Bulls Eye!

Way to go Target. The giant retailer has been derailed on the train wreck of decadence by a mere handful of gender impaired people, and by so doing, is trying to present as ‘normal’ a man going into a woman’s restroom, and vice versa.

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Uh, the party will be short-lived, and the pocket-book by men and women will stop that stupidity, and Corporate law will cave to common sense. I’m laughing here at the wisdom of God in forth-telling us thousands of years ago that evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

Uh yep, a whole bunch of deception going on here to paint as ‘normal’ that which cannot be. No, Mr. and Mrs Joe Shopper should not need to explain to a 4-year-old child that he just may have to keep his eyes closed in the bathroom.

Hey, Mr. or Mrs. transgender: do your business before you go shopping, and stop insisting that your bizarre behaviour is Main Street.  No God eh? Uh, the fact that heaven is silent in the face of such criminal acts is a pretty good indicator of His patience.


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14 Responses to Bulls Eye!

  1. archaeopteryx1 says:

    (CS SEZ: No. Take it elsewhere. Learn to be a guest. *****************************Insulting comment rejected entirely and without apology*********************************and I will add, in a post dealing with obvious perversity such as Target’s stance, to be labeled as kin to such decadence is pathetic to the nines. This poster has therefore forfeited himself from further comments. Grow up already.)


  2. Good one. We used to call Target, “tahgay,” to make it sound fancy and French. So Doug Wilson went on to coin the term, égalipée. Gave me a laugh.

    The really sad thing in all this is that nobody ever speaks the truth. No one ever checks ID in the restroom, no one really cares…unless something is seriously off. So the only way to get kicked out of a restroom is to be blatantly, graphically, non gender conforming, and to be doing something obnoxious that draws people’s attention you. These laws are sold to the general public as if people who look the part are being thrown out of restrooms all over the country. That never happens because no one ever knows your actual gender. The people who get thrown out of bathrooms are challenging, hostile, and up to no good. They are looking for a confrontation.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Or the other version Tarzhay. Anyway, I predict an about face on this one. It is just so bizarre to expect the norm to just roll over and say ‘sure, we want this total shopping experience complete with bathroom antics.’

      Sure ok.

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  3. Citizen Tom says:

    There is, of course, a Target, near where I live. Since they have come up with nonsense like this before, I tend to take my shopping elsewhere. Their prices are still good. Their merchandise is still satisfactory. Nevertheless, I will not choose to give money into an institution that dangerously ignores the differences between men and women. When an company’s values become that cockeyed, it won’t be long before their fundamental business practices suffer too. That is, Target is demonstrating it is not a good place to invest your money.

    We separate the sexes for reasons of safety, not convenience. When the women of our families use the restroom, don’t we want them to be safe? Who wants their wife, their daughter, or their granddaughter to encounter grown men in the restroom, disturbed jokers who think it is “funny” to pretend they are women and use the lady’s room?

    Don’t think such encounters will happen? Look at Europe for an example. Consider how the leaders there are dealing with the influx of Muslims. Those fools are ignoring obvious dangers. In addition to the allowing jihadists into their countries, they have allow masses of undisciplined young men, making it less safe for their own women to walk the streets. Of course, the poor suffer the most, and their complaints go largely unheard.

    For the sake of identity politics and favoring special interest groups, some of our leaders are also quite capable of throwing us to the wolves. If we don’t think so, then we need to think more about gender neutral bathrooms. Just how obvious an example do we need?

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    • ColorStorm says:

      The mere fact that this is even a discussion…………..oh how we have fallen, not as ‘shoppers,’ but as humans.

      ‘Disturbed jokers,’ you say. That’s putting it mildly. I agree, there should be voices of protest, louder and LOUDER.

      The ramifications are far stretching, and how any fair minded person could argue otherwise that something is rotten in Denmark…………..

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  4. sage_brush says:

    Can I just suggest 2nd Vote to everyone? It really helps me with this kind of stuff. I understand some rural people have no choice but to shop at Walmart, which puts floats in the Pride Parade, and donates to their cause, but if you’ve got a choice, take it. IE: Homo Depot is terrible, Lowes is better, Ace Hardware is good. Since I have all three – I go to Ace. I have the 2nd Vote app on my phone and it is enormously helpful.


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  5. There were already plenty of good reasons to avoid using public restrooms whenever possible — I didn’t really need another one. Sigh…

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