. To draw close to Him is pleasant and to stray too far is not. Are we free to wander off? Of course, but why?

    Liked by 1 person

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