Yet again

Obama calls for stricter gun laws while the killers are still on the loose. (CA shooting 12.2.15) Uh huh, sure, like law-abiding killers are happy with this……….

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It was never about the Old Milwaukee sawzall, the Makita drill, the Ryobi router, the Stihl chain saw,  the Craftsman planer, the No. 2 pencil, the butter knife, or the Ruger m77. Tools have always been dangerous in the hands of misfits with poor intent.

Nope, it has always been a matter of the heart. A man intent on killing without a gun is still a murderer. He will find a way. It’s the heart I tell ya. The crime long preceded the ‘main event.’  Evil finds a way to give birth to monstrous deeds.

Let God be true, and every man a liar. And don’t you dare pretend that all ‘religions’ are identical, and that ‘Christians’ are guilty of murdering the innocent. So then by their fruits ye shall know them, and once more, God’s word reveals the despicable acts of men, when sin is president in the heart.


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27 Responses to Yet again

  1. Amen, Colorstorm.

    Sometimes forgotten because it challenges the meme of mediated reality is the Bath school tragedy, May 18, 1927, in Bath Township, Michigan, that killed 38 elementary schoolchildren and six adults and injured at least 58 other people. A totally secular crime involving explosives not guns.

    California where this recent atrocity happened has some of the most restricted gun laws in the nation and most likely the weapons used were legally purchased, complete with background checks, waiting periods, and registration.

    Ultimately we don’t have a gun problem or a mental health problem or even a religious problem, we have a sin problem, a heart problem. Evil is a real thing in the world, it exists and we can’t just pass a law to ban it.

    Ironically what do we do when we are confronted with evil? Call the cops who have bigger guns! I never forget the stories of those first responders in Norway when Andrew Breivik decided to kill all those kids. They arrived on the scene and could do nothing but watch in horror, waiting for the gun authorization to go through, waiting for the bureaucracy to process. I think he killed some 69 kids in the interim. When you ban guns, only the bad guys are armed.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Like that ‘amen’ part.

      Forgot about Norway. Yep, sin, evil, things that are not welcome in the market place of ideas……….because it is true.

      Gotta like that other word too ms bytes: seducers. Bad intent, but certainly can be avoided with the proper dosage of truth 😉

      Tkx for this.

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  2. markthinks says:

    well said! If guns were completely taken away from all the good people I think the gun control folks would be very surprised to find things would only get worse not better. When the prez leaves the white house – I wonder if he will opt for protection in the form of guns – I know his secret service detail that he will have the rest of his life will have guns – I wonder if he will approve?

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Now there’s a thought m-thinks. Who decides what life is more worthy of protecting?

      And you can be sure, Mr O. will demand gun protection when he leaves the office, while he prevents you from protecting yours.

      Some people have trouble connecting dots.

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      • archaeopteryx1 says:

        Mr. O’s protectors are experts in the use of firearms – are you willing to undergo such years of rigorous training?


        • ColorStorm says:

          What makes you so sure that currently I cannot take out a rat from 30 yards with a bow?

          And perhaps you never heard how many wheelchair bound elderly un-professionals have protected life and limb by their handguns in THEIR own home…

          Of course you haven’t heard, doesn’t fit the media brain dead template.

          Many people know how to use a router, a gun is much easier. You have no case to justify the worth of one life over another, and you are proving my point.


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      • Nan says:

        Obama respects the Second Amendment right to bear arms and has said repeatedly that he “will protect the rights of hunters and other law-abiding Americans to purchase, own, transport and use guns.”

        He has never said nor given ANY indication that he wants to remove guns from the U.S. populace. This is a claim made by certain bigwigs in the NRA — and which is repeated time and again by those who never check facts but instead believe what they want to believe or what their gun-loving buddies say.

        What Obama is advocating are common-sense proposals — not one of which would take away a gun from a single law-abiding American,


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  4. ColorStorm says:

    Hi nan, long time-

    Yep, that’s what he says. Politicians tend to say what’s expedient. Please don’t talk about ‘hunters’ though. Irrelevant.

    There is this thing called a world order, in which they in power will, yes they will, implement their policies to suggest a world without crime.’ So piece by piece, there must be a dismantling.

    Some have indeed suggested ‘confiscation.’

    Strange thing tho, they cannot touch the real criminal element, and that is the intent of the heart, which needs but a lamb chop to end someones life. Gun control is no problem in the hands of they who know how to read instructions, like all power tools, and also to hit what they are aiming at.

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  5. Tricia says:

    Yup, it’s a heart issue ColorStorm, you’re so correct. In this particular instance, one that happened about 2 hours from where I live, it’s yet another case of radicalized Muslims doing what they’ve been brainwashed to do; kill infidels who don’t believe as they do.

    Pity the fools who think more gun laws would prevent something like this from happening. Lengthy background checks, extended waiting periods, concealed carry restrictions, automatic weapon bans; these are all on the books already in CA and in most other places where gun violence is high. Oh and let’s not even get in to the pipe bombs and IED’s that were found in their car.

    Paris I might add, has even much stricter laws than here and look how many terrorists were prevented from getting weapons there.

    Again I say pity these fools who think restricting guns is the solution. But sigh, yes, those of us that have weapons and know how to use them will still step up and protect those who feel it’s immoral for law abiding citizens to use them. That’s what we do. You’re welcome 😉

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    • Nan says:

      Tricia, let’s concede the point that you and many others make — that more gun laws will not prevent “something like this from happening.”

      My question then becomes: What is your solution? And please. Make it real. Something that might actually work to stop or reduce these mass killings.

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      • ColorStorm says:

        Not sure you will agree nan, but how about for starters a true leader to step up, Solomon like, and put forth a speech for the ages that speaks to life, the value of life, work, and American pride, did I say work? Yep, emphasize the goodness of labor, and be man enough to chastise the lazy.

        A man so broken that he needs not notes nor instruction, but a speech truly that inspires to action. Who will step up? Who will say ‘For the love of God people, and all that’s right, let’s fix this broken country, and let’s start with you.

        Work is a great antidote for the poison of idleness, which leads to bad bad things.. Sure there are exceptions, but do squirrels get hand outs, or are they up at the crack of dawn………consider the ant thou sluggard………….As I said, Solomon like.

        For starters……….

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        • Nan says:

          Not bad, CS. But of course, there are a few loopholes. While such a speech might “inspire,” I have my doubts about the “action” part — no matter what the qualifications of the speaker. Obama “inspired” many, but we still have innumerable problems in the U.S. of A.

          A certain presidential nominee is making the rounds with speeches that “inspire” many, but when push comes to shove, I have strong doubts on his ability to instigate action by those who are “inspired.”

          People are essentially lazy. They will “rah-rah” but few will do anything to carry out the things they want to happen.

          So what next?


        • ColorStorm says:

          Ah but nan, we have not heard from Solomon!

          I use the word ‘inspiration’ in its purest form, not the wishy washy feel good of empty words.

          Culture is so maimed because of social media, that I dare say it would be difficult to find an audience that could sit still for ten minutes……….to listen to Solomon.

          At the end of the day though, the ‘heart’ needs addressed. This will take a truckload of Solomon


        • Nan says:

          Are you thinking he’ll be resurrected. 😉

          Point taken re: social media.

          I know what you’re referring to related to the “heart.” But even those who (supposedly) have had their “hearts” changed are often ugly and destructive and perform evil deeds … yet THEY believe they are doing things for the “right” reasons.

          So now, let’s get back to practical solutions.

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        • ColorStorm says:

          You want practical nan? How’s this:

          Ball and chain gangs with wire brushes and paint, working on bridges for convicted thugs, wearing pink. Gun crime will drop immediately, (criminals do not like to work)

          As I said, by a true leader. This is one of many.


        • Nan says:

          You didn’t, by any chance, get this idea from that sheriff in Arizona, did you?

          CS, I appreciate you taking the time to interact, but I do think you’re missing the point. Having “criminals” clean and paint bridges in pink may work for localized problems, but we’re talking nationwide (even worldwide) mass killings.

          SOMETHING needs to be done to stop these killings BEFORE they happen.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Actually, I’ve had that idea for ages nan. Some places do it I think.

          I did address the ‘before’ the crimes happen nan. This is one tiny ‘fear’ that would make someone think twice I tell ya.

          But apart from a heart transplant………


      • Tricia says:

        Well Nan, that is the question of the day, I guess. A good step would be for everyone to take a deep breath and contemplate that there are big differences between types of gun violence. It’s my strong belief that proposed solutions for one will not at all work for the other and to pretend they are the same is not helpful. A man with evil in his heart bent on jihad against infidels is very different from a maniac who grabs mom’s gun and goes on a shooting spree at the local movie theater, which is in itself completely different than intercity gangs blowing each other heads off with stolen weapons.

        The first type, which falls under terrorism, is in my belief, part of the war with radical Islam that’s been going on since at least the first World Trade Center bombing. We have not been fighting back, but make no mistake they are certain at war with us and unless the U.S. finally admits and gets serious about this, the attacks will keep coming and with increasing velocity.

        The second type, i.e. maniac with gun, involves mental health which I would be the first to say needs drastic reform in this country. There used to be much more leeway in being able to commit someone to a psych ward but there are laws now that make it all but impossible to get people help who really need it if they decline. Even family members have almost no say and we need to look at ways of changing this with the least amount of infringement on individual freedom. Getting poor people better access to mental health services I think is important too.

        The third type, inner city violence, is just tragic and something I wish our President would focus more on, as it’s one area he could actually do some good in. The break down of the family has been devastating, particularly for blacks, with strong male role models virtually absent for most kids and single mothers being paid basically to have more babies amid a culture of drugs and govt subsidized slums. Well, what did anyone expect would happen but the war zones that have erupted? Politicians by the way exploit these poor people in the most vicious and immoral of ways by dangling all sorts of govt aid in front of them in return for votes and not giving a wit about the devastating culture of dependency and loss of personal dignity this creates.

        So, no easy answers but I know for sure it would help if our President would at least wait until the bodies are cold after the next event before politicizing things. He knows darn well how divisive the gun control debate is and to continually bring it up at the most inappropriate of times only invites further discourse and angst among the citizenry. It does no good yet he keeps on doing it. At some point we need to ask why?

        It’s more important than ever for us all to pull together and fight this as a united country. ColorStorm is absolutely correct in calling for a Solomon type leader to guide this process. We are far from that now.

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  7. ColorStorm says:

    @ tricia
    As I said, Solomonesque 😉
    Awesome splitting of things that differ and how to handle them. A nut case with a gun is not quite the same as a nut case religion, bent on destroying all others. Superb. 1st, 2nd, 3rd types explained artfully.

    Nan, I hand the baton to (say hello to trish,) who has honored this short post with some real good insight. Hope you agree. ‘No easy answers’ she writes, and this gives credibility to as she says, no easy solutions.

    Also, the idea of ‘inappropriate times’ to discuss hard things cannot be overlooked.

    Five stars trish, really. Tkx a bundle.

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