Some good water there

Some have deemed Albert Einstein worthy of intellect apart from the Divine, while citing Paul as a mental midget. Ha, to this I say: The God of Paul the apostle is the Creator of Einstein’s brain, while the writings of Paul are further proof of the Divine.

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As Saul of Tarsus, it would have been impossible for him to sit down and write the book of Romans. As brilliant a mind that he had, he was still missing that divine spark, as pure water and poisoned water make very poor bucket mates.  As Paul………..the words flowed freely; gee I wonder what happened.

And as far as all the Einsteins in the world, you may want to thank God for engineering the human brain, without which, men would be but unreasoning animals. But hey, why insult the hyena.

And oh one more thing, ever wonder how anybody with a straight face can say it took spiders ‘zillions’ of years to ‘learn’ how to spin a web, when a spider can construct one today while you are sleeping…………..and needing no improvement……….Ah yes, the Creator……..that divine spark.  Gotta love that water of life.



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  1. says:


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  2. ColorStorm says:

    And yet, here you are, drinking freely of clean water while hanging onto the poison of so called intellect.

    Thank you for making my case. But keep drinking at the well, and you just may see the difference between sea horses and Secretariat.

    And instead of griping about the book of Romans, try reading it without the band aids of your unbelieving internet bible heroes.


  3. Well said, Colorstorm.

    Completely off topic but somewhat amusing, courtship rituals are vitally important for spiders, on account of the fact that female spiders tend to just eat unwanted suitors. So they go through a rather delicate dance, those who spin webs will carefully pluck a strand from a distance to get her attention. It always makes me laugh, but there is a prolonged ritual that must be carefully played out perfectly or it’s all over. I have no idea how male spiders learn this.

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    • ColorStorm says:

      Nope. Not off point at all ms b. I brought it up kinda sorta. lol

      It’s that design thing, compliments of the living God. Reminds me of the black widow too. Ouch.

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    • Citizen Tom says:

      I suspect more than a few men understand the courtship rituals of spiders. King Solomon, for example.

      Proverbs 21:9 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

      9 It is better to live in a corner of a roof
      Than in a house shared with a contentious woman.

      The same words are repeated at Proverbs 25:24. Apparently, God (and Solomon who had a great many wives and concubines) considered them important for the wise to understand. I expect no man knows of anything more venomous than the mouth of angry woman, especially after he has held her and seen a more tender side.

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  4. David says:

    I don’t believe that spiders learn to spin webs. The ability to spin webs is a product of a brain built by turning genes on and off during spider development. Web-spinning is a gene-mediated instinct. Same is likely true for mating rituals.

    So, the fact that a spider constructed a web today while I was sleeping is irrelevant to the question or whether or not web-spinning is an evolved behavior.

    Also, many non-human animals also have the ability to reason.


    • ColorStorm says:

      That’s nice dave, whatever you say. But take a hint from the Creator of Einsteins brain and the God of Paul.

      You have no argument, sorry.


    • David says:

      Wasn’t trying to make an argument. Just trying to set the biological record straight. For example, web-spinning is a gene-based instinct (so doesn’t have to be learned), reasoning is not unique to humans, etc. You can do as you please with the information, but I think it’s useful to have the basic facts straight.


      • ColorStorm says:

        There is NO bioLOGICAL argument apart from He who set biology in motion. Period. No compromise. None.

        Key word there logical. Basic facts 101. God has yet to lose an argument with pipsqueaks such as we who deny His title deed to everything.

        As the post asserts, the God of Paul is the Creator of Einstein’s brain. End of argument. do I have proof? Sure, the same proof that you ignore.


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