Fear not little birdie

See that common sparrow yonder? Yep, the one that takes off immediately when approached by a man.  There is no other acceptable explanation for the fear and dread of man………..apart from the revelation of God’s word.

Image result for the fearful sparrow

Go ahead, put your hand out and ask it to land on your palm. He will run (maybe fly) for cover in trepidation, not knowing that the hand that feeds it means it no harm. And yes, some birds, sea life, and animals can be trained when bribed with food, ie, the dolphin, lion, or eagle, but nature’s wings protest the occupying of space with man. The little birds are fearful.

Ah, but this fear! Multiply that a dozen times and you have dread.  You would no more harm that sparrow than a squirrel that feeds next to it would, well maybe at least jockeying position for the same seed.  This dread of man is not learned by experience, nope, it is innate through the Creator, thank you very much.

You see, a whole bunch of stuff went south, or should I say ‘east,’ after the devastating occurrences of Eden. Murder. Deceit. Earthquakes. Lies. Whirlwinds. Idolatry. Backstabbers. Backbiters. Floods. Perversions to the nines. False prophets. False brothers. False teachers.  Yikes, sounds like the history of man. Yep, the whole creation groans, even until now. No wonder the sparrow flies with the caution of man in his radar.

Fortunately, as there was a beginning, there will be an end, and once more God will vindicate His own handiwork.

And somewhere in between, the lion will lie down with the lamb, and a tot can play with his rubber gun near the hole of an asp. The curtain of the dread of man by nature will be lifted, and once more the earth will flourish, and the song of earth’s agreement will be sweet. But that time is not yet.

So the sparrow remains aloof, until….the time of regeneration, when the son of man sits upon the throne of His glory. That time is not yet, but fortunately, to every thing there is a season, a time and a purpose under heaven.

And then, fear not little birdie.

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Blending the colorful issues of life with the unapologetic truth of scripture.
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22 Responses to Fear not little birdie

  1. ColorStorm says:

    So vincent, you must be familiar with the gospel according to the wings………….’are ye not more valuable than many sparrows………..,’

    Tkx v.


  2. Peter says:

    Are you not more valuable than Sparrows…

    Yet Christians suffer, starve and die. Why?

    …Perhaps the promise was not one that could be relied upon?


    • theancients says:

      as someone else said… ultimately, the answers to Christianity are not hard to find, they’re just hard to accept.
      The question now becomes…why?

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    • theancients says:

      Peter – …Perhaps the promise was not one that could be relied upon?

      Jesus said to expect these things to happen… seems odd questioning the fact that they do happen, when you’re already told they would happen 😦

      Perhaps a better area to train your thoughts would be what can we do or better yet, what has God done to correct the mess brought about by our rebellion.

      …I have told you these things, so that in Me you may have [perfect] peace. In the world you have tribulation and distress and suffering, but be courageous [be confident, be undaunted, be filled with joy]; I have overcome the world.” – Jesus Christ

      …There are 2 types of death: physical and spiritual.
      I imagine you’re speaking of physical death only, which is very myopic…because spiritual death is a true and real thing which most choose to be ignorant of.
      A Christian cannot suffer spiritual death.

      …Physical death is simply absence from the vessel of clay that houses the human spirit. On earth, a spirit needs a body to live in… hence, for the believer, absence of the spirit from the body is to be present with the Lord.
      For the non-believer, to be absent from the body is to be present [ ]… that’s up to the unbeliever.

      … All the promises of God are yes & amen: they’re all true, real, trustworthy and can be relied upon by the one who knows God… the one who knows that God IS… who knows that God exists…who knows that God is real… who knows that God is true… who knows that God rewards those who diligently seek after Him and His ways… which is why, even when we don’t have the full understanding regarding somethings, because we know Him and have confidence in our relationship with Him… we are persuaded because we know He is also our Father and He cannot lie!

      …The question for you Peter is: When did you know that God is real and that He was true? When did you put your complete trust in Him; when did you know Him; have a relationship with Him?

      [edit: CS, the numbers & edit were ‘gone’… so please replace previous post with this for an easier read]. Thanks.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Are ye not more valuable than MANY sparrows. We would not want to short change the Lord with His own words now would we?

      Suffer starve and die? There are far worse things men endure. It’s called life.

      And God’s word is perfectly consistent and reliable.

      Promises? Uh, hello, do you think of God like a Pez dispenser?


      • ColorStorm says:

        Perfect. You have just described ‘life is beautiful’ as a gift from the Creator. Thank you.

        As to your mistaken understanding that ‘life’ is somehow the result of what many of your friends call ‘an evil God…………..’ uh no, the context HERE is there are things in life that eat at a man that are far more worse than starving or dying.

        Such as? Yep, like living a life as a liar or a thief. Going through life with nary an ounce of principle. These things make suffering look like a cakewalk.

        So I repeat: ‘there are far worse things men endure…………………………’the facts of life cannot be denied.


        • archaeopteryx1 says:

          what many of your friends call ‘an evil God…………..’

          I can’t control the thoughts of my friends, but I can no more envision an ‘evil god’ than I can an evil unicorn, an evil Leprechaun or an evil Sugar Plum Fairy. To take it further, there are no evil demons, as demons also do not exist.


        • ColorStorm says:

          It doesn’t matter what you control about your friends. The fact is you agree with the depravity. Your comments and pics are a dead giveaway.


      • theancients says:

        @ arch: “Wow! What a horrible perspective your religion has brought you to – for me, life is beautiful, to be sipped like fine wine…”

        How religious of you arch… 🙂
        This is odd, since you’re just an animal, so how would you know if life is beautiful or not, and why would you ascribe any meaning, purpose and consciousness to such an “observation”.

        Interesting to see that your religion has stolen this perception of beauty from the “myth of Christianity?”
        embarrassing isn’t it… good thing though, an animal won’t know the difference …

        Instead of stealing from Christianity to feel special… why don’t you join us… there’s no pretense here… We actually know and believe that we are special, because we are made in the Creator’s image…now that’s true beauty… imagine that 🙂

        [reproach aside]…

        Blessings friend… and here’s a secret… relationship trumps any religion. God IS real and He knows and loves you.
        He is constantly seeking you out, waiting for you to turn away from the busyness and enter into a real, true & meaningful relationship with Him.
        He wants you to receive the love He gives in such abundance. His outstretched hands are waiting for you to stop resisting and take what He’s so lovingly giving to you. Fall into that wonderful embrace.

        Please don’t turn your back and walk away out of pride Arch 😦


        • archaeopteryx1 says:

          This is odd, since you’re just an animal, so how would you know if life is beautiful or not, and why would you ascribe any meaning, purpose and consciousness to such an ‘observation’.

          Who are you, ancients, to say that an animal has no knowledge of beauty, or doesn’t bring its own meaning to ‘such an observation’?

          Interesting to see that your religion has stolen this perception of beauty from the ‘myth of Christianity?’
          embarrassing isn’t it… good thing though, an animal won’t know the difference …

          I’m not clear as to whether you believe, in the above paragraph, that you’re quoting me, but that doesn’t sound like something I’d say, as the Greeks had a perception of beauty, in their art and sculpture, that was renowned throughout the civilized world while the ancestors of those who would believe in the ‘myth of Christianity’ were sitting in captivity in Babylon —

          Instead of stealing from Christianity to feel special… why don’t you join us… there’s no pretense here… We actually know and believe that we are special, because we are made in the Creator’s image…

          So you’re invisible too? Sorry, ancients, I’ve learned far too much to ever again participate in that shared delusion.

          God IS real

          If true, it’s strange he couldn’t write his own book.


        • theancients says:

          Arch, you make me laugh. When was the last time you had a conversation with an animal to know they do perceive beauty. How was this communicated to you…please tell.

          I, Arch am endowed with what animals do not possess: the ability to think about my own thoughts; the ability to ascribe meaning & purpose to my life; the ability to assume responsibility for my actions; the ability to know that morality, truth, love are in fact absolutes.

          no, I wasn’t quoting you… I was being sarcastic.
          The point being – you ridicule Christianity… yet, here you are stealing from Christianity in order to speak of your appreciation of the beauty in your life. Hence my point- how very religious of you.

          Because indeed humanism/atheism is a religion… one that co-opts Christian values (what it means to be a human being as opposed to an animal).

          Why not be a true humanist/atheist and follow through with Darwin’s observations: life is one devoid of meaning, purpose and worse-devoid of hope where only the strongest survive.
          But that’s clearly not how the humanist/atheist lives right… how convenient for them 🙂

          Ahhhh.. Arch… I expected a better argument than this, especially when I mentioned above to Peter that we’re merely spirits housed in a vessel of clay. [Can one survive being on the moon without a space-suit: no. Consider this body your earth-suit.
          Don’t wait for the sting of death to know it’s not a delusion… but hey, to each his own.

          If God wrote His own book, how would you know He did? [ It’s okay if you address just this 1 question]


  3. atimetoshare says:

    Love the Jack ” Sparrow” quote

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  4. Ha! Jack Sparrow, how perfect.

    That’s an interesting perspective Colorstorm, one I had not considered. Even bears and whales are somewhat leery of us. And are we not all a bit leery of each other? Fear and dread of man indeed.

    I kid you not, this morning I saw a pit bull and a pig sharing a bowl of food in my front yard, without a care in the world. They both bolted when I opened the door. All is well, they have found their respective owners, but I thought it was somewhat funny, they were both in agreement, I was the bigger threat. Beware the human apparently, they really are unpredictable and irrational creatures 😉

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Too funny, apparently the pit bull wasn’t that hungry…………the pig lived.

      But it’s the little bird thing that is so darn captivating. I would not hurt a sparrow, and I feed them, they keep their distance, but will not relax their guard. It’s dreadful I tell ya.

      So you like the good captain too eh ms bytes? He’s a cool customer. Yeah, I seem to recall he found a spot or two at your place.

      And you mention a whole other dimension too with the dread that we have for each other……..that’s for another time. 😉

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  5. archaeopteryx1 says:

    Mine was the second comment on this thread, CS – I’m still waiting for it to appear —


    • ColorStorm says:

      Gee I wonder why the dodo bird bait wasn’t taken.

      But is it actually possible for you to exhibit some patience and see where a thread goes, instead of driving it off the cliff of absurdity………..

      (btw, you are that interested in the time stamp, maybe you do have an agenda to ‘set the tone.’ Ha, of course you do.)


      • ColorStorm says:

        Not true? you mean the same way God deprived the ostrich of wisdom is not true?

        It must pain you to no end to see continual solid reasonings from scripture for all the issues of life.

        The dread of man by birds, or a bird laying eggs and walking away……….it’s all revealed, whereas all you have is guesses.

        You must be wore out from all failures in trying to find fault with God, His word, and His creation.


  6. Wally Fry says:

    Im with Kathy, that Jack Sparrow quote was the bomb. I like that a lot.

    And with IB too, as I had often wondered by the creatures who could easily eat us, because we would be easy to eat, rarely do. I’m a whole lot easier to catch than a deer, but I haven’t been lunch yet. Could that be….the whole in the image of God thing?

    Interesting to ponder

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