Gorillas, boys, and God oh my!

So surely you have heard about the gorilla that was killed to save a little boy, and I dare say, there is enough blame to go around as to who was responsible, and why this happened, but I’d like to take a small road trip and entertain a thought that is somewhat interesting.

Image result for 4 year old boy playing outside

An unusual situation to be sure. Here you have a renowned gorilla, and a small child. Will the gorilla hurt the little one? It sure looked like he was trying to protect him. Then again, he could have gone ape any second.

If the gorilla killed the boy, half the world would be outraged that the animal was not killed to preserve human life. If the gorilla was killed the other half would cry that there was not given enough patience to allow the scene to play out, leaving the gorilla and the boy alive.

Yet, without a standard for the value of human life, why is a boy’s life more valuable than a gorilla? Who decides?

But truly a Solomon solution was needed. That’s for another time, now that the animal is dead, however….

From a purely spiritual vantage point, rise above the occasion and judge the matter without bias of any kind. Imagine God with a long rifle, having to decide which one of these creatures must die to preserve the other. Imagine the perfect judgment needed to execute this decision, knowing full well His decision will be questioned forever by anybody who could reason.

Consider He who knows past, present, and future, is aware of the dastardly deeds one small boy would commit when he becomes a man, and because men are shortsighted and proud, they would charge God with crimes when they do not know the rrrrrrest of the story.

God could kill the gorilla to save the boy. God could kill the boy to save the gorilla. God could separate the two and allow them to both walk away unharmed. But would he intervene?  No, God is not a puppet master. He pulls no strings.

But the greater concern is HOW God could kill either gorilla or boy and be entirely within his character, without compromising his intrinsic eternal perfection. I would suggest God would be perfectly within His pleasure and perfection if he killed a thousand gorillas to save one boy, or if he killed a thousand boys to save one gorilla. God is perfect and can do no wrong.  Fortunately, there is this thing called grace.

Men act like apes, men claim kinship with the apes as if they are proud to be their ancestors, men act like ravaging animals, men act like feasting hyenas of depravity, men falsely accusing good people of all sorts of lewd wickedness, while they laugh at believers and applaud the apes, yet, it is THESE people for whom Christ died, yep, Christ died for the ungodly, the criminal, the vile, the proud, the many, the good deed doer, even more so, when men were enemies, the son of God died for them.

Yep, the son of God took the bullet. Willingly. Lovingly. He did not go ape on His accusers and they who said ‘away with Him.’

There is a strong message of grace there in that zoo I tell ya, and how one turns from such favor is beyond reason.

Image result for gorilla

(And no, little boys do not derive from apes, gorillas, monkeys or whatever else the Science Fiction channel or National Geographic brings you)


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5 Responses to Gorillas, boys, and God oh my!

  1. Interesting ideas, Colorstorm. What a tragedy! That was heartbreaking. That gorilla situation really reminded me of our Lord, in the sense that we are all foolish children who fell in a gorilla cage and an innocent life had to be taken to save us. It isn’t fair to us, it doesn’t feel right, it causes offense. That child is too young to understand, but that lovely gorilla had to be put down to save him.

    I don’t think death was part of God’s design. Near as I can tell it didn’t exist in the garden, it wasn’t until we ate the fruit that God killed a couple of animals to clothe us in skins. Murder wasn’t even a thing until Cain. How does a holy and just God deal with us (or the enemy) having unleashed death on the world? He came down here and sacrificed Himself so that we might live.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Yeah, I’m certain we are but skimming the surface on this. The gorilla does what he does best: glorify God by being a gorilla; a creature that has nurturing traits, but then again, so does the robin and whitetail deer.

      ‘After their kind’ is a truth so obvious……..yet some fail to make a distinction that only man was created in the image of God, thus do we innately know our worth by birth.

      But you raise a point I have always thought extremely deep. Where did Cain get the idea to ‘murder’ when it was foreign to him, if not for just plain unbridled rage that led him to do something that was completely off radar to him……

      And while I’m here, 😉 that garden………….here comes a gorilla, strutting about like elephants or whatever……. the only thing they had in common with Adam was the fact they were alive……. and of course the Adam family knew there was no connection and probably laughed at God’s sense of humor.

      But yep, holy and just is He as you say ms bytes.

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  3. archaeopteryx1 says:

    I know many humans who don’t show this much compassion over an ill neighbor.

    Does this gorilla look like it’s about to “go ape“?

    Shared empathy —

    (CS sez: No need for three pics, but what’s the point? I have already asserted that the gorilla at the zoo appeared to want to protect the kid. But it is YOU on other occasions, who have mentioned the apes throwing you know what at you know who. You could include dogs also which show care for each other and man; this hardly proves their human relationship)


  4. KIA says:

    tragedy really on all sides. the zoo keepers could have deescalated the situation by removing the yelling onlookers and trying to calm the ape. no one needed to be shot and killed and i don’t think the boy would have been harmed. tragedy. -KIA


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