Just ask her

In the never-ending story of finding fault with God because of a world of evil and suffering, we as the ants on our private anthill, view the Creator through the rain that threatens our humble abode, and we fault Him for the possibility that our home may be destroyed by water. Not too smart.

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The thought never crosses our minds to build our digs on higher ground, but chastise Him we must, and we do, to our own intellectual demise. Yet we in our mental selfishness, ignore how many others need the rain, and we fail to admit how good God is, how wise, and how he allows us to see the greatest of joys when viewed through the lens of suffering, when we venture outside our narrow and selfish views.

Isaiah 53   here  has a fine post with thoughts and comments that suffering is good, and I would add, necessary.

Ask a woman if she would trade her travail of childbirth for all the tea in China. Ask her if the son of her womb was worth her suffering. Ask if her Marine son was not worth the anguish of childbirth. Ask if her son of integrity in a world of dishonor is not worth her pain of giving birth. Ask if her lovely daughter was well worth her temporary suffering. Just ask her.

Ask her moments after holding her newborn, if her labor was not worth her new bundle of joy. Go ahead ask her, and then be embarrassed at the idea that God is somehow inadequate by allowing suffering in this world.

Suffering is a great furnace for the refining of our hearts, giving opportunity to see what is truly valuable. Ah yes, joy cometh in the morning.

We would not know gain, if we did not know loss. We would not appreciate food, if we did not know hunger. We would not know light, if we did not know darkness.  We would have no true appreciation of men, if we did not have the appreciation of women.

God is a God of contrast; peace war, up down,  sun moon, male female, man woman, birth death, suffering joy.

Imagine then the glory of God when Christ suffered for sins once. Ah yes what a storm, and what joy is this. Is not the next day after a storm the most glorious of sights? How about three days later?

Remember the woman caught in the act……….remember her humiliation and suffering at the hands of others?

With the Lord’s presence and His word, her suffering turned to great joy. Immediately. Just ask her. Was her world ominous? Yep. Did the darkness remain? Nope. He took her sorrows and made them His own. Divine worth.

And the others? They walked away now bearing a load twice heavy as when they came.   But there is One greater, more than willing to take the load…as a matter of fact He already has.  There was another woman…. at the well. Just ask her.

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18 Responses to Just ask her

  1. it is all so hard—as life on this fallen Earth will often be…but persevere we do because we know how the story ends….and no that doesn’t make any of this suffering of ours any easier…yet I know He remains by my side and understands better than anyone how much I may be hurting…the night will not last forever…

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  2. Beautiful, Colorstorm! 😉

    Suffering often serves a vital and important purpose in the world. We don’t like it much, but some of it is very beneficial. Ironically, many of our major problems often stem from an unwillingness to be uncomfortable. Trying to explain that to people really is like trying to explain childbirth to women sometimes. We often try to make it easier by telling them, “just relax and sink into the pain.” Ha! Those are amusing words indeed at the time, but there is truth to them. The less we resist our own discomfort, the easier life becomes.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      ‘Unwillingness to be uncomfortable.’
      Hey, reminds me.

      I like that word ‘crucible’ insanitybytess22, as in something tested under pressure or duress, like that steel being forged, uncomfortable as it were..

      Yep, that steel suffers, and like the baby in the womb (which I gladly know nothing about) will be the catalyst for some unavoidable suffering. (yep, even as they grow into teens!)

      Scripture abounds at the suffering of people, and how without it, we could not produce such character. 😉

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  3. Citizen Tom says:

    It is odd. Many view evil, which they essentially view as suffering, as proof there is no God. Yet after considering your post, wonder if those people understand the difference between evil and suffering.

    Disobedience to God? That is evil. Suffering? That seems to be the price we pay for learning the hard way. Sometimes it seems to be the only way we can learn and find value in the lesson. And sometime it seems to be the only way we understand the value of what we have is by suffering.

    Our Lord does sometimes need to chasten us, doesn’t He?

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Tkx Tom.

      Some time ago, Joni Earickson was recounting how she was with some friends at a train station, and the guard told her and friends to take the wheelchair and leave. (He thought they were playing a prank)

      For the first time in her ‘new’ state of darn near helplessness, she said ‘that is MY wheelchair.’ She said it was pivotal in her knowing that her suffering was for her good unto the glory of God. It was not God’s fault that she could not walk, but she admitted to His excellence.

      But good distinction between evil and suffering. God bless.

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  4. Wally Fry says:

    Nice..when you said wipe away all tears I thought of this. One of my favorite hymms and I hope you don’t mind


  5. Tricia says:

    Suffering is so hard but that is the point, no? Sometimes there is just no other way for God to penetrate the outer shell and do the inner work that needs to be done inside us until it softens up through suffering. It’s just the way it is and the sooner we embrace it, the easier it is to see the blessings that come with it. As always, nice post. 🙂

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  6. Tricia says:

    Meant….”It’s just the way it is”


    • ColorStorm says:

      Knew it, saw it, fixed it trish.

      Anyway, your comments with a letter missing here or there, are still the cat’s meow 😉

      There is a neglected ministry of suffering I think, and I don’t mean the kind we bring upon ourselves by poor decisions.

      God does shape us that we may more perfectly display His image. Now if I could only practice what I preach…

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  7. Peter says:

    Hello my friend, when I still shared your faith, this particular video touched my heart.


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