Oh how we deceive ourselves

Just a bit of housecleaning, as the windows were a little smudgy. Regarding my last post, the little stone god writes:

Image result for deception

–John is a highly intelligent adult and though we may be thousand of miles apart and have never met, I regard him as a friend.
I am not responsible for what he writes.
However, if I felt his comments on my blog were pushing things too far I would drop him an email and say so.–

So this so-called ‘highly intelligent’ person writes that believers are ‘diseased and in need of containment,’ and apparently THIS comment WAS NOT PUSHING THINGS TOO FAR.

Hmmm. Perhaps the idea of boxed cars? Perhaps chambers? Perhaps Auschwitz? No? Then what? How? But no apology is necessary supposedly, and it is somehow I who am accused of impropriety. No, guilt by association is a strong thing. Saul of Tarsus stood guilty at the stoning of Stephen as he raised his Amen and accord. He could have voiced a protest, but his silence was a firm agreement.

The faithful atheistic readers who read this here COULD have raised a voice of protest, but no, nothing forthcoming.  They saw this: ‘The willfully ignorant cannot be helped. They can only be contained, like a disease.’  They said nothing. Silence is a firm agreement in the face of such devildom.

So the ‘private’ email is maybe satisfactory to ‘slap the hand,’ yet the remark was made ‘publicly’ regarding 4 people, who as far as I can tell, are good people not in need of containment neither are they diseased. But that’s my opinion.

And when reminded about a certain believer being ‘diseased,’ the boasting continued: ‘He is, no doubt about it. But it was me who called them all “diseased.” :)‘ -courtesy of  a man who was taught how to tie his shoes by a naked ape. (smiley face his btw)

But hey, little stone god and friends: In your so-called ability to judge fairly, did the thought ever cross your mind to challenge your hero friend, the apostle of atheism for such caustic remarks? Of course not, because you have said things far worse.

But perhaps I need remind you of believers who were told they would have been better off aborted, and how ‘laughter’ was the response instead of anguish by the intellectually superior atheist. Perhaps I should remind you of certain believers blogs which would be improved if covered in puke………..or certain believers who are like malaria carriers; or how others are mentally unstable, and how a ‘certain one’ would probably kill. Enough already, you get the point.

So yeah, if you read that ‘believers are diseased and need contained,’ and somehow you think the author of this is ‘highly intelligent,’ and you are MUTE regarding this statement of intelligence…………………….

Indeed is God’s word true that darkness hateth the light. And to the atheist fence sitter or unbeliever who reads this: if you know nothing of scripture, the heart is a fine instinct to weigh the unmitigated gall leveled against some for simply believing the good book. Open your eyes and choose life.

Ruth, Naomi, Daniel, Nathanael, Timothy, Peter, Paul, Amos, were all good people. Were they in need of containment and were they diseased? The heart of men is no different today, and there is one God for the ages, who neither slumbers nor sleeps, who by the way, knows all about the insane charges hurled against decent people. As a matter of fact, it is written…

(ps:  to those of you who have said that visiting believers sites is fun and games, and that you need ‘toys,’ please find another ‘playground,’ as the fun warden’s patience does have limitations. And jz, if you do not bring an apology, then take your ball and go home)





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26 Responses to Oh how we deceive ourselves

  1. well, I suppose that an apology may be in order CS—
    that even the faithful remained somewhat silent throughout your last post… is truly concerning—
    Looking back at the conversations…there arethe mean comments…those that are perceived as vile, hate filled and derogatory but the question is…are they directed at an individual or toward that individual’s belief and faith?
    Is it an attack on the freedom he has to claim and proclaim that faith…just as much a right as those who disagree have the right to do that very thing…disagree.
    Is the disagreement directed to the individual or the collective whole….
    And if one individual is attacked for that faith and belief, what then of the collective whole’s responsibility….

    Skirting around the issues perhaps or seeing that the fight is greater than the tit for tat of the throwing of stones back and forth…

    Your analogy of past “containments” is indeed as relevant today as it was 70 years ago, or 150, or 1000, or even 2000…
    That someone living in the 21st century would actually suggest that Christians need to be “contained” is egregious. Or would the argument be that the whole is not to be contained but the individual. And is that individual truly that out of step, that dangerous that he should be “contained”
    Do we now simply decide that those who differ and disagree are to be contained?

    Opinions are truly free, as our our hearts and minds.

    For better or worse we are each entitled to such.

    Blogs being what they are, creations of the individual, are certainly tied to the whims and desires of the writer—filtering or not what comes ones way is the prerogative of the writer—much to the chagrin of the readers….

    It appears as if humankind is losing its ability to share those opinions and thoughts—
    I for one have grown both angry and sorrowful at how Christianity and Christians as a whole, as well as individuals, are being treated–silenced, bullied, intimidated, tortured and tormented around this globe of ours.

    That 2015 saw the greatest persecution of Christians worldwide since that of the Church’s earliest days.
    That is not only troubling but alarming.
    Yet what is most sorrowful is that there are those, those educated, similar fellow human being who whole heartedly agree with such.
    Silence them they say…good riddance…

    May we be reminded of the words of the German theologian Pastor Martin Niemöller :

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    None of us can afford to sit back and watch in silence any longer….

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    • ColorStorm says:

      You picked up jewels on my first sentence in the last post: ‘if your blood boils………….’

      And I thank you that you have noticed the high temperature. It is one thing to disagree as you say, but there is an escalation that is just so otherworldly and vitriolic.

      I appreciate you ‘setting the table’ as it were as to the relevance and importance of history, both by they in scripture, as well as your ‘they came for me’ observations.

      Tkx again for your valued support and needed voice.

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    • Arkenaten says:

      When you consider that for several centuries of not more, Christianity was brutally imposed across the globe and can attributed to several heinous genocides. real one rather then the ones in the Old Testament. For this reason alone non-believers have every right to ensure that religion is kept totally separate from state and and insist it is not imposed on any aspect of general society.

      In fact the most marginalized and vilified minority in the States are more often than not, atheists.

      This is a fact. Check the stats.

      (CS SEZ: Oh to the glory of WP editorial liberties. Tis a fact this comment has nothing to do with the substance of this post……..perhaps Julie will politely put you back on track if she pleases, in the meantime, maybe consider the tree being known by the fruit thing, and try to refrain from a comment to me on this.)


      • Hi Ark,
        I am not here to defend the actions of the past. No religion is perfect as no people are perfect. Mistakes were made, and continue being made by folks in all camps in the name of what boils down to misguided judgements—ego, pride, self…and in our case, sin..each catching up with us.

        Mahatma Gandhi once made the comment that he liked Christ, he liked all that he had read about him…but…and it’s a big but, he did not like his people, the Christians because they were / are so unlike Christ…
        I am held to task Ark to the echo of his words–as we are often very un-Christ-like.

        We were and are told to be the living examples of Christ to the world…yet often times we fall woefully short.
        We will always make mistakes and scoot down the wrong pig trail from time to time, chasing something that was never intended, we will lose our tempers, we will stumble and we will fall. We will be blinded by our own wants, needs and often selfish desires.

        We, at times, march boldly forward before we hear the words of the Spirit, taking matters into our own hands, before God is ready for us to do so—as we are fallible people. But the glory in it all and the saving Grace for me and all believers is that, whereas we are not perfect, we are forgiven.
        Thank God for forgiveness.

        Yet I know you do not agree with whom it is I thank.
        That is your choice and preoperative to believe contrary to God—and it’s not for me to try and force you to believe in what you have chosen, for reasons I know not, nor do they matter, …it is however my responsibility to be a witness to the Faith as I have been commanded to do so.
        God does not “need” me, or anyone for that matter, to defend Him.

        Yet I am tasked with proclaiming Him and His Glory however… and what I see as the loving wonders of His heart for all creation.
        I am not versed to argue legalities as our country is drowning in its created sea of endless legalities and legalism–
        I am not versed with arguments to go toe to toe with non-believers espousing verse per verse to each argument. That is not my gift. We are defenders of the Faith, albeit it in varying capacities.

        Some of us are warriors, some of us are intellectuals, some of use are doers and some are us are tasked with offering prayer and love—love reflected from the One who demonstrated to us what unconditional love was and is all about—

        As a member of the body of Christ, when another is attacked and vilified for his proclamation of the Faith–it is my responsibility, as is it for the entire body of Believers of Christ to offer support—that support may come in the form of words and or prayer..but both must always be done in a Spirit of forgiveness and love…


        • Arkenaten says:

          And yet, Christians attack each other on a regular basis as to who is a real Christian and what is Right Doctrine.
          How do you justify ”Witnessing” when the largest Christian body, the Catholics are not even considered proper Christians by almost every other sect?
          How do deal with such hypocrisy in your own camp?

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        • I consider the Catholic Church indeed Christian–I was raised Anglican and feel a very deep connection—if anyone wonders to our spiraling outward form the very beginning…it is me.
          I look to the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Latin West ..what was our beginnings …and all that has spiraled outward since—amazing really—all over a matter of doctrine.
          The logistics and legalism of the Word of God.
          It’s amazing Ark, I can’t deny it.
          Yet I witness for the body of Believers as a whole—be they Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, —all of us–broken and imperfect, right or wrong…but what it all boils down to is the Triune God—the saving Grace bestowed upon humanity found in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
          Like I say, I can’t write the wrongs. I can’t make every denomination happy. I can’t make folks believe something they don’t adhere to…much like I can’t do that for you—but I will continue to “witness,” if you will, to the fact that I believe that I am created by God and that His only begotten Son died and was raised in accordance with the Word of God for my salvation—that’s the simple part.
          So no argument.
          Sure we’re hypocritical–we are sinful man.
          But we have a Redeemer…thank God

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        • Arkenaten says:

          Interesting. Much of what I have read from a great many other Christians is they consider Catholics heretics, and not proper Christians at all.
          But with so many denominations how do you know which is the right one? How do you know you belong to the right one?
          And remember, you only have the Trinity because of the what happened at Nicea and the decision against the Arians, and later, after Theodosius, all the other sects were declared heretical.

          Look at what happened as a result of Luther’s Antisemitism, as a prime example!

          Again, how you deal with such obvious man-made doctrine and hypocrisy within your own ranks?


        • ColorStorm says:

          Julie has been straightforward with you; she admitted the failures of ‘we the people,’ that is, they who carry the mantle of faith.

          In this mix there are the good the bad the ugly. In the cadre of atheists, I would admit there are also the good the bad and the ugly.

          I have addressed a bit of ugliness coming from certain quarters, (the essence of this post regarding ‘believers being diseased and needing containment.’)

          You refuse to even defend this, at the same time showing an interest in ‘denominations.’ No. Step up, be counted, make your case for the ‘containment’ of believers or say no more.

          If you cannot, fine, but please stop your endless diversions.


        • Arkenaten says:

          Then if you, like Julie, admit the failures of your religion and a great many of its component parts and refuse to judge it why on earth should I pander to your request and judge a comment by a fellow atheist?
          Once you have gotten your own house in order then maybe I might feel inclined to speak out, if I consider it necessary.
          In the mean time, wear the badge of honor, as Tricia states, with pride.
          Hypocrisy suits you well.

          let’s see if you have the integrity to let this comment fly without being mauled?


        • ColorStorm says:

          As I said: ENDLESS DIVERSIONS. You will not drive the narrative here.

          Need I remind you, you are NOT at your place where every lame comment is welcome as bait for the hyenas, yes, hyenas. The laugh fest.
          Why should you judge a comment by a fellow atheist? Excuse me, THIS comment was the engine that drove the last post, as well as THIS one.

          You cannot disagree with it as I said before, because you have said things far worse. Indeed, you find yourself in a dilemma. To disagree would give respect to believers while insulting your friends who are watching. ‘Believers are diseased and need contained….’ No, you certainly could never give respect to believers.

          In a box, in a room, in a concentration camp? Containment eh? Your silence while you think is cute, is loud and clear. And if you do not, for the last time, address this, then I suggest you paste your reply at your place where the fun and games may run unabated.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Aah, now we are getting somewhere as you have at least admitted the rather egregious statement of believers being contained or diseased….thank you.

          No intention to embarrass, but there are many many observations you have made which are pretty low in the barrel as far as ‘things worse,’ but I would submit that to insult the son of God is pretty much classless, depraved, and the lowest of the low.

          You said this: ‘Of course, JC was an eschatological preacher. He was here to warn everyone the end was nigh. This was why he acted like such an irresponsible dickhead, because he truly believed the whole world was about to go Kaput!’ Ouch.

          and you said this:

          ‘So with all due respect, Eff your churches and the maggot infested donkey they rode into town on.’

          Christ was a ******** and His donkey was maggot infested?

          I rest my case your honour. As I said, ‘things far worse.’

          If one were to scan the web, I’m sure there would be hundreds of comments like this, which in my opinion are ‘far worse’ than the insulting of believers. You and me? Eh, just a couple of misfits, at least one believes in the Creator; but Christ Himself? This man did nothing amiss, and to cast scorn on the most fit man who graced the earth…………..one must sink deep deep in mire to even suggest such a thing.

          If the scriptural narrative presents Him as the life, the truth, and the way, where pray tell does such darkness come from……….ooh ooh I know, call on me.


        • Arkenaten says:

          Embarrass? Moi?Lol … Surely you jest, sir?

          And would you care to link to these comments you claim I have made?
          Just so we can all have a read?
          For example, Maggot-infested is not a term I recall ever using.Or ever would to be honest. So on this alone I would challenge your ability to tell the truth, even when accusing me of insulting your made-up-god…. or his donkey.
          A bit like insulting Mickey Mouse, I think. But maybe you are right? Best offer a link, don’t you?

          Oh, and I have never ever insulted the son of any god. And on this score, you are a ********


        • ColorStorm says:

          Ark, I told you I did not want to embarrass you, yet you persist.

          You challenge my ‘ability to tell the truth……………….’ Lord God help this man.

          Your reluctance to believe that these are your words is proof of how in the TITLE of this post………our hearts deceive us.

          ARKENATEN says:
          May 2, 2014 at 2:40 pm
          ‘In Africa, some churches were fully behind Apartheid. And in certain parts of Africa the Catholic Church has been directly implicated as an instigator in certain atrocities in areas of tribal conflict, And lets remind ourselves that by condemning the use of contraception their barbaric doctrine helped fuel the AIDs pandemic.

          Christianity is also at the forefront of ACE education, and South Africa is a little pot of gold for these domesticated dinosaur believing wankers.
          So with all due respect, Eff your churches and the maggot infested donkey they rode into town on.’

          MAGGOT INFESTED? What did the donkey do to deserve such praise……….


      • Arkenaten says:

        It has everything to do with the Julie’s comment, which is what I was replying to.
        You oft tell ”others to read the post”. Maybe this time you should take some of your own advice and read Julie’s comment -properly.
        That way you wouldn’t need to behave like a ******** and edit my comment.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Uh ark, if you noticed, she addressed the righteous rage coming from the ‘diseased and contained’ crap……….and went thence.

          Whereas you skipped right over it. And you still avoid it. Case closed.


        • Arkenaten says:

          Uh Colorstorm,if you noticed I was only addressing the aspects of Julie’s post that dealt with persecution.

          I have little interest addressing this post.


        • ColorStorm says:

          Okey dokey lemon smokey.


        • Arkenaten says:

          So, perhaps you would like to address the charge of hypocrisy among the numerous sects in your religion?
          You dont consider Catholics proper Christians I believe?
          Why not?


        • ColorStorm says:

          Geez, now you want me to drive my own post off a cliff?

          You have never heard me say one word about Catholics. Nor Lutherans….Nor Presbyterians…… God is not as small as men would think.
          This is not the time nor place, thanks for asking.
          C ya


  2. archaeopteryx1 says:

    …the heart is a fine instinct to weigh the unmitigated gall leveled against some for simply believing the good book

    The heart is a blood pump, nothing more – ask a cardiologist about the heart’s “fine instinct.”


    • ColorStorm says:

      I’m sure arch there are many people who feel sorry for you with this statement.

      You may want to call upon it to consider WHY you have not addressed the essence of this post (nor have your other friends): believers who are diseased and in need of containment………….’

      As to your lame comment about Saul, forget it, it is not worthy of seeing print.


      • archaeopteryx1 says:

        Neither is anything you’ve ever written, yet here we are —


        • ColorStorm says:

          Please note the title of this post:
          ‘Oh how we deceive ourselves.’

          Here you are, a steady customer drinking free coffee at a restaurant, EVERY DAY, reading, commenting, being an itch to many people of faith, griping about EVERY word written, EVERY line of thought, EVERY topic; you have spent time after time after time in attempts to find fault with EVERYTHING coming from this writer……..

          Yet you have the nerve to say ‘neither is ANYTHING you’ve ever written……..’ Yikes.

          And….still not one word about believers ‘needing contained since they are diseased…….’


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  4. ColorStorm says:

    According to the book that you despise, you may be interested in knowing that the word ‘religion,’ appears a handful of times, while ‘pure religion’ but once.

    The meaning is given: ‘Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.’

    Yeah, a real problem for religion as you can see, and I could only wish I were more religious.

    I fail to see any semblance of hypocrisy in this beautiful consideration for the fatherless and widows.

    And oh, see that small word there undefiled? And pure? Don’t be so narrow minded, and this is why the idea of ‘diseased and contained………’ is so egregious, because you are insulting good people without a cause.


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