Do you have your receipt?

Eh, just two cents worth.

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Feminism in general makes the complaint in a thousand ways that men and women are absolutely not equal. How could they be? Is the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea equal? Are apples and oranges equal? Does a man give birth? Does a man breast feed? Are honey bees and bumble bees equal? Therefore, it is an insult to common sense to suggest that the sexes are equal.

Feminism in particular does not appreciate the fact that there are ‘ladies tees’ in golf.  The gripe is also made that a woman is known as a ‘policeman,’ but myopia rears its wonderful head when it comes to see that a male can also be called a ‘nurse.’ C’mon people get over it.

Atheistic feminism promotes the gospel of humanism, (which has no use for One greater,) while forgetting the ingenuity of the Creator by making the sexes different.  And now this:

Atheistic radical feminism tries like heck to give back the rib.

Good luck with that. No returns without a receipt. Oh well, guess we are stuck with ‘male and female created He them.’ But at least the warranty is good, as the word of the Giver of life is more valuable than gold.

(And of course it goes without saying that militant feminism is not exclusive to women; many males are on board with the castration of men, by the elevation of anything not suited to its purpose. Why some women act like men, and while some men act like women is beyond reason. Ever heard of the pelican in the wilderness? Yep, that’s the point)


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11 Responses to Do you have your receipt?

  1. LOL! Funny about the rib. I have often said, “knock it off, least I rip this thing right out and whack you over the head with it.” So I understand the sentiments, the frustration sometimes felt, but that is really a place of envy, of resentment, of unwillingness to celebrate and rejoice in who and what you are. It’s ironic, ultimately that is what feminism is all about, erasing all that is good and golden and wonderful about women. Men certainly become collateral damage in the process and making men not want to be men anymore is a part of it, but in the end it is really about erasing the feminine.

    Which than begs the question, why? Who seeks to erase their own self? Which than leads us to self loathing, suppressed feelings of condemnation, which then brings us to grace and the inability to avail oneself of the mercy to be found there. We soon arrive at atheistic radical feminism and secular humanism, wounding, brokenness as ideology, and the personal now becomes political. Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

    There’s another way, a better way, once even called The Way, that leaves you rejoicing, celebrating those differences, delighting in the wonder of creation, falling in love with the Creator Himself. It is a bit crazy, irrational, but conversely it also seems more logical and reasonable to me to just surrender all and sing His praises. 😉

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    • archaeopteryx1 says:

      Which than leads us to self loathing, suppressed feelings of condemnation

      Isn’t that the very definition of the Judeo/Christian religion? What’s CS’ favorite phrase? ‘Let god (CS FIXES: Let God be true, not god, thank you very much) be true and every man a liar‘? The whole thing is built on guilt!


      • Citizen Tom says:

        Self loathing? Christianity?

        We have the Bible, including a story told by four Gospels. They describe how the Creator sent His Son to become a man and die for the sins of the puny creatures who infest a little planet that circles a small sun.

        The atheist? If he truly believes his own words, then his life to him has no more significance than that of a flower in the field. At best it blooms beautifully. The flower is fertilized, and it helps to produce the next generation of pretty flowers. Yet in the end it matters not. Sooner or latter, every man must die. Even the earth, after being seared to a lifeless lump, must turn into a hard clump of frigid rock.

        The Christian. He has hope. For he is not burden with guilt. His savior has redeemed him. He knows God loves him and has given him the gift of eternal life. For him there is the wonder of knowing and forever learning the ways of an infinite Lord.

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        • I love this comment, Tom. I am forever saying “in Christ there is no condemnation.” There is only mercy, redemption, and hope. Outside of that however, people are left lugging around a whole lot of baggage and the weight of those burdens shows in everything they do.

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  2. ColorStorm says:

    ‘All that is good and golden about women……’ Ah yyyyep! Why oh why would not the ladies be happy being distinctly women; why they want to debase themselves by demanding the right to ‘pee with men………..’ is as mentioned, beyond reason. Equality? Yuck and double yuck.

    One of the most beautiful sights in nature is seeing a woman who understands her place in creation, a place in which none of God’s creatures could ever fill but her.

    And dang, how you drew your thoughts from a few ideas here is the cats meow. You been sippin at that bottomless well eh? 😉 Always appreciate the visit and words from a good place.


  3. Good point on male nurses. I have no patience for feminists. Different does not have to mean unequal.

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  4. Wally Fry says:

    I have said this before, but I will again. I love the fact that my wife is…girly. Is that a politically incorrect term? Eh, probably so..let the beatings begin.

    But, she loves the fact that am…guyish.

    I can go kill bears and she can nurse the wounds.

    I think deep inside, when all the clutter and stupid rhetoric gets put away, what we all want is a person who compliments and completes us rather than mirrors us. I for sure would not want to marry myself.

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  6. theancients says:

    “Atheistic radical feminism tries like heck to give back the rib.”
    —- Good luck with that. No returns without a receipt.

    Very clever!

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